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women's clothes on hangers.

Why is Recycling Clothes Important?

Protect the environment, save resources, and help others with the many benefits of recycling clothes. Find out why recycling clothes is important.

rear end loader graphic.

Front vs Rear End Loaders

Need a big bin to store lots of commercial waste? Discover the difference between front and rear end loader bins to work out which is best for your business.

woman working in a zero waste shop.

How to Start a Zero Waste Shop

Thinking about starting a zero waste store? You’ll need a solid plan and the right equipment. Read this guide for tips when setting up a zero waste shop.

empty laboratory.

A Laboratory Waste Disposal Guide

Laboratory waste disposal guidelines in the UK keep people and the environment safe. Follow the steps in this laboratory waste disposal guide to stay safe.

empty restaurant with tables set out.

How to Run a Zero-waste Restaurant

Zero-waste restaurants reduce, reuse, and recycle materials to operate sustainably. Transform your business into a zero-waste restaurant with these ideas.

Christmas dinner table set up with champagne glasses.

How to Have a Sustainable Christmas

Use these sustainable Christmas ideas to reduce waste at home or work this festive season. Find out how to have a sustainable Christmas with this guide.

woman struggling with a broken umbrella in the rain.

How to Recycle an Umbrella

Broken an umbrella in wet and windy weather? Don’t chuck it in the bin! Find out how to dispose of it responsibly with these ideas to recycle an umbrella.

big bonfire night celebration.

How to Have a Zero Waste Bonfire Night

Used fireworks, piles of ash, and leftover toffee apples all create waste at Guy Fawkes Night. Have a zero-waste time with these Bonfire Night party ideas.

candles in jars burning.

How to Dispose of Candles

Recycling candles is a green way to get rid of any used ones. Learn how to dispose of candles and wax, and what to do with old candle jars in this guide.

old grey four-seater sofa on the street.

What is POPs Waste?

Furniture and electrical items can contain persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Learn what POPs waste is and how to dispose of it safely in this guide.

five wheelie bins in a row in the snow.

How Much is a Wheelie Bin?

Wheelie bin costs and prices vary by size, type, and other factors. Find out how much wheelie bins cost to buy and hire in the UK with this guide.

range of different vape types in a laboratory.

How to Dispose of and Recycle Vapes

Unsure where to dispose of vapes safely when you’ve finished with one? Find out how to dispose of and recycle vapes properly in this guide.

crowd at festival in front of stage at night.

Top Festival Waste Management Tips

Producing all sorts of waste is inevitable at any type and size of festival. Effectively deal with festival waste with these festival waste management tips.

Easter crafting with eggs and chicken.

How to Have a Low Waste Easter

Use these Easter recycling tips, facts, and ideas for a sustainable holiday. Find out how to have a low waste Easter at home and work in this guide.

man writing on sheet of paper.

What is a Material Safety Data Sheet?

A material safety data sheet (MSDS) details the hazardous elements a product contains. Learn about the importance of an MSDS for waste management.

three big bales of cardboard waste.

Insights into waste management in the UK 2023

Table of contents Overview The UK’s situation Hazardous wastes and their regulation Recycling and energy conversion Landfilling Following the waste flow Future perspectives References Overview Nowadays, our consumeristic culture has led to rates of purchasing that have not been seen before and this has led to an increased turnover of items being thrown away. Public […]

waste container throwing away office waste

Commercial Waste Collection Costs 2024

If you’re an established business, start-up or otherwise new to looking after your companies waste, chances are the commercial waste industry is causing you some confusion. Not only does it go by various names (including waste management, trade waste, waste disposal and business waste), but there are different types of waste to consider, too. Paper […]

medical gloves on hands.

Hazardous Waste Disposal 2024

This guide will explain everything you need to know about Hazardous Waste and your waste management obligations – To arrange delivery of containers and to arrange collections call 0800 211 83 90 What are The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005? The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005, were brought into force to […]

empty to litre plastic milk bottles in a row.

Plastic Waste Disposal – Guide 2024

We use plastic every day, in both our personal and professional lives. For example, a large majority of packaging is made from plastic – and it can be difficult to avoid using it altogether. However, as a Business Owner, you have a personal responsibility to ensure that you reduce the amount of plastic you use, […]

Christmas cards overlapping.

All About Christmas Card Recycling

Recycling Christmas cards is quick, easy, and saves trees. You can recycle most cards. Discover all you need to know about Christmas card recycling.

pumpkin and ghost light on shelf.

How to have a low waste Halloween

Halloween conjures up lots of avoidable excess waste every year, from pumpkins to plastic. Use these tips and tricks to have a low waste Halloween.

female tennis player serving at wimbledon centre court.

Wimbledon serves up less waste

On and off the court, Wimbledon produces all sorts of waste every year. Find out what the championship has been doing to serve up less waste.

