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Hotel Waste Management

Hotels produce tonnes of waste every day due to having a range of facilities, cleaning and replacing almost everything for new guests. A suitable and sufficient hotel waste management plan is essential to save your business time, money, and resources – and it helps protect the environment.

Hotel waste management can be safe, simple, and a great way to sell your business to future customers. From a countryside B&B to an inner-city hostel or boutique hotel, with the right environmental waste management system in place you can reuse, reduce, and recycle as much of your hotel waste as possible.

Discover more about building a strong hotel waste management plan. Contact us online or call 0800 211 8390 and you can quickly get a free quote from our friendly team tailored to your hotel waste disposal needs.

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Hotel waste 

The exact methods of hotel waste disposal depend on the type of waste being removed from your business. Hotel waste recycling is the best disposal method to limit your organisation’s environmental impact and avoid lots of waste going to landfill. Increasingly, the hotel industry is paving the way for an eco-friendlier stance on waste management.

Any paper, cardboard, glass, and hotel plastic waste can and should be recycled. The methods vary but often these waste types are cleaned, treated, broken down, and turned into reconstituted materials of the same kind for reuse. For successful hotel waste recycling you need to store waste types in separate bins.

Check out some hotel waste facts

Even non-recyclable hotel waste can be put to good use. Effective hotel food waste management involves it going to a facility for anaerobic digestion rather than landfill. This process converts your hotel food waste into biogas to generate renewable energy, and biofertiliser. General waste can also be incinerated and turned into refuse derived fuel.

Due to the laws on collecting commercial waste, an approved provider must collect and dispose of your waste in accordance with the relevant regulations. As accredited waste management providers, we can offer your business a comprehensive hotel waste disposal system. Disposing and recycling hotel waste correctly helps the environment, saves your hotel time, money, and resources.

Hotel waste 

Our professional waste management services offer your organisation a personally tailored hotel waste management plan, to address the needs of your business fully. We can provide a range of different hotel bins for free. Each one is suitable for the types of waste hotels produce, with frequent collection services available to maximise space.

Every hotel bathroom should have a sanitary waste bin in place, while it’s likely you’ll provide guests with at least one small hotel bin in each room for general waste. However, you’ll also need larger hotel waste bins to store collated rubbish and to separate different waste streams for recycling and disposal.

Explore some of the most common hotel bins.

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  • 240L wheelie bin

    Capable of holding purely food waste or glass recycling, but also usable for general waste and other recycling types.

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  • 1100L wheelie bin

    The largest four-wheel bin available ideal for storing high volumes of general waste or recycling.

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  • Front end loaders

    A huge static bin that can hold up to 80 bags of waste including general waste and recyclable rubbish.

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Hotel waste 

At Business Waste, we can provide hotel waste collections for all types of rubbish you produce. Our nationwide network means we can easily find a solution for your organisation anywhere in the UK, whether you run a B&B on the coast or a hotel in a city centre.

The importance of waste management in hotels anywhere remains the same. We provide free bins for your hotel waste – you just pay for their collection. Ensure there’s an accessible drop-off and pickup point for our licensed waste carriers, and they’ll come and remove your bins at an agreed time and date.

Schedule hotel waste collections on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis to suit the amount of rubbish you generate. We understand the need for flexibility for waste management in the hotel industry due to seasonality, so offer adaptable collections. Increase or decrease the types and number of bins you need with ease.

Get a free quote for hotel waste collection with Business Waste or have any questions you may have answered by our friendly and expert team. They can assess your needs and provide the best solution. Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online today for a fast response.

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How does hotel 
waste collection work?

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  2. Arrange delivery

    When you’re happy with the type, number, and size of free bins, tell us when you need your bins delivering.

    Let us know about any access issues where you want the bins delivering – such as locked gates, access codes and times. We’ll get you up and running in no time.

  3. Fill up your bin

    After the free bins arrive at your chosen location, fill them up with the agreed waste type.

    Make sure you remain within any weight limits for the specific waste type and bin size.

  4. Get your business waste collected

    We’ll arrange waste collection at a time and frequency to suit you and the amount of waste you have.

