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Waste Management Plan

A waste management plan is crucial for every business and organisation in the UK. Effective waste management can save your business money, improve efficiencies, and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. You need a strong waste management business plan to achieve all these goals.

As a leading waste management company, Business Waste helps organisations across the UK implement effective waste management plans. We help companies reduce their costs by an average of 30% and businesses with suitable waste management plans save time, and resources, and improve the overall efficiency of their everyday activities.

We provide businesses across the UK with professional waste management plans and solutions. This enables organisations of any size and industry to dispose of their waste in a safe, secure, and simple manner. Contact us today for help with your commercial waste plans and find more site waste management plan guidance below.

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What is a waste management plan?

A waste management plan is a strategy for how an organisation will deal with all the waste it produces. It outlines the types and amount of waste created and the processes to store and dispose of them safely, legally, and efficiently. This includes information about who is responsible for removing waste from the business.

There are many considerations involved in dealing with commercial waste. An effective waste management plan covers everything, from what containers are used to store waste and where they’re placed, to how often these bins are emptied. The best waste management plans focus on reducing waste and avoiding overflowing bins through effective management.

A waste management plan should include the:

  • Types of waste produced
  • Volumes of waste created
  • Bin types and sizes for storage
  • Frequency of collection for all bins
  • Responsibility for removing waste
  • Costs of waste management (bin hire, waste removal)
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Site waste management 

We understand that business waste needs differ. That’s why we can provide a tailored site waste management plan based on your operations. To make a waste management plan we start with a full waste audit to identify your current waste management system and your organisation’s waste requirements.

Then we help build a waste management plan to ensure your business manages its commercial waste safely, appropriately, and efficiently. Our waste management plans will address the collection and disposal requirements of your commercial waste and advise you on the best solutions for your business.

Daily, weekly, and fortnightly waste collection services are available, depending on the outcome of your waste management plan. We can also provide you with specialist waste disposal for any hazardous waste that the waste management plan identifies. Our waste management plans are tailored to each business and ensure that the waste requirements of your business are always comprehensively met.

A site waste management plan is part of our wider waste management services, which include:

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Create your waste management plan

Becoming aware of your waste requirements through a waste management plan is crucial to ensure your business is fully compliant with the relevant regulations. It also helps prevent your organisation from throwing away money and resources through a lack of knowledge about waste management. At Business Waste we provide waste management planning solutions.

One of our expert waste consultants will happily listen to your needs and help with the next steps. For further information on our waste management plans, contact our knowledgeable team today for more advice. Contact us online or call 0800 211 8390 and start building an efficient waste management plan that could save your business thousands.

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Waste management plan FAQs

  • How can I make a waste management plan?

    To make a waste management plan for your business:

    • Estimate the types and amount of waste you create every day, week, and month.
    • Work out how to separate and store waste efficiently. For example, do you need individual paper and cardboard bins, or could you use a dry mixed recycling bin?
    • Determine the best types and sizes of bins to store your waste and where to place them on your premises.
    • Arrange waste collections on an effective frequency so they’re removed when nearly full but never overflow.
    • Assess the costs and check that your waste management plan is within budget.

    Alternatively, use expert help such as Business Waste to audit your operations and build an effective waste management plan tailored to your needs.

  • Is a site waste management plan a legal requirement?

    A site waste management plan is a legal requirement for certain sites within the construction industry only. This is for health and safety reasons. For most other industries and businesses there are no legal requirements for a waste management plan. However, only licensed waste carriers can legally transport commercial waste.

  • How do you write a simple waste management plan?

    Using a waste management plan template or looking at existing examples is the easiest way to create a plan. Otherwise, you should ensure that your waste management plan includes as a minimum:

    • Who is responsible for waste management in your business
    • The licensed waste carriers or commercial waste company responsible for collecting your waste
    • What types and volumes of waste you produce
    • Sizes and types of bins, bags, and containers used to store your business waste
    • How often each bin and container will be removed
    • Recycling and disposal methods for your waste
    • Targets to reduce your commercial waste and the amount sent to landfill
    • Costs of bin hire, waste removal, cleaning, and other waste-related fees
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