Filling Plant Or Flower Pot With Compost.

How to compost

Home Composting involves gathering together various types of organic waste such as leaves, grass clippings and vegetable peeling, into a pile so that it will break down into a rich brownish-black product called compost. This section of our website is designed to give you the basic understanding of how to give it a go …In […]

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Who creates food waste?

Food waste can occur at any stage in the production or consumption of food. Globally, food waste is a real issue, and more and more businesses and individuals are beginning to pay attention to how much waste they create. In the UK, about 32% of purchased food ends up as food waste amounting to 6.7 […]

woman having hair cut and dried.

Hair Salon Waste Disposal

Hair salon waste includes everything from old hair dye to broken hairdryers. Discover hair salon waste disposal methods and arrange collections today.

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What is low carbon food ?

Some simple tweaks to your approach to shopping, cooking, and food waste disposal can potentially cut your food-related carbon footprint by almost two-thirds and it can be a healthy, fun, and inexpensive way to make a very real difference to our precious environment and to promoting ethical products. What is low carbon food? Low carbon […]

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Would you rent your wedding dress?

How to save money on the most expensive outfit you’ll only wear once Your big day can be one of the most expensive events you’ll ever throw in your life, especially with the UK couples spending on average an eye-watering £27,000 on their nuptials. This has prompted a new wave of savvy brides on a […]

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Which foods go rotten the quickest?

Avoca-DOH! Our slightly sarcastic listicle shows you which products to avoid, and how to shop better. British households are wasting millions of pounds every year because they’ve bought fresh products which have gone bad by the time they get round to eating them. According to one British food waste and recycling company, it doesn’t have […]

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Only 3 in 10 charity donations make it to the shelves.

Charity shop treasure…or just trash? Is your donation worth a fortune, or is it costing charities to get rid of your rubbish? Donating unwanted items to charity is a great way to support well-deserved causes while having a clear out, but is your unloved junk even making it to the shop floor? The waste collection […]

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The top green cities for recycling in the world

The greenest cities in the world (and the least) – which international cities top the list for recycling and which don’t make the grade The need for recycling has, by now, been fairly well cemented into the minds of the general public. Citizens the world over are aware of what can and cannot be given […]

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Cigarette Butts everything you need to know

According to a recent study by the Office for National Statistics, around 14.9% of adults in the UK consider themselves to be smokers, meaning that the safe disposal of cigarette butts and similar was products is vital if we want to protect the planet for future generations. While the safe disposal of cigarette waste lies […]

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Blockchain to be used to combat fly tipping

Move over track and trace – it’s time to trash and trace Do you know what happened to your waste collection? Blockchain might. The last 12 months have literally been rubbish – especially with an overwhelming amount of fly tipping being reported across the UK. And we’ve all heard about the NHS track and trace […]

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Only 1 in 50 clean their wheelie bins

Only 1 in 50 clean their bins – Britain’s stinky streets That’s wheelie grim Shocking results of a survey by a waste collection company show that just 1 in 50 – that’s 2% – of all people regularly clean their wheelie bins – leaving unsavoury bacteria to multiply. Our household bins aren’t often given much thought, it […]

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Over 15 million empty chairs and desks heading to landfill

Over 15 million empty chairs and desks create furniture furor: work from home sparks landfill concerns If a quarter of businesses close office space, around 15 million desks and chairs will no longer be in use “Businesses should not forget their obligation to dispose of waste responsibly” London tops the list as nation’s capital, but […]

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Ready steady ban cooking shows 

Food and energy waste are the only things being created in these kitchens The majority of the food you see on TV cooking shows ends up in the bin and totally wasted. Why?! According to one waste management company, that sets a terrible example to the rest of us and we need to put a […]

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How much is that dog outfit in the landfill?

The one that was only worn once… Pampering your pet rotten? That’s great, but those oh-so-funny novelty dog outfits are a huge waste of money and resources.  While most dog owners treat their pets with snacks and toys, many owners will follow the trend of buying their dogs clothing, as experts predict that the UK […]

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It’s time to ban work conferences – they were rubbish anyway

Is your work outing harming the planet? Conferences and trade shows are the equivalent of the ‘school trip’ to staff members, often wrapped up in the guise of being a place to research other companies and suppliers – but we all know the main reason to go is to stock up on all the freebie […]

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Ban to stop 11.2 billion harmful till receipts heading to landfill

We crumple them, shove them in coat pockets and find them forgotten in shopping bags every day – the humble receipt may not seem like a big problem, but waste collection company says paper receipts should be banned to stop them heading to landfill. Over 11.2 billion paper till receipts are printed each year […]

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Introducing Bin Juice – The beer for the eco-conscious

For when you want to sesh with the squad but still respect the environment Want to have a drink AND do something good for the environment? While celebrating the hideous goo you find at the bottom of bins? Boy, have you come to the right place, because two of the UK’s leading waste collection experts […]

