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Every business produces rubbish, so good waste management in the UK is essential. To ensure anything from leftover food to packaging, textile materials, and other refuse is disposed of properly, you need to focus on your commercial waste management. A sustainable plan for your business waste management helps your organisation protect human health and the planet.

Waste management for UK businesses is also important to uphold your legal and moral responsibilities. You have a duty of care to prevent waste going to landfill, contributing to pollution, and harming humans and animals. Whatever industry you work in and waste you generate, we can help with your waste management needs. Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online for help with your business waste management.

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Waste management 

Types of waste management vary between businesses, as each organisation is unique. The right waste management solution for your company can depend on the type and amount of rubbish you produce. The main waste management solutions we offer include:

  • Storage – all our waste management solutions provide you with free bins to store your waste, whatever type you produce. Simply pay for collection, with no hire fees.
  • Collection – our licensed waste carriers can collect your bins or containers from almost anywhere in the UK.
  • Removal – we’ll collect your waste and transport it to a nearby facility based on the type of waste, amount, and your location.
  • Recycling – we aim for zero landfill, so will take as much waste as possible to recycling facilities or for processes such as anaerobic digestion for sustainable management.
  • Disposal – sometimes the only waste solution may be incineration or landfill for some clinical and hazardous waste, which we’ll work to dispose of safely.

Whatever waste management solution you need, if it’s just removal or disposal for example, the general process when using Business Waste is as follows:

  • Select your free bins – choose the size, type, and number of bins you need
  • Arrange delivery of your bins – tell us where to drop them off
  • Fill your bins – follow any weight limits and fill with the relevant waste type
  • Organise collection – decide how often you want your bins collected and place in an accessible place
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Waste management 

Our waste management services help businesses safely, legally, and responsibly get rid of any rubbish you produce. Every effort is made to ensure it’s recycled or disposed of in a way that gives back to the planet, such as creating renewable energy if recycling is not an option.

As mentioned, our commercial waste management services help every step of the way – from providing free bins for storage to the final disposal point. You can tailor a waste management service to suit the specific needs of your company too. Whatever waste you generate, how much, and wherever in the UK you are, our bins, collection, removal, and disposal services can help.

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Waste management 
consulting services

Our expert waste management consultants help reduce your waste disposal costs and improve your recycling rates. We can conduct a free audit of your organisation’s existing waste management strategy and practices. Then one of our consultants will advise on the best solutions for cost-effective and eco-friendly waste management for your business.

This includes advice on the best sizes and types of bins to store your waste and an efficient collection frequency. Every consultant works with local suppliers thanks to our nationwide network to deliver an accurate and free no obligation quote. Let us know any budget requirements and we’ll work around them too.

Find a solution with help from a dedicated consultant experienced in your industry and the types of waste you produce. We can assist with helping you dispose of everything from regular general waste and cardboard recycling to hazardous and other specialist waste types.

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Our waste 
management bins

Any waste you produce needs separating and storing to ensure it’s disposed of properly. We provide a wide range of free bins to keep all sorts of waste types safe and secure on your premises before collection.

From wheelie bins that hold a few bags of waste to huge roll on roll offs that can store hundreds of full waste bags, there are sizes and types of containers for any kind of rubbish. Explore some of our popular waste management bins.

Explore our bins
  • Wheelie bins

    Find wheelie bins with two or four wheels and in sizes from 120 to 1100 litres to separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

  • Front end loaders

    Ideal for businesses producing high volumes of waste, it’s often used for compactible waste, dry mixed recycling, and general waste.

  • Balers and compactors

    Balers and compactors simplify recycling by compressing recyclable materials into blocks.

  • Sharps bins

    Dispose of clinical waste and separate by type with the different sharps bins.

  • Roll on roll offs

    For large amounts of waste that can’t be easily compacted. Roll offs offer a high-volume, low-density solution to benefit from the economy of scale, with low sides that make it easier to load your waste.

  • Skips

    Skips are useful if you produce large amounts of construction or general waste.


Commercial waste 
management costs

The cost of waste management depends on the amount of waste you produce and how often you need it collecting. Its type also impacts the cost, as disposing of hazardous and clinical waste is more difficult and therefore more expensive than recycling paper and cardboard, for example.

While we provide free bins for storage, the size of the bins and containers you use and need collecting affects the price of removal and disposal. Every bin has a weight limit too and exceeding this adds on an extra overweight charge. It’s important you check this and if you think you’ll go over to order a larger or more bins.

Collection is available on a daily, weekly, and fortnightly basis, which also affects waste management costs. Small businesses may use large bins and arrange collection less often as it can be more cost-effective, while larger organisations might prefer more regular collections of smaller waste amounts. At Business Waste, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your plan is cost-effective and efficient.

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Waste regulations

In England and Wales the Waste Regulations 2011 apply to any business that produces, stores, carries, treats, disposes, imports or exports waste. It requires any such organisation to apply the waste management hierarchy and declare it has been considered when they transfer waste, by including this on the waste transfer note.

The waste management hierarchy sets out five considerations for waste management in order of priority. These options are ranked based on what’s best for the environment and are:

  • Prevention – keeping products for longer, designing less material use.
  • Preparing for re-use – clean, repair, and treat products for reuse rather than disposal.
  • Recycling – turn waste into new products or materials, including composting.
  • Recovery – such as anaerobic digestion to produce energy from waste.
  • Disposal – incineration and landfill as a last resort, without energy recovery.
bags of separated plastic bottle waste.

