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Removal of rubbish from any kind of business in the UK needs to be done safely, legally, and in an environmentally friendly way. After producing and storing waste on your premises, commercial waste removal is the next step. Your company needs waste removal that’s efficient, cost-effective, and green.

From bulk waste removal and waste clearances to arranging junk removal on a regular basis, at Business Waste we provide a range of services tailored to your organisation. We work with licensed waste carriers to ensure whatever type of waste you need removing and wherever you are in the UK, it gets done right.

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What is 
waste removal?

Waste removal is a broad term that covers the collection, removal, and disposal of rubbish. This can be from your home or company. Commercial waste removal only refers to the collection and removal of waste produced by businesses. It concerns the activities, processes, and methods involved with the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste.

Waste removal has a huge environmental impact and may pose a risk to human health with improper disposal. Therefore, waste removal processes require regular monitoring and regulation. Most waste removal systems aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle where possible to minimise how much is generated and goes to landfill. It’s usually separated by type and reusability or recyclability.

With domestic waste removal, most kinds of rubbish are placed in bins provided by your council and collected by the local authority or a private company. Waste disposal sites also collect a wide range of waste types unsuitable for kerbside collections. With commercial waste removal, you’ll need to instruct a private and licensed waste carrier to collect and remove your rubbish.

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What types of waste removal 
are available?

At Business Waste, we can remove almost any kind of rubbish from your business premises. We provide commercial waste removal for common materials such as dry mixed recycling, glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, and packaging waste – ensuring as much as possible is reused and recycled. Our services also cover specialist waste areas to suit specific needs.

The waste removals we can provide include:

How does waste 
removal work?

How waste is collected, removed, and disposed of depends on its type and amount. The process for waste removal starts with your business producing rubbish and storing it in appropriate bins, bags, or containers on your site. We can provide free bins to hold specific waste types safely and securely.

We’ll deliver these for free before you generate waste, so you can fill them up during your daily operations. Then you arrange a time, accessible place, and schedule for waste removal – it can be on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis. You pay for collection, ensuring all bins are filled within their weight limits to avoid overweight charges.

We’ll send out our licensed waste carriers to safely remove your commercial waste. They’ll arrive at the agreed pickup point with any relevant equipment to remove your bins – such as if you’re using a static roll on roll off or large skips. Plus, we’ll provide a duty of care certificate for free and take care of any other paperwork.

What happens to your waste after removal depends on the type of waste. We aim to avoid landfill, so general waste and similar rubbish will be incinerated to generate energy, where possible. The likes of glass, plastics, paper, and metals will be recycled at a nearby recycling plant.

Certain types of clinical, hazardous, oil, and liquid waste can also be reused after removal. Normally these will require appropriate treatment, dewatering, and going through other process depending on their type before they can be reused.

Learn about disposal methods for all waste types
We can provide free bins to store your waste safely and securely before removal

Rubbish removal for businesses

Rubbish removal is required for every business in the UK, whether you run a small independent shop or a huge factory. Companies across all industries of any size create some level of rubbish daily. It all needs managing effectively to protect the environment and your business.

Regular rubbish removal of general waste, dry mixed recycling, and waste food are common for commercial organisations. These are waste streams produced daily and often in high volumes, which can cause hygiene issues if left to linger for too long. Reliable rubbish removal avoids any poor health conditions and unpleasant odours from developing.

At Business Waste we offer a wide range of waste management services that include rubbish removal. We can help your business wherever it’s based in the UK with regular collections of rubbish from your premises. Enjoy peace of mind that your commercial rubbish is taken away as planned with our help.

How much does 
waste removal cost?

Waste removal costs vary depending on the types, sizes, and number of bins, bags, or containers you need removing. The kind and amount of rubbish you generate dictates the right waste removal bags or bins to use. Each has their own weight limits, though the volume depends on the waste type.

For example, bulk waste removal normally costs more than collections of paper recycling. Hazardous and toxic waste removal may also cost more than removing ‘safer’ rubbish such as dry mixed recycling. Pay close attention to any weight limits for the waste removal bins or containers you use. Exceeding these could result in an overweight charge, making removal costs more expensive.

How often you require waste removal also affects the cost. Regular daily collections cost more than weekly or fortnightly removal. Consider how much waste you produce and whether it’s worth getting small bins collected regularly or using larger containers such as balers for less frequent but more cost-effective business waste removal.

Using waste clearance services is often more cost-effective than hiring a skip, even for building waste removal. You don’t need to pay for a permit or licence, plus we can deliver bins and remove on the same day in some cases, so there’s no waiting around either.

Learn more about skip hire

Our waste 
removal prices

Discover competitive waste removal prices with Business Waste. We provide great value for money and cost-effective waste removal with the best bin type and size and collection schedule to suit your needs. Waste removal prices are based on the bins, removal frequencies, and your location – so there’s no single price.

Get a free quote tailored to your requirements for a quick and easy way to see the latest waste removal prices. Tell one of our experts about the type and amount of waste you need removing alongside any budgeting limits. We’ll work to provide a waste removal price that ensures all your waste is collected safely without breaking the bank.

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Why choose Business Waste 
as your removal company?

At Business Waste, we manage the collection, removal, and disposal of your commercial waste so you can focus your efforts on what you do best – running your company. We understand where all waste types need to go for the most environmentally friendly disposal, with the knowledge and network to safely deal with riskier rubbish like hazardous waste removal.

There are many reasons you should choose Business Waste as your waste removal company, as we provide:

  • Free bins, bags, and containers to store any type of waste safely and securely on your premises before removal. You just pay for collection.
  • A tailored waste removal service based on the specific needs of your business. We’ll deliver the exact bins, sizes, and amount you need and can adapt due to seasons and your business growth.
  • Cost-effective solutions with no need to hire skips and other equipment to remove waste yourself or train drivers to become licensed waste carriers.
  • Our friendly and expert team are on hand to help with any questions, issues, or challenges you have with your waste removals.
  • Access to our nationwide network, so you can arrange commercial waste removal wherever your business is in the UK – from central London to remote areas of the Lake District.
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