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300 million toothpaste tubes go to landfill

Why not switch to a plastic-free alternative? Enough plastic waste to circle the globe twice is the annual result of us cleaning our teeth with toothpaste from tubes that can’t be recycled. With the global toothpaste industry worth tens of billions per year, one waste and recycling company thinks it’s high time its house was […]

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Royal Mail Rubber Bands

Is the Royal Mail the nation’s top litterer? Delivering kerbside waste to a street near you If you take a close look at the pavements up and down the UK, you might notice that they are littered with rubber bands – but where on earth are they coming from? Unfortunately, the culprit is your local […]

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Recycling Symbols

To make recycling and disposing of waste easier, many manufacturers now include specific labels on their packaging. This means that whenever a consumer picks up a product, they know exactly what to do with it when they’re finished. In fact, there are several rules and regulations in place that mean these materials must be included […]

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Commercial Waste Bins

What are commercial waste bins? To put it simply, commercial waste bins are bins or containers used to store commercial waste before collection. When used effectively, they can help business owners keep on top of their waste, working towards a more sustainable future. Do commercial waste bins have other names? Wheelie bins have lots of […]

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Most common and different types of waste

Waste is an inevitable byproduct of our daily lives. However, as a business owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your waste is ethically and responsibly disposed of after use. This minimises the impact your company has on the environment and can you better manage your finances. Furthermore, establishing a clear waste disposal plan, with […]

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Covid testing waste – Lateral flow waste collection and disposal

As we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that we dispose of any waste associated with the virus safely and securely. This helps minimise the risk of cross-contamination or infection and works to keep you, your employees and your customers safe. As a result, you may need to organise additional Covid-19 Waste […]

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We need to ban christmas cards

Why are you still sending Christmas cards? It’s time to ban this outdated, wasteful festive pastime It’s the most wonderful time of the year, trim the tree, stuff the turkey, and reach out to loved ones, but you’re unwittingly wasting literally tonnes of paper through wasteful Christmas cards. According to Britain’s fastest growing waste collection […]

Business waste logo and photo of a bin makes prestigious Sunday Times Fast Track list

The waste company has been named one of UK’s fastest growing companies. Yorkshire-based waste collection company Business Waste is celebrating its inclusion in the prestigious list published in this weekend’s Sunday Times. The company appears at no.59 in the paper’s 24th annual Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 list marking the fastest-growing companies in […]

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Britain’s Hospitality Sector Generates 920K Tonnes of Food Waste Annually

Food waste generated by Britain’s hospitality sector each year amounts to a staggering 920,000 tonnes of food waste, of which 75% is avoidable if we look to recycle food waste properly. As a result, is calling for the hospitality industry to be compelled by law to make arrangements to recycle food waste, as Britain’s […]

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No trick, no treat? Time to ban Halloween

The disposable spooky season is only scary for the environment For a year that’s already been quite scary for a lot of people, the spookiest time of year is creeping up on us, and frankly we’re not looking forward to it. The scary truth about Halloween is that there is plastic hidden in pretty much […]

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Britain’s Schools Responsible for 80K Tonnes of Food Waste Annually

Britain’s Food Waste Crisis: Food waste generated by primary and secondary schools during one academic year amounts to a staggering 80,382 tonnes of food waste, and almost half of this is reported to be fruit and vegetables. As a result, is calling for local councils to be compelled by law to make arrangements to […]

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Eat out to help out – Food waste fail

Excess food waste and a rise in Covid-19 cases – was it worth it? 2020 will go down as the year we all stayed home, clapped for the NHS, and then rushed back out again to spend our money on dinner with friends and family we couldn’t see for months. But according to one company, […]

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On your marks, Get set…. sustainably bake!

You can make ALL of these six tasty baking recipes using just TEN store cupboard ingredients. With the latest series of The Great British Bake Off set to hit our screens on the 22nd of September, baking fever is about to take over Britain once again. It doesn’t get much better than settling down to […]

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What is recycling

What are the benefits of recycling? It goes without saying that there are numerous benefits to recycling. Firstly, it allows products to be reused as opposed to being improperly disposed of in a landfill. Landfills emit dangerous pollutants into the air, causing damage to the planet and the ozone layer. Secondly, recycling helps to protect […]

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Calls for an environmental lockdown once a year

Lockdown = less pollution “Nature is healing” has been one of the much-repeated themes from the lockdown, mainly because it’s true – human impact on the environment has significantly reduced this year. With global carbon dioxide emissions for 2020 expected to fall by up to 8% due to global shutdowns, some organisations are calling for […]

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Shop lights left on during the lockdown costing millions

Retailers waste energy and money lighting empty stores. It’s been revealed that three out of ten shops have continuously left their lights on whilst they’ve been shut for the last three months due to the Coronavirus. Many retailers leave their lights on overnight in shops, but what you might not have noticed is that many […]

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Fly peeing – UK littered with bottles of urine due to public toilet closures

Also, please don’t use someone’s garden as a toilet With public toilets as well as loos in pubs and shops being closed during the Covid-19 outbreak, there’s been an outbreak of what can only be described as “fly peeing”. In the true nature of ‘if you got to go, you got to go’, waste management […]

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The tips are to reopen – A plea to please keep calm!

