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Every business needs commercial waste collection to get rid of the rubbish you produce. Whether you require trade waste collection on a regular basis or just a one-off removal of refuse, we provide business waste collection to suit every organisation. Arrange quick, safe, and reliable business rubbish collection today.

As a business, you have a legal duty of care to responsibly store, transport, and dispose of any waste you produce. From general waste in your office bins to clinical waste at hospitals, licensed waste carriers need to collect all such waste. This means you can’t just throw it away with your local council collection. Instead, call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online for a free quote for business waste collection.

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Commercial bin collection

You can arrange commercial bin collection with a schedule that suits your organisation. Base it around the amount of rubbish you produce and the size of the bins you use. From regular removal of food waste to less frequent industrial bin collection, we’ll work to find a schedule best for your needs. Choose from business bin collection every:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Fortnight

Simply request the type, size, and number of commercial bins you need and how often you want them removing. We’ll deliver free bins to your business anywhere in the UK, as long as there’s an accessible drop off and pickup point – you just pay for collection. Fill the bins with only the relevant waste type and within any weight limits.

Place your bins at the agreed collection point ahead of their scheduled collection time. One of our licensed waste carriers will then come and pick up your commercial waste and transport it to a nearby facility. Here it will be sorted, treated, and disposed of in an environmentally friendly and appropriate way, so your business bin collection runs smoothly.

Our waste 
collection bins

There are a wide range of commercial waste bins available to suit many different types and amounts of business waste. From small office bins to wheelie bins, skips, and large roll-on roll-offs, find bins and containers to store everything from general to bulky waste.

Choose the type and size that meets the collection needs of your organisation. Some companies like to use smaller bins so they can easily move them around their premises and have regular collections. Others prefer large commercial waste bins to store more waste and have less frequent collections.

Decide what works for your business and explore some of the most common waste collection bins.

View all bins
  • 240L wheelie bin

    The standard size two-wheel domestic bin like your council provides for your home. It can store four to five bags of glass, general, food waste and more.

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  • 660L wheelie bin

    This is a four-wheel bin that you can easily move around and use to store up to 10 bags, including general waste, cardboard recycling and more.

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  • 1100L wheelie bin

    The largest four-wheel bin can store a maximum of 15 to 18 bags of rubbish. It can hold heavier weights of general waste, paper, carboard recycling, and more.

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Commercial waste 
collection costs

How much commercial waste collection costs for your business depends on the:

  • Type of waste your business produces
  • Frequency of commercial waste collection
  • Amount of waste you generate (the number and size of bins/bags collected)

As industry experts, we can provide you with a cost-effective waste collection plan to save you money. Tell us about the type of waste you need to get rid of, how much you produce and how often. One of our experts can put together a plan for cheap commercial waste collection based on your specific needs.

For large businesses, you may require bins of various kinds to handle the storage of multiple waste types. You might also want more frequent collections, especially for food and clinical waste you don’t want to keep on your premises for too long. Skips, IBC containers, roll on roll offs, and other large bins can be more cost-effective to use sometimes.

Small organisations can arrange cheap commercial waste collection by using smaller bins. Or it may be cost-effective to use big bins but have collections on a weekly or fortnightly basis rather than daily. It will depend on the type of waste you produce.

Businesses have to pay for commercial waste collection, but we don’t believe you should pay to hire the bins, as you don’t own them. That’s why we provide you with free bins (including their delivery) – you just cover the collection costs. We also have a price promise, so you can rest assured that you always pay the lowest rate.

Get a free quote to see the commercial waste collection costs for your business. Complete our online form or call us on 0800 211 8390.

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Waste collection 

Our waste collection services can remove any rubbish, from any industry, anywhere in the UK. We’ll gather information about the type of waste, amount, and number of bins you need collecting. Then simply choose a time, accessible pickup point, and schedule. Tailor waste collection services that meet the specific needs of your organisation with ease.

Book an efficient waste collection service whether you have one or more types of refuse to get rid of. Our expert team can advise on cost-effective options including the sizes and kind of bins to use and how often they should be collected (daily, weekly, or fortnightly). This helps create a waste collection service that disposes of all your commercial rubbish safely and saves you money.

