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While many parents could attest that their own children could go through hundreds of nappies in any given week, there are various different industries that may need to put together a nappy waste collection plan to effectively and safely manage their sanitary waste. This includes:

Childcare facilities

Why is Nappy Waste Disposal Important?

No matter what kind of industry you work within, it’s important that you take the time to put together a waste management plan that allows you to safely and securely dispose of your business waste. After all, as a business owner, you have a duty of responsibility to keep your premises safe and clean and ensure that you don’t negatively impact the environment during the day-to-day running of your business. This could include organising the disposal of various items, from dry mixed recyclables to food waste.

However, nappy waste disposal is essential as it is classified as sanitary waste – meaning that if not correctly disposed of, it could provide a threat to public health. While it is not hazardous, it is unpleasant in sight and smell and could lead to health issues further down the line. It is also often described as ‘offensive/hygiene waste’, or ‘human hygiene waste’, and there are various nappy waste disposal legislations put in place to ensure that it is disposed of properly. This includes:

The Environmental Protection Act 1990. This legislation encourages employers to take responsibility to safely dispose and store all waste produced/created on their premises – including sanitary waste. In order to demonstrate that you are following these regulations and protecting the environment, you must also obtain a completed duty of care certificate.

The Water Industries Act 1991. In the past, many people opted to dispose of sanitary waste by flushing it down the toilet. However, this led to numerous issues as a build-up of waste can block or damage pipes. As a result, the Waste Industries Act 1991 was put in place to ensure that the appropriate waste disposal methods were used.

Nappy waste bins

What bins can be used for Nappy Waste Disposal?

At Business Waste, our Nappy Disposal Service plans mean that we can provide you with various on-site storage solutions that can be used before collection. This includes a variety of bin bags and nappy bins, such as:

Clinical Non-infectious – Yellow and Black Clinical Waste Bag. Clinical waste bags can be used to store a variety of sanitary waste products, including nappies, wipes, and disposable garments. They are particularly useful as their bold design means you will not mistake them from your commercial waste bags.

360 Litre Wheelie Bins. Our 360L Wheelie Bins can hold between 4-5 sacks of waste, meaning they function effectively as secure nappy waste bins. They are slightly larger than a traditional Wheelie Bin, meaning they are a great choice if you are working with limited space.

660 Litre Wheelie Bin. Our 660L Wheelie Bins can hold around 10-12 bags of waste at any given time. They are easy to move and lockable, meaning that your waste will always be stored securely. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of different colour lids (Green, Blue, Grey, Black, Purple, Silver, Red), making it easier to differentiate waste.

How are Nappies disposed of?

According to a report by the BBC, over 187 million nappies are thrown away in the U.K. each year. However, the materials used within them mean that they can be hard to recycle. This typically means that people chose to dispose of them with the rest of their general waste.

As a result, the majority of these products end up in landfill sites – which are a key contributor to global warming. Thankfully, there are various other methods of disposal for clinical/sanitary waste. For example, certain products such as nappies can be treated at a specialist centre, making them easier to recycle. Alternatively, they can be disposed of through incineration (waste for energy).

At Busines Waste, we treat landfills as a last resort – and work carefully alongside our partners to ensure that all of your waste is disposed of quickly and effectively, leaving minimal impact upon the planet. For example, we have various plans in place that allow us to focus on Nappy recycling and disposable nappy recycling.
nappy waste disposal

How can we help?

At Business Waste, we’re always on hand to help you put together an effective waste management plan, no matter what kind of business you operate. As a result, we’ve worked closely with various nurseries and child care facilities to arrange for the safe and secure collection of their nappy and childcare waste.

We’ll work closely with you to put together a waste together plan that works for your company. Not only will we provide you with a range of free bins, but our team of experts can also help you minimise waste at its source, saving you valuable money overtime. Following this, we’ll ensure your waste is collected at a time that is convenient for you – whether that results in weekly, fortnightly or monthly collections.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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