Fears of chaos after weeks of lockdown After weeks of lockdown and social distancing, many councils are reopening local household waste recycling centres to the public, and there are fears that it could lead to chaos. Many people have been waiting for tips to reopen, and they’ve created mounds of rubbish through home and garden […]

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Working from home: Are you breaking confidentiality waste disposal laws?

What happens to confidential waste while working from home? With employees working from home because of the Covid-19 outbreak, how safe is the information they’re accessing and disposing of now it’s out of the office? According to one specialist waste handling organisation, remote working means new headaches for companies and their data security. UK waste […]

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Ten million hand sanitiser bottles heading to landfill

It’s time to clean up our binning habits With the world’s focus firmly fixed on the Covid-19 virus pandemic, maintaining perfect hygiene has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds. However, a national waste company notes that while people are following the advice of healthcare officials, the resulting waste may not be doing much good […]

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Bermuda Triangle to be used as a waste dump

Do you wish your business waste would just disappear? New research shows that the best way to dispose of waste is to throw it into a parallel universe. As our planet becomes consumed by waste, where better to offload our rubbish than to put it in a portal to another dimension? A national and not-evil-at-all […]

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Millions of pounds worth of panic buying food heading in the bin

As people overstock, bins are overflowing As people prepare to self-isolate to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, many are afraid that they will run out of everyday essentials. But as people flock to the shops to fill their cupboards, is this doing more harm than good?, a national waste collection company, warns that […]

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Coronavirus closures leaving service kitchens full of food

As supermarkets struggle to fulfil demand, calls for unwanted food to be redistributed. As people prepare to stay at home for weeks on end, many businesses are feeling the full force of the Covid-19 pandemic as they close their doors to the public for the foreseeable future. Establishments such as hotels and restaurants will see […]

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Extra household waste collections – Private home waste collection

Do you have an overflowing household waste bin? If you have reached the stage where you’ve had enough of mounting, uncollected household waste or other waste including commercial business waste, you should consider our one-off, Adhoc, private waste collection service. For a fixed fee, we can make your waste disposal headache disappear. More working and […]

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Fly-tipping: Let’s call it ‘Environmental Terrorism’ from now on

Fly-tipping: Let’s call it ‘Environmental Terrorism’ from now onIt’s time to label these criminal gangs for what they really are. Fly-tippers who destroy local beauty spots and hand huge clean-up bills to councils should be called out as environmental terrorists and treated as such. That’s the opinion of a nationwide commercial waste collection company, which […]

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Lack of bins on trains leads to 10000s of tons of waste traveling to landfill

Over a billion journeys, but customers only get a single waste bin Thousands of tonnes of rubbish which could have been recycled go straight to landfill every year because of a lack of recycling available on Britain’s trains. There are over a billion and a half individual rail journeys in the UK every year, with […]

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Business Waste Stats 2019

A massive thank you to our customers, suppliers and dedicated colleagues, it’s been an amazing journey in the 4 years since we launched Business Waste LTD. Heres to 2020 and beyond. Eco focussed waste company hits £10,000,000 after just 4 years Major jobs boost for Yorkshire-based commercial waste collection and disposal company One of Yorkshire’s […]

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Disposable power banks: The world’s worst stocking filler?

Here’s why you shouldn’t be tempted to this shocking addition to disposable culture In the long and not particularly distinguished history of terrible Christmas gifts there has rarely been a product so pointless and environmentally damaging as the disposable phone charger. That’s the professional opinion of a British waste and recycling company which is equally […]

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The hidden cost of your choccie-filled advent calendar

Here’s why your Christmas countdown is a single-use plastic nightmare In the next few days, millions of children – and quite a few adults – will open the first window on their advent calendars without a second thought of the mountain of waste to which they’re contributing. One of Britain’s top waste and recycling companies […]

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Should Christmas crackers be banned?