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What is 
hotel waste?

Hotel waste comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes due to the different facilities and services each one offers. From food waste generated in hotel kitchens to bathroom waste and more, as such a huge industry it means hotel waste is large and extremely varied. The good news is that lots of hotel waste can be recycled with proper management.

Some of the main types of waste in the hotel industry and examples include:

  • Food waste – leftover meals and preparation waste from hotel restaurants.
  • General waste – non-recyclables, food scraps, and more from hotel room bins.
  • Glass waste – drinks bottles, jars, any broken glass shards.
  • Packaging waste – from cleaning products and food packaging.
  • Textile waste – bedding, towels, and toiletry waste unusable for guests or cleaning.
  • WEEE waste – broken electrical equipment from bedrooms.
  • Plastic waste – hotel plastic waste includes bathroom toiletries and drinks bottles.
How to reduce hotel waste
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We need to get rid of everything from leftover food to sanitary waste, glass recycling, and general waste on a regular basis
Greg Harrand
Hedley House Hotel

Running a busy hotel in the centre of York means at Hedley House we create lots of different types of waste. While we try to operate an eco-friendly hotel and reduce the amount of rubbish we produce, plenty of waste is simply unavoidable. With 26 ensuite rooms, an onsite restaurant, spa and yoga studio, we need to get rid of everything from leftover food to sanitary waste, glass recycling, and general waste on a regular basis.

As Hedley House is a renovated large Victorian terrace in a central location, we’re also limited for space when it comes to keeping our waste onsite before collection. This means we need to store it safely, compactly, and get it removed from our premises quickly and often – especially to maintain our high hygiene standards when it comes to dealing with the likes of food waste.

Using Business Waste’s services has enabled us to create a collection schedule that works for us, with the flexibility to adapt based on the seasons. From emptying general waste bins in guests’ bedrooms to ensuring cleaning products are safely disposed of, everything’s always collected on time and recycled wherever possible. This helps our daily operations run smoothly and ensure we move further towards our goals to be an eco-friendly hotel.

Hotel waste

  • HOTEL Why are hotels bad for the environment?

    Hotels can be bad for the environment as they use lots of energy to power the heating, lighting, and other electrical equipment they need to operate. Generating such electricity often involves burning fuel that emits carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, and air pollutants. Hotels also produce huge amounts of waste that can end up in landfill, contributing to pollution.

    However, many hotels are becoming more eco-conscious and taking steps to reduce their negative environmental impact. This includes reusing and recycling waste, using energy from renewable sources, and installing LEDs and more eco-friendly lights.

  • HOTEL What are some hotel waste statistics?

    Hotels produce around 289,700 tonnes of waste annually in the UK. This includes 79,000 tonnes of hotel food waste, which makes up nearly 10% of all commercial food waste. On an individual basis the average hotel guest generates around one kilogram of waste per night – some of which should be recyclable.

    Explore more hotel waste statistics

  • HOTEL How do hotels control food waste?

    There are various steps hotels can take to try and control food waste:

    • Provide smaller buffet plates or portions to discourage over-ordering.
    • Avoid over-ordering ingredients and food products.
    • Reuse as much leftover food and ingredients where possible.
    • Donate any edible food waste to local charities.
    • Develop dishes and menus that have longer lifespans.
  • HOTEL How much food do hotels waste?

    Sadly, in the UK around 79,000 tonnes of hotel food waste is produced every year. Detailed research has found that 0.046 kg is wasted per plate in some hotels, which equates to 5.8% of its weight. Lots of hotel food waste will unfortunately end up in landfill, but with proper disposal it can go for anaerobic digestion and have a more positive environmental impact.

    Find out how to reduce hotel waste

  • HOTEL What is waste in housekeeping?

    Housekeeping is an important part of running any hotel. Due to actions of both guests and staff, this can generate all sorts of waste, some of which is avoidable. Common waste in housekeeping can include:

    • Towels, bathmats, and flannels
    • Blankets, pillows, and bedding
    • Used soap and toiletries
    • Greywater and chemical waste
    • Used cleaning products and plastic bottles
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