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What is the Waste Transfer Notice or Duty of Care Certificate

Waste management

Please note Business Waste provides a free duty of care certificates for all customers. You should not be charged for this, it must be provided by law.

If you are paying for a duty of care certificate then you must question this as your waste collector is duty-bound and legally required to provide you with one free of charge any charges are highly suspect.

For a full guide including an example of a Duty of care please read more here

A Duty of Care certificate or  Waste Transfer Note is a legal document that businesses that produce waste are legally required to have.  The document covers the business and the owner under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. It serves as proof that the business or owner disposes of their waste legally and responsibly.  The document is valid for a period of 1 year and must be retained by the owner or business for a period of 2 years after expiry.

The Waste Transfer Note is completed and signed by both parties must include:

What type of container waste is stored on

The time and date the waste was transferred

Where this transfer took place

The names and addresses of both parties

Details of which category of authorised person each one is

Details of the parties’ registration certificate, including the certificate number and the name of the council that issued it

If either or both of the parties has a waste licence, the licence number and the name of the council that issued it

Reasons for an exemption from the requirement to register to have a licence

For a full detailed guide including an example of a Duty of care certificate please read more here