Why it’s high time we ditched cheapo Christmas crackers…and the shiny wrapping paper, and the plastic table cloth, and the Christmas napkins, and… Families across Britain could give a huge present to the environment by dumping shop-bought Christmas crackers this year. That’s the opinion of one of the country’s commercial waste collection experts, which says […]

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Schools are missing out on money when it comes to recycling

Schools are missing out on valuable income which could be generated from waste cardboard and commercial waste collections– as well as teaching their pupils a valuable lesson about the importance of recycling. The 24,000 or so primary and high schools in the UK go through plenty of cardboard throughout the year, often in the form […]

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The plastic bag charge has caused a huge increase in single use plastic bags

How the law of unintended consequences hits the plastic carrier bag tax An unforeseen factor behind the supermarket plastic bag charge means that people are buying more single-use plastic bags. It’s the kind of thing that makes you slap your forehead with frustration, one of the UK’s top waste and recycling companies says, and it’s […]

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Drug users upset by plastic straw ban

Drug users upset by plastic straw ban “I might as well just give up, I’m losing a fortune” The move away from plastic drinking straws to paper has sparked one of the most bizarre complaints registered with a company, quite possibly since the dawn of time. Yorkshire–based commercial waste services company says that they’ve […]

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Eco-trends for 2019 – and what’s next on the radar for green consumers

If 2018 was the year of the reusable coffee cup (but sadley not the end of single use coffee pods)and paper straws, where next for the ethical high street consumer? research takes a closer look at the areas to watch in 2019 as well as a look back at the progress so far. Packaging-free […]

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UK requires an immediate ban on single use products – the eight worst landfill offenders

Certain items should be banned immediately to prevent further damage the environment, business waste and recycling experts have said. While the impact of single-use plastics is being discussed more visibly, actual change has been slow. The introduction of a 5p charge for plastic bags saw a dramatic reduction in the number of new bags […]

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Disposable BBQs ‘should be banned’ to prevent further devastating wildfires

As wildfire races through even more acres of British countryside this week, devastating the beautiful Ilkley Moor, calls are being made to ban disposable barbecues to prevent further damage. The ancient moorland, in West Yorkshire, saw two fires over the Bank Holiday weekend – despite laws having been in place since 1900 prohibiting citizens from […]

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Have you played ‘Bin Chess’? 95% have no idea of their bin collection dates

Everyday life can be hectic and small details often get missed – but a staggering 95% of households have ‘no idea’ which of their rubbish bins are due to be collected each week, waste disposal experts have found. The survey conducted by, which polled 1,400 households, showed that the vast majority of households […]

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In with the old (and out with the new) – second-hand clothing market set to overtake the fast fashion movement

Consumers are increasingly turning towards second-hand clothing, studies are revealing – with conscientious buyers set to make pre-loved items a bigger market than so-called ‘fast fashion’ by 2029. In a poll conducted by waste management collection company,, almost half of the 1500 respondents (45%) said they would buy clothes that had been pre-owned. This […]

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Thousands of xmas candles head to landfill this January

That wonderful time of the year has come and gone – but those thoughtful gifts will soon turn into an environmental headache as millions of candles head to landfill in January. A report by business waste management service has shown that, far from being a light-hearted stocking stuffer, candles are one of the worst […]

Business waste logo and photo of a bin

Sellotape to be banned to avoid a landfill disaster after Christmas

SIt’s something most of us won’t give a second thought while wrapping our presents during the festive period – but is there a more sinister consequence to using Sellotape, and should it be banned for the good of the environment? The UK’s waste management service,, has delved into this sticky subject as Christmas – […]

Business waste logo and photo of a bin

41% of sneaky shoppers admit to stealing plastic carrier bags

A surprising majority of shoppers have confessed to stealing plastic carrier bags during their weekly shop, it has been revealed. Despite the 5p plastic bag levy introduced by the Government in 2015, a survey collated by waste management agency,, shows that light-fingered shoppers are still sneaking bags past the scanners in a bid to […]

Business waste logo and photo of a bin

90% of companies still don’t have a recycling policy

Despite the rise of recycling and recent high-profile debates in Government and the media about plastic use, 90% of businesses still do not have a green policy, it has been revealed. UK waste management agency, says that the overwhelming majority of businesses are still behind the times when it comes to reducing their environmental […]

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Ilkley Town AFC under-5 and under-6 teams win corporate sponsorship

The community-run football team is now sponsored by, a leading waste management firm who operate nationwide, and, a stem cell storage facility with 75,000 families entrusting their precious stem cells to its protection. Budding sports stars train on at Ben Rhydding on Sundays at 8:45 am – come rain or shine, its dedicated […]

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Should we be sending dirty nappies in the post instead of crisp packets?

This week, environmental protesters have hit the headlines for posting their empty crisp packets back to the UK’s largest crisp makers, Walkers – but ready salted snacks aren’t the only offenders. Thousands of empty packets have been posted to the food giant’s freepost address in a protest designed to highlight the fact that, despite a […]

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Dog poo posters

Below are a number of dog poo posters. You can prevent people from leaving their dog poop by displaying a poster in your local community. Here are some examples. Please note we do not provide or sell any posters these are just examples of what you can create. Poop free zone. No dog pooping. The […]

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Making a mess of recycling? Households could soon be charged a return fee

Bin shaming, for making a mess of recycling? Households could soon be charged a return fee Households who fail to recycle properly could soon be hit with a bin shame fee by their local council in a bid to reduce landfill waste. The plans, reported by, would see local authorities charge individuals whose households […]

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Are There Any Disadvantages of Recycling?