Commercial rubbish collection is available for all waste types. Discover some popular waste types for waste collection with examples of common waste products we can collect:

View all waste types
  • General waste

    Everyday, non-recyclable waste

  • Dry mixed recycling

    Recyclable cardboard, paper, and plastics

  • Food waste

    Expired, leftover, and inedible food from shops, restaurants, and kitchens

    food waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste

    Out of date medications

  • PPE Waste

    Gowns, masks, and gloves

  • Clinical waste

    Bandages, medicinal vials, and sanitary products

    clinical waste bags
  • Confidential waste

    Personal files, contracts, and health records

  • Hazardous waste

    Batteries, solvents, and chemical waste

  • Paper waste

    Booklets, newspapers, and magazines

  • Glass waste

    Jars, bottles, and glass shards

    glass waste
  • Plastic waste

    Drinks bottles, containers, and packaging

  • Cardboard waste

    Cereal boxes, packaging, and storage boxes

  • Liquid waste

    Waste water, sludge and sewage removal

  • WEEE waste

    Electrical equipment, fridges, freezers, and microwaves

  • Oil waste

    Diesel, gas, and cooking oil


Nationwide commercial 

Organise commercial collections near you with Business Waste. Our nationwide network means we can provide commercial waste collection in almost all locations across the UK. From Penzance to northern Scotland, we’ll work to find a solution, so you can arrange commercial collections anywhere in the UK with ease.

Some of the main cities and counties where we collect commercial waste include:

Your location not listed? We collect from everywhere in the UK. You can use our interactive map to see the full extent of our nationwide network, so you can find your town and arrange commercial waste collection near you.

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Who needs 
business waste collection?

Every business needs to arrange commercial waste collection to get rid of any rubbish your business produces safely and legally. From start-ups that need small business waste collection to international corporations, if you operate in the UK, it must be collected, transported, and disposed of by a licensed waste carrier.

Unless you have drivers in your organisation that are registered waste carriers, using commercial waste collection companies is an effective solution. Whatever industry you work in and types of waste you generate on a regular or one-off basis, you need business rubbish collection for its removal in line with government regulations.

Some of the common industries and waste types we collect from them can include:

Explore sector waste types

Why should I use Business Waste 
as my waste collection company?

It’s essential that you choose the right waste collection company to meet your specific needs. At Business Waste, we’re passionate about saving organisations time and money, while working towards a sustainable future, when it comes to commercial rubbish collection. That’s why we offer cost-effective commercial waste collection services, including:

  • A free audit to help create an appropriate waste collection plan and schedule for your business.
  • Expert advice from our sales and customer care team. We don’t believe in automated call systems, so you can contact our friendly team at any time. We’ll answer any questions you might have.
  • Regular and efficient waste collection for your business. We know how quickly rubbish can pile up, so provide fast solutions for commercial waste removal of all types.
  • Free bins with no rental charges or any other hidden costs. Know the cost of commercial waste collection with no extra surprises.
  • Free duty of care certificate. It’s a legal requirement that your business has one when producing and disposing of commercial waste, so we provide it for free.
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Commercial waste collection

  • bins What is commercial waste?

    Commercial waste is any rubbish produced from business activities. Any refuse created in an office, on a trade site, entertainment or leisure centre, and any other organisation’s premises classes as commercial waste. Types of commercial waste vary from general waste to glass, paper, and card recycling, food, liquid, and hazardous waste. Commercial waste is also any rubbish from:

    Businesses have a legal duty of care to properly manage any waste they produce following UK government guidelines. Domestic waste is normally collected and disposed of by local councils and authorities, but most don’t deal with commercial waste. Instead, commercial waste must be removed by licensed waste carriers.

  • bins What is commercial waste collection?

    Commercial waste collection is simply the safe and secure pickup of any rubbish your business produces and its transfer to a relevant treatment or disposal facility. Licensed waste carriers visit your business premises at an agreed time and accessible point to collect the bins, bags, or containers full of your rubbish.

