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Dry Mixed Recycling

Improve your business’ green credentials by disposing of clean, uncontaminated, and recyclable materials in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner. Many companies need dry mixed recycling (DMR) to get rid of rubbish produced in your office, shop, restaurant, and other place of business each day in a way that helps both you and our planet.

With free mixed recycling bins available for your business anywhere in the UK, all you need to do is fill them with your clean, dry, and recyclable waste and just pay for collection. Contact us today or call 0800 211 8390 for a fast free quote and answers to any of your questions about DMR waste.

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Dry mixed 
recycling collection

Get rid of your dry mixed recycling in an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manner with collection through Business Waste. Wherever your business is in the UK, whatever your size and industry, we can arrange collection of DMR to recycle and reuse in a way that suits you and benefits our planet.

Choose how many dry mixed recycling bins you need, and their sizes, and we’ll deliver them to your agreed location for free. Simply fill them up with clean and dry materials that can go in a DMR bin and arrange collection on a frequency and schedule that suits you – whether it’s daily, weekly, or fortnightly.

That’s all there is to it, no hidden fees or charges. Ensure your bins are left in the agreed, accessible location and within the weight limits for the size of the dry mixed recycling bins you use. If you find you need more or fewer bins or collections, simply get in touch to change your terms with ease.

Organise dry mixed recycling collection that meets your needs then we’ll do the rest. Get free DMR bins delivered and simply pay for collection. Call 0800 211 8390 to speak to one of our exert team or contact us online.

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Dry mixed recycling 

From small to large, collections are available in a variety of dry mixed recycling bin sizes to suit your business. Whether you just want a few small DMR bins for the office or need big, four-wheel options you can store outside your restaurant or shop, Business Waste will arrange collections to meet your needs.

We can also help whether you require a one-off large haul, or regular, small collections on a weekly basis. If you have enough volumes of one type of waste that makes up DMR (such as paper) then we can provide solutions for a single stream recycling bin for each waste type rather than a mixed recycling bin.

Our team can ensure your business stays compliant with government laws and legislation around DMR waste, so it’s one less thing to worry about. We can also collect from your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to suit your operating hours. Explore some common DMR bin sizes below.

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How does dry mixed 
recycling waste collection work?

  1. Select your free bins

    It’s quick and easy to organise commercial waste collection for your business.

    Simply start by telling us the:

    • Type of waste you need removing
    • Size of bins you require
    • Number of bins you want

    We’ll provide you with a free quote.

  2. Arrange delivery

    When you’re happy with the type, number, and size of free bins, tell us when you need your bins delivering.

    Let us know about any access issues where you want the bins delivering – such as locked gates, access codes and times. We’ll get you up and running in no time.

  3. Fill up your bin

    After the free bins arrive at your chosen location, fill them up with the agreed waste type.

    Make sure you remain within any weight limits for the specific waste type and bin size.

  4. Get your business waste collected

    We’ll arrange waste collection at a time and frequency to suit you and the amount of waste you have.

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What is 
dry mixed recycling?

Dry mixed recycling (or DMR for short) is a common type of commercial waste that almost all businesses produce on some level. It’s a great alternative to general waste and much better for the environment, as the materials included in DMR waste are reused. These often include recyclable paper, cardboard, metals, and plastics.

Dry mixed recycling is a quick and efficient form of recycling that allows you to dispose of large amounts of waste in one container or bin. They’re placed in one waste stream and processed, so there’s no need to separate paper from plastics for example – as long as they’re dry and clean.

Although it may sound a bit more confusing than just recycling, dry mixed recycling is simply any recyclable waste free from contaminants, such as food or garden waste.

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What is included in 
dry mixed recycling?

You can dispose of pretty much any recyclable material in your dry mixed recycling bin, as long as it’s clean, dry, and made from recyclable materials. These are the materials you can dispose of in a dry mixed recycling bin with examples of common items:

  • Metal – cans, food trays, and foil
  • Paper – magazines, newspapers, documents, and receipts
  • Cardboard – boxes, cereal boxes, and food packaging
  • Plastic – bottles, containers, and yoghurt pots

What products can’t 
go in a DMR bin?

Putting items in a DMR bin that you should dispose of elsewhere can contaminate your waste and mean it’s not recycled. To avoid this happening, don’t throw these products in with your dry mixed recycling waste:

  • Food waste – compost any contaminating scraps where possible
  • Sanitary waste – nappies, used tissues, and sanitary products
  • Potentially hazardous waste – batteries, bleach bottles, and paint tins
  • Liquids – drinks, lubricants, and other fluids
  • Glass and ceramics – bottles, jars, and pots
  • Certain packagingcrisp packets, coffee cups, cling film, and plastic bags
  • Polystyrene, wood offcuts, and textiles – clothes and polystyrene packaging

Who needs 
dry mixed recycling?