There is plenty of information online and elsewhere that espouses the benefits of recycling. It saves on energy, it encourages us to reuse things, it cuts down on waste sent to landfills… and on it goes. But what about disadvantages? It would be foolish to assume there are none, but this is not an area […]

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Hey, country types – clear up your shotgun cartridges! Before its too late.

Scandal of hundreds and thousands littering British countryside On any given day, there are hundreds and thousands of spent shotgun cartridges and associated debris littering the British countryside. That’s the finding of a national waste and recycling company that says that lazy country sports enthusiasts routinely fail to clear up after themselves following a day’s […]

Business waste logo and photo of a bin

Over 10,000 door and car keys end up in the tip every year

Each year, over 10,000 door or car keys end up in rubbish tips as a result of forgetful owners, leading some to attempt to retrieve them with potentially dangerous consequences. Research by leading the Uks waste management agency, has revealed that citizens across the UK are losing their keys every day – and that a […]

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GDPR Waste Management

One very important feature of the new GDPR legislation that came into effect on 25 May 2018 is the correct disposal of confidential waste. Under the new law, every company who has clients within the EU is now responsible for the appropriate disposal of GDPR waste, including items such as hard drives, old computers, memory […]

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Pay for your waste collections with Bitcoin

British waste collection and commercial waste disposal company is the first in the world to accept virtual currencies A British waste collection company has become the first in the world to accept Bitcoin. National company, which is based in York, England are now accepting payment in virtual currencies for its commercial waste contracts. With […]

Business waste logo and photo of a bin

98% of Hair Grips Go Into Landfill

Untangling the hair grip problem. It goes by many names – it might be called the hairpin, the bobby pin or the hair grip. But whatever you call it, The UK’s waste management agency have called for these hair essentials to be made exclusively from recycled materials. argue that the much-used hair grip is […]

Business waste logo and photo of a bin

Bin Men To Wear Body Cameras

We’re all aware of the need for police to wear body cameras as they work, with allegations of police misconduct a constant threat. But the UKs waste management agency argue that the same technology should also apply to bin men, and have laid out a case to add body cams to their uniforms. The […]

Business waste logo and photo of a bin

Calls to increase the plastic shopping bag charge to a pound NOW

Shoppers no longer bothered about the 5p fee as carrier bag use shows signs of bouncing back. Supermarket plastic bag use is showing signs of increasing again as the 5p charge for a carrier no longer acts as a deterrent. That’s the view of the UK’s waste and recycling company, which thinks that now, is […]

Business waste logo and photo of a bin

Millions of unwanted fidget spinners are expected to be sent to landfill

Can we decide what to do with fidget spinners once the craze is over? Britain’s kids (and quite a few adults) have succumbed to the fidget spinner craze that’s swept the world, but like all crazes it’s going to come crashing down sooner rather than later. And that’s when millions of the metal and plastic […]

Business waste logo and photo of a bin

Britain’s deadliest bed: Hundreds are sleeping in wheelie bins

Refuse operators live in fear of accidentally killing a rough sleeper The UK homeless crisis means that refuse collectors are now living with the fear that they could accidentally kill a person sleeping in a commercial wheeled bin as they attempt to stay warm for the night. That’s a fear expressed by a Yorkshire-based waste […]

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Britain’s most stupid are burning wheelie bins to get high

Burning bins doesn’t get you high. In fact, it might just make you dead Bins are burning, and a rash of local news stories from around the UK all point to the same conclusion – Britain’s stupidest urban myth which claims the fumes from burning wheelie bins gets you high is back with a vengeance. […]

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New figures reveal London’s best and worst recycling boroughs

Lewisham is the worst London borough for recycling household waste The south-east London borough of Lewisham has been named the worst borough for household recycling in London following research carried out by a private sector waste company. The information was taken from official data collected by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) […]

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Haulage firm fined thousands by the EA for waste offences

Hertfordshire haulage firm fined £28,000 for storing waste in breach of its environment permit Winters Haulage has been fined £28,000 in Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court for breaching its environment permit following an investigation by the Environment Agency. The firm is based in Hertfordshire but the breaches took place at its second site in Oakleigh Road […]

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Waste firm bosses fined more than £100,000 for fly-tipping offences

London waste firm and its directors handed huge fines in court for fly-tipping and permit breaches The directors of a waste management company based in Dagenham have been fined over £100,000 in court after the Environment Agency found them to have fly-tipped 6,000 tonnes of waste on land surrounding one of their homes. In 2014, the bosses of […]

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Revealed: Britain’s best and worst recyclers

