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Expertise is essential to manage your commercial waste in an effective, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly way. Waste management consultants at Business Waste can assess your current processes and offer tailored advice based on your needs. This includes steps to reduce waste, increase recycling, and save money – whatever your priorities.

Waste consultants can help your organisation meet any green goals, boost sustainability, and stick to your budget. We can provide recommendations to save your organisation time, effort, and money when it comes to waste removal and disposal. Our waste consultancy services include waste audits, waste management plans, collection, and recycling.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes benefit from a waste management consultant, whether you run a start-up or an established firm looking to improve its current set-up. Speak to one of our waste experts and arrange a waste consultation for your business anywhere in the UK today – call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online.

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What is a waste consultant?

A waste consultant provides a professional service to help businesses improve their waste management processes. Waste consultants review the current costs and operations and audit the types and volumes of rubbish produced. All this information is used to help build a bespoke waste management plan that cuts costs, reduces waste, and increases recycling.

It’s good to conduct an initial waste consultancy to determine any business goals around waste. This could include recycling targets, budget limits, and waste reduction aims. Partnering with a waste management consultant ensures efficient waste collection and prevents wasting money on half-full bin collections

Using a waste consultant helps businesses avoid overflowing bins that could create unhygienic conditions and lead to overweight charges. Waste management advice covers the best types and sizes of bins and containers to use, how often each one should be collected and emptied, and any accessibility issues and considerations.

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Waste consultation services

Bespoke waste management consulting services from our experts provide actionable recommendations for ways your business can meet its goals. Our services enable your business to learn how it can reduce waste, cut waste management costs, and improve the sustainability of your organisation. It’s all based on real insights from your operations.

Enjoy a waste management consultancy tailored to your needs. There are many parts to our waste consultation services and you can make the most of them all or just ask for help with one or two areas depending on your needs. Our waste management consulting services include:

  • Waste audits – an assessment of your current waste including the types, volume, storage, removal, and disposal methods. This can highlight any problems and opportunities to reduce waste, improve recycling, and cut costs.
  • Waste management plan – the results of a waste audit and any of your business goals are used to create a management plan. The plan will outline the types of waste produced, where it’s stored, who is responsible for its removal, disposal methods, and costs.
  • Commercial waste collection – advice on the best frequency for cost-effective waste collection considering the volume of rubbish produced and bin or container sizes.
  • Recycling services – help with boosting recycling rates based on waste audit results. Includes advice on separating waste at the point of production and using effective recycling bins and training to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Recycling rebates – your organisation may be eligible to earn some money depending on what types and amounts of specific waste it produces. Our waste consultants can outline the criteria and if it’s suitable for your business.
  • Waste tracking – our waste experts can set up and run ongoing waste tracking and reporting. These can be tailored to show the types, volume, and weight of waste removed from your business along with associated costs. Review your progress and identify opportunities for further improvements.
  • Compliance – waste management consultants can explain the legal regulations for the types of waste your business produces and outline steps for compliance. This can include advice about the correct containers, storage facilities, and disposal methods.
  • Training – we can provide in-house training for your teams about waste management practices. It could be related to specific waste types (such as managing hazardous waste safely), the importance of recycling, or waste management’s impact on operating costs.
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Specialist waste experts

Our waste management consultants can assist with your overall strategy and find solutions for all your commercial waste needs. However, if you need help with a specific waste type or area then we have waste experts with specialist experience and knowledge. This includes waste experts who know certain industries and waste materials well.

Some of our specialist waste consultants include:

  • Food waste consultant – advice on dealing with waste food from a restaurant, pub, hotel, café, commercial kitchen, or shop – including waste reduction strategies.
  • Hazardous waste consultant – ensure any chemical waste and hazardous materials are stored and disposed of safely from laboratories, schools, and other facilities.
  • Environmental waste consultant – general help with improving waste management for any business to benefit the environment, from recycling to storage.
  • Sanitary waste consultant – consultancy services around managing sanitary waste from bathrooms across any business to maintain hygienic premises.
  • Clinical waste consultant – help for hospitals, dental surgeries, and any other healthcare facilities that deal with clinical waste.

Waste management consultations

Successful waste consultancy is built around the needs of the business. All our waste management consultations involve an assessment of the types, volumes, and frequency of commercial waste your organisation produces. Experts will ask you (and your team) the right questions and use available data to form an accurate picture of your situation.

During any waste consultation, our experts will talk about your goals, any specific problems, and business changes. Tell us what you need and want to get out of the consultation and benefit from bespoke services. Our waste management consultations work around your operations and are scheduled at a convenient time.

There’s no set framework for waste management consultancy. It could be a simple phone call or a few emails to work out the best bins for your business – or it may involve site visits and detailed data analysis to build a successful waste management plan. Waste management consultations are available anywhere in the UK.

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Why use waste consultants 
at Business Waste?

Business Waste is a leading waste management consulting company in the UK. We work with thousands of customers all over the country who operate in many sectors and industries. Each one has its own specific needs from daily general waste bin collections to removals and disposal of hazardous and toxic waste.

Our team of more than 100 waste experts includes consultants with experience helping start-ups to household names find solutions to their waste needs. This includes improving recycling rates, reducing waste disposal costs, and meeting sustainability targets. As a waste broker, we have a nationwide network that helps us determine the best and most cost-efficient solution for our customers’ waste requirements.

Reasons to use our waste management consultants are:

  • ISO certified (ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality management systems, and ISO 14001: 2015 – Environmental management systems)
  • A zero-landfill policy to recycle as much rubbish as possible
  • Save money as a broker we can find the best prices
  • A dedicated account manager for your business
  • Waste consultancy anywhere in the UK
  • Free no-obligation quote for waste consultancy services

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Looking to reduce your waste collection costs, improve recycling across your site, or meet some sustainability goals? Then our waste management consulting services can provide the perfect solution. Get a free quote for waste consultancy anywhere in the UK – whatever the size and industry of your business.

Speak to one of our waste experts and find out more about waste management consultancy today – call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online.

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