Dry mixed recycling is one of the most popular ways to recycle clean and uncontaminated materials. Businesses that produce a lot of waste often need dry mixed recycling disposal the most. These can include:

However, almost all businesses require some level of mixed recycling bins. Even in an office you may need a couple of DMR bins to recycle packaging from lunches, new stationery boxes, documents and more. The size and number of bins you require likely differs depending on the type of business you run.

How to dispose of 
dry mixed recycling waste

It’s quick and easy to throw all your rubbish into one general waste bin, but this means recyclable waste goes to landfill rather than be reused. Not only does this have a negative effect on the environment, it can also cost your business more in landfill taxes.

Instead, place clearly labelled dry mixed recycling bins around your business, so your employees, customers, and clients recycle DMR waste with ease. It’s quick and convenient with no need to separate the likes of cardboard, paper, and plastics – as long as it’s clean and dry.

Stick to the weight limits of each dry mixed recycling bin and arrange collection on a frequency that suits your needs. Once collected, your dry mixed recycling is taken to one of our special facilities where it’s separated using advanced waste management technology.

Then your old products are either turned into what they were before – such as recycling carboard packaging into new cardboard products – or repurposed into something completely different. This all depends on the type of materials included in your DMR waste.

Dry mixed recycling 
benefits and facts

Introducing DMR waste disposal to the workplace is time efficient, as you don’t need to sort through and separate waste types. It’s also cost-efficient, as recycling is far cheaper for your business than sending waste to landfill. Plus, we each need to play our part to better protect the planet – so the advantages of recycling dry mixed waste far outweigh any negatives.

Every year around five million tonnes of plastic are used in the UK, half of which is for packaging. Almost 14 billion cans made from steel and aluminium are also used, which are completely recyclable. However, government figures from 2020 show that while recycling has increased for aluminium cans it was 82%.

Around 63% of packaging waste in the UK was recycled in 2021. However, some dry mixed recycling types for packaging are more commonly recycled than others, so there’s still a lot of work to do. According to the UK government figures, packaging recycling rates for 2021 that cover DMR were:

  • Metal – 76.0%
  • Paper and cardboard – 70.6%
  • Plastic – 44.2%
Five million tonnes of plastic are used in the UK

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We have been using Business Waste for our recycling for a number of years now. They have been so helpful with any requst we have and Josh is always so quick to answer my questions. The service is a great price and such a brilliant team I highly recommened using them for your business waste needs!

Dry mixed recycling

  • DRY MIXED RECYCLING Do recyclables need to be dry before placing them in a mixed recycling bin?

    Yes, for dry mixed recycling to work effectively, any products inside the bin must be clean and dry. This minimises the chance of cross-contamination, which can affect the ability to recycle them. You don’t have to clean each product vigorously, but please try to ensure they’re free from any food or liquid waste and have been thoroughly dried before you throw them in a DMR bin.

  • DRY MIXED RECYCLING Can you put bubble wrap in mixed recycling?

    No, you cannot include bubble wrap in dry mixed recycling. Bubble wrap is often made from a type of polythene (plastic), and although plastic is widely recyclable, bubble wrap is much more difficult to dispose of. Although bubble wrap cannot currently be included in DMR waste, you can take bubble wrap to specific collection points for proper disposal and recycling.

  • DRY MIXED RECYCLING Why should you recycle your dry mixed waste?

    There are endless benefits to recycling dry mixed waste. Firstly, it’s what we all need to do to help the future of the planet. Although plenty of us regularly recycle, there’s still work to be done. Recycling has an extremely positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions and limiting the need for raw materials.

    With landfill facilities becoming increasingly few and far between, recycling is more necessary than it was in the past. Alongside all the environmental benefits, it’s also cost-effective for businesses to regularly recycle DMR waste by reducing any landfill taxes, while also helping you uphold your corporate responsibilities and stay legally compliant.

  • DRY MIXED RECYCLING What does DMR stand for in recycling?

    DMR stands for dry mixed recycling. The general meaning of DMR is most types of uncontaminated recyclable products and materials that you can group together if you don’t have a large amount of one specific type. It’s a green alternative to general waste, covering various waste types you don’t need to separate before sending for recycling and reuse.

    For example, if you produce a lot of cardboard waste, it may make sense to have a separate cardboard bin. But if you only generate a small amount alongside waste recyclable plastics and metals, DMR disposal might make more sense.

  • DRY MIXED RECYCLING What is the dry mixed recycling EWC code?

    The dry mixed recycling EWC code is 20 03 01. This covers the disposal of mixed municipal waste, which includes organic waste and mixed packaging. You need to supply the correct dry mixed recycling EWC code before sending your waste to recycling so those handling your DMR waste deal with it properly.

  • DRY MIXED RECYCLING Do you offer single stream recycling

    Yes we do for any waste type, single stream waste collections are available for all types of waste

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