Farmers top the list, with office workers at the bottom of the pile The best workers in the country for recycling their rubbish are farmers, it’s been revealed – and they’re so good at it, they should be paid by the government to show the rest of us how it’s done. That’s the finding of […]

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Watch out for the latest scam: Fake clothing recycling bins

Charities losing out as criminals leave their own bins in town centres Local and national charities are being cheated out of income by an ambitious criminal who has started leaving fake clothes banks in towns and cities. Fresh from scams involving convincing-looking plastic charity bags being pushed through people’s doors, the fraudsters are now thinking […]

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New report promotes pay-as-you-throw waste charges

Pay-as-you-throw schemes would reduce waste production and increase recycling, according to the report The Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management (ACR+) has published a report claiming that pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) waste schemes would increase recycling rates and help reduce the amount of waste produced each year. The report, titled ‘Cross-analysis of […]

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Deposit and Return: Time to bring back 10p for old bottles

Return of the long-dead tradition is well overdue a comeback to increase recycling rates One of Britain’s favorite childhood memories is long overdue a comeback in a bid to increase national recycling rates. Paying a deposit on a glass bottle, which is then refunded when returned to a participating retailer, effectively died out in the […]

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Pulped fiction: 10,000 unsold comics and magazines for children destroyed weekly

Call to redistribute tens of thousands of publications to sick and needy Every week, tens of thousands of unsold comics and magazines are returned from shops to retailers, who send them to be pulped, it’s been revealed. Instead of this destruction, one national waste and recycling company suggests that they are redistributed at cost to […]

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UK’s 2015 aluminium recycling rate higher than expected

Alupro research finds that the UK’s 2015 recycling rate for aluminium is seven per cent higher than thought Research carried out by the environmental consultancy firm, Resource Future, on behalf of the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) has found that the UK recycled 55 per cent of its aluminium waste in 2015, which is seven […]

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Urban mining: The new way to riches? Laptops contain £25 of gold.

Waste businesses vie for electronic goods to release a small fortune in precious metals There’s a new buzzword in the waste and recycling industry, and it’s “urban mining” – the act of reclaiming electronic goods to cash in on the precious metals inside. With commodity prices still at high levels as investors turn away from […]

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New figures from OECD reveal world’s recycling leaders

Germany is the top recycling nation A new highly-detailed data report produced by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development shows the municipal recycling rates for its member countries. The report shows the good, the average and the ugly; from the current leader, Germany, topping the table with a 65% recycling rate; to the USA, […]

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Farmers warned over plastic burning

Farming businesses should ensure they are disposing of plastic waste in accordance with regulations Farmers across the nation are being warned to dispose of their plastic waste in accordance with environmental regulations or they could face hefty fines. The warning comes after a farming business in Oxfordshire was fined £20,000 for illegally storing and burning […]

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Sanitation companies making money from human waste

Public sector businesses believe they are better equipped to tackle world sanitation problem A severe lack of hygienic sanitation in developing countries throughout the world causes 700,000 deaths every year, according to World Bank, who say the problem is responsible for many development issues. Many private and public sector initiatives have been set up to […]

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Painting And Decorating Contractors Can Save Over £1000 By Recycling Paint

Recycle your paint and save thousands of pounds per year. Painting and decorating trade could save tons of hazardous waste annually The commercial painting and decorating trade could save thousands of pounds every year if it used teamwork to recycle its unwanted paint. A national waste and recycling company says that most paints used in […]

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UK Businesses Throw Away Billions Of Reusable Plastic Cups Each Year

Billions are thrown away each year in scandalous and preventable waste, which also destroys companies’ green credentials The average British worker uses – and throws away – around 400 disposable plastic cups every year in what’s been dubbed one of the great-unreported waste scandals. This adds up to billions of cups disposed of every year, […]

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One of the UK’s most popular commercial bins blamed for a series of accidents

The roll top menace: Why this bin needs to be banned The commercial roll top bin needs to be banned or completely redesigned to put an end to a series of accidents in the waste management industry. That’s the opinion of Britain’s fastest-growing commercial waste collection company which says that the bin – one of […]

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Do you put your recycling through the dishwasher?

Car parts, encyclopaedias, and scrupulously shining tins: Britain’s weird recycling habits revealed People up and down the country have eccentric habits when it comes to putting out their recycling, it appears. A nationwide waste management company has been collecting stories of the weirdest things that have been left out in recycling bins by the British […]

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Entrepreneur Richard Baines invests six-figure sum in green company

Autohorn chairman to help drive Business Waste to national success Richard Baines, chairman of York-based vehicle hire and leasing company Autohorn has invested a six-figure sum in a local company to help it expand to its full potential and create new jobs. Ilkley’s – the UK’s fastest-growing commercial waste company – is set to […]

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Bin stuffers: The new crime that’s sweeping Britain

Red tape wrapping its way around the environment leads to fines and fly-tipping Who’s watching your rubbish bins? That’s the question that’s being asked as phantom bin stuffers are avoiding tip fees and council fines by stuffing their rubbish into other people’s bins. It’s an anti-social behaviour that many in the recycling industry warned would […]

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Can DMR and co-mingle eliminate general waste?