    Collection of commercial waste basically covers three stages:

    • The physical collection of business waste stored in bins or bags.
    • Transportation of the waste to a recycling or other appropriate facility for sorting.
    • Disposal of commercial waste by recycling, incineration, or going to landfill.

    It’s an essential part of any business’ waste management plan. In the UK, companies are bound by a duty of care to protect the environment and human health with your waste disposal. Commercial waste collection companies help businesses meet their duty of care by providing safe and environmentally friendly waste collection methods.

  • bins What classes as business waste?

    Any rubbish a company produces classes as business waste. This could be something as small as a crisp packet thrown in an office kitchen bin, to large quantities of metal offcuts that are by products from a manufacturing plant. Waste collection methods vary depending on the type produced – from a couple of bags to bulk waste collection for large and heavy items.

    Common types of business waste include:

  • bins What bins are used for commercial waste collections?

    The type and amount of rubbish you use affects the right kind of commercial bin collection for your business. Some of the main types of bins used for commercial waste collection include:

    Explore the full range of bins we provide for storage and collection.

  • bins What size is a commercial waste bin?

    There is no one size for a commercial waste bin. Any bin used to store business waste classes as a commercial waste bin. Common sizes of commercial waste bins include 240 litre wheelie bins660 litre wheelie bins, and four-wheel 1100 litre bins. Other types of commercial waste bins that come in various sizes include:

    Explore all commercial waste bin sizes

  • bins What bags are used for commercial waste collections?

    Waste collection bags can be used to safely secure your business waste if local by-laws protect the collection of bins, or you don’t have space for bins on your property. They’re also used to store clinical waste types, which can be placed in bins as well. These waste bags include:

  • bins What are overweight charges?

    All commercial waste bins have a maximum weight limit. This varies depending on the size of the bin and the type of waste you put in it. Waste disposal is charged based on the weight rather than the volume, which means exceeding these costs more for our waste carriers to dispose of it.

    When we collect your waste, it will be weighed. If it’s over the limit for the bin and waste type, you may have to pay more for its removal and disposal – an overweight charge. We’re happy to talk you through this and help arrange collection of more or larger bins, or more frequent collections to avoid overweight charges.

  • bins How accessible does my business location need to be?

    It depends on the type and size of bins you’re getting collected. Ideally, they need to be delivered and collected to the same place that’s easy enough for our vehicles to fit down. Or you can arrange collection from the roadside if it’s easier, in some cases. Speak to our team and they can assess whether it’s accessible or not.

    For a smooth collection we need to know:

    • Access times
    • Key or codes required
    • Any height or width restrictions
  • bins Can I change my commercial waste collection contract?

    Yes, if your business starts producing more, less, or a different waste type, you can easily change your contract. We appreciate your needs may change within a year, so are happy to adapt if you want more or fewer bins delivering, or to increase or decrease how often they’re collected.

    Call our customer care team on 01904 207 120, email [email protected] or contact us online to change your contract.

  • bins Do you offer a bin emptying service?

    A bin emptying service is included with all our commercial waste collections. Licensed waste carriers will visit your premises and remove your full bins from the agreed pickup point. These are then transported to a relevant nearby waste management centre for emptying, recycling, and processing the contents – whatever the type of waste.

    As part of our bin emptying service, we’ll deliver free bins to replace your old ones if you’ve arranged daily, weekly, or fortnightly collections. For any one-off or ad hoc collections, we’ll simply remove the bins for emptying from your premises without replacing them.

  • bins Can I dispose of my own commercial waste?

    Businesses can dispose of their own commercial waste if they are registered as licensed waste carriers. This is the only way you can legally remove and transport commercial waste away from your premises. However, you can’t dispose of commercial waste at most household waste recycling centres (HWRCs).

    As well as being a licensed waste carrier you must take your rubbish to a facility that accepts commercial waste for disposal and recycling. For many organisations it’s quicker and more convenient to use a professional waste management company, such as Business Waste, to dispose of commercial waste safely and legally.

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