Businesses we manage waste for

We can provide a waste management solution for businesses of any size that operate in every industry, anywhere in the UK. Currently we help manage business waste for companies such as restaurants, hotels, offices, retail, hospitals, and many more. As we have the expertise and a nationwide network, we can help get rid of all waste types relevant to every industry.

Explore all industries where we provide waste management services. Some of the main businesses that we manage waste for include:

Why should I use Business Waste 
for waste management in the UK?

At Business Waste, we’re industry specialists who focus on providing high-class waste management services at reasonable prices. We offer a range of commercial waste management services, tailored to your needs. Enjoy efficient waste management in the UK with our services that include:

  • Full site audits by qualified consultants with substantial industry experience.
  • Providing you with free bins to store your waste safely and securely – from skips to wheelie bins.
  • Regular and flexible collections by our licensed waste carriers of all types of waste.
  • Appropriate waste disposal, recycling wherever possible, to have a positive environmental impact.
  • A continuous partnership to monitor and implement waste management policies to reduce waste at the source.
  • Expert advice and updates on current legislation and regulations around waste management. We use the latest industry technology to move your business towards zero waste to landfill.
  • Sophisticated invoicing for simple accounting.

We aim to create long-lasting relationships with our customers who require regular waste management. These relationships are built on trust, reliability, and honesty. There’ll always be a dedicated and professional customer service team on hand to help – we don’t rely on automated phone systems.

Business Waste removes the need for multiple service providers by offering a comprehensive waste management service. Easily comply with legislation, reduce your waste management costs, and improve your environmental impact. We’ll help create a waste management solution that does all of the above, so you’re free to concentrate on what matters most to you – your business.

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Commercial waste management

  • bins What is waste management?

    A simple waste management definition is that it’s how you create, store, and dispose of any rubbish your business generates. This covers every step of what happens to your waste, from the moment it’s produced to its final disposal. Various processes and actions make up this journey and define how your waste is managed.

    The main aspects of waste management include its:

    • Organisation – how you sort and store waste your business produces.
    • Collection – who collects waste to remove from your premises and when.
    • Transportation – how your waste moves from your business to a disposal site.
    • Monitoring – ways in which your waste management is assessed for improvements.
    • Disposal – ensuring waste is disposed of sustainably (recycling and avoiding landfill where possible).
  • bins Why is correct waste management important?

    Correct waste management is important to ensure your business follows government legislations and waste management laws. With UK waste management, your organisation is bound by the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This applies to various steps of your waste control and means you must:

    • Minimise waste by applying preventative strategies to the running of your business.
    • Reuse, recycle, and recover waste when possible.
    • Sort and store your commercial waste safely.
    • Keep notes on the types of waste you produce and dispose of, and when.
    • Dispose of waste legally, through a waste management company with a waste management licence.

    The importance of waste management isn’t just for legal reasons. It also reduces your environmental impact and helps protect the health of your employees. Correct waste management involves sorting your rubbish into different streams for storage, so it can be collected and transported to a recycling facility where possible. This avoids reusable and recyclable waste ending up in landfill and contributing to pollution.

  • bins What are the risks associated with incorrect waste management?

    The main risks associated with incorrect waste management are the environmental impact it can have. Lots of waste ends up in landfill that should be recycled – such as glass and plastic waste. Plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to decompose and release harmful gases like methane as they do.

    Incorrect waste management adds to landfill sites, which are already running out of space. Chemicals in certain waste products can also leach and affect nearby water, soil, and air when thrown in landfill. Alongside damaging the environment, it can negatively affect human health and nearby animal habitats – all of which reflects poorly on your business.

    Poor waste management also means hazardous, infectious, and dangerous types of waste may not be stored and disposed of safely. This can harm humans who come into contact with it and contaminate other waste types, meaning recyclable rubbish may end up being incinerated.

    Many companies are under pressure to reduce their environmental impact, ensure their plans align with current (and quickly changing) government legislations and stay within their budget. They’re turning to waste management companies, such as Business Waste, to do the hard work for them.

  • bins What does a waste management company do?

    Waste management companies such as Business Waste reduce the pressures associated with ensuring your waste is effectively controlled. Experts can assess your operations and advise on the best plan to store, remove, and dispose of any commercial waste you produce. For most UK waste management companies this involves providing and delivering bins, bags, and containers for storage, arranging removal and appropriate disposal.

    Every waste management company consists of seasoned professionals who can help you develop an effective site waste management plan. It will save you valuable time and ensure your waste management is compliant with relevant regulations and laws. This includes building a plan for your waste management that answers the following questions:

  • bins What are business responsibilities for managing commercial waste?

    As a business or organisation that produces any type and amount of commercial waste, you have five main responsibilities to ensure it’s managed safely and legally:

    1. Keep commercial waste to a minimum – do everything possible (within reason) to prevent, reuse, recycle, or recover waste (in that order).
    2. Sort and store waste safely and securely on your premises.
    3. Complete a waste transfer note for every waste load that leaves your premises.
    4. Ensure you use a licensed waste carrier registered to dispose of waste.
    5. Ensure the waste carrier doesn’t dispose of your waste illegally – report them to Crimestoppers if this happens.
  • bins What are business responsibilities for managing hazardous commercial waste?

    If commercial hazardous waste is produced and/or handled by your business then you have an extra set of responsibilities:

    • Classify any hazardous waste.
    • Separate and store hazardous waste safely – to avoid contamination.
    • Use licensed and authorised waste carriers to collect, recycle or dispose of your hazardous waste – check they’re registered, and waste sites have environmental permits.
    • Complete the applicable parts of the consignment note – keep a copy and provide two copies to the waste carrier.
    • Keep records (a register) for three years at the premises where the hazardous waste was produced or stored.
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