Can general waste collections finally be eliminated from the business and commercial waste sector? There are those in the industry who claim that the days of general waste are numbered, while others say that it still has a future and we shouldn’t be mourning (or celebrating) its demise just yet. With some voices in the […]

landfill with seagulls flying overhead.

A guide to the UK landfill tax

Landfill tax is paid by any business that wants to dispose of any waste in landfill. Find out what landfill tax is, how it works, and landfill tax rates.

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Fly-tipping: The facts and penalties

Everybody working in the waste industry has come up against fly-tipping at some time in their careers. In fact, it can easily be described as a plague. According to UK government statistics, there were 852,000 fly-tipping incidents dealt with by UK councils in the year 2013/14, an average of over 2,300 every day. About half […]

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Facts about Landfill

Landfill: The facts The UK was warned that it could run out of landfill capacity within eight years if current rates were continued. While the proportion of waste recycled hasn’t changed a great deal in the last five years – it has, in fact, stalled at around 44% – we’re not quite three years away […]

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Environmental cooking ideas

Learn to cook and help save the planet and yourself Food packaging waste is killing the planet, and it’s all down to lazy meals Packaging waste produced by British homes could be slashed by up to a half if people dumped ready meals and learned how to cook again. That’s the opinion of a national […]

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Mushroom packaging

Companies could save millions using ‘mushroom’ alternative Plastic packaging for factory goods should be banned in all but the most exceptional of cases now that alternative products are on the market. Single-use boxes used for good packaging should be made of biodegradable materials that can be recycled or mulched, saving companies millions of pounds, says […]

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Britain drowning under a tide of junk mail

Why unaddressed paper ‘spam’ has to stop The average household now receives over 500 pieces of junk mail every year, with the figure showing no sign of decline. While direct advertising is a mainstay of many businesses, the truth is that up to 90% is binned unread, leading to millions of tonnes of paper waste […]

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12 great recycling and life hack tips

1. Use old free clothes hangers as crisp clips and keep them fresh! 2. For the always-falling zipper, no need to throw those pants out! 3. One for the wine lovers! Freeze grapes and chill wine 4. How to fit two bowls into a small microwave 5. A great idea on how to recycle a […]

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Britons drivers say “Manure!” to horse mess on the roads

Have horse riders been given a free ride for too long? A huge majority of British people say that horse riders should be made to clear up horse mess from roads, it seems. According to a leading UK waste management and recycling company, Brits are no longer impressed by the cry of “put it on […]

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Cardboard theft ‘the new scrap metal’

Increased security measures mean thieves turn to easier targets A spike in the theft of paper and cardboard earmarked for recycling is being blamed on scrap thieves looking for “soft” targets. That’s the view of a major British waste and recycling company that says increased security measures for scrap metal mean that criminals turning their […]

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Residents ‘paying for private bin collections’

Residents ‘paying for private bin collections‘ as councils cut back on collections Budget cuts and new charges mean fly-tipping set to rocket across Britain Householders and communities are exploring ways of paying waste management companies to remove their domestic waste as council cutbacks mean that municipal collections can be as infrequent as once every three […]

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How does a bin lorry work?

We’ll admit it – we’re all little kids at heart and we love working with our bin lorries. In fact, any six-year-old with express wonderment and curiosity when faced with one of these monsters of the road, and (cough) many years later the huge majority of us are none the wiser – how exactly does […]

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Advice and ideas for successful recycling for small businesses

Business Waste’s Mark Hall takes a look at how better recycling can help save the planet while saving your company money. Why should I recycle? What’s the big deal about rubbish? Can we copy the example of others? How can my company change? Here’s the bottom line: If your business isn’t already recycling its waste, […]

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Another charity starts accepting recycled electrical goods

There’s more great news from the world of recycling as the British Heart Foundation becomes another leading UK based charity to accept electrical goods. The recycling of small electrical goods has increased steadily in recent months, with waste management organisations and councils teaming up to create collection points around the country. With the price of […]

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97% of UK households don’t compost. Britain forgets the art of composting

Massive waste as majority put food scraps into the bin A huge majority of Britons have never knowingly composted food or garden waste, a new survey has revealed. Figures obtained by a major UK waste and recycling company finds that most British households throw compostable waste straight into the bin, even if council collection facilities […]

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Theft from rubbish tips and recycling centres on the rise

From high-value metals to ‘shabby chic’ – light-fingered staff and visitors to blame Levels of theft from rubbish tips and recycling centres has reached “astonishing” levels, one national waste management and recycling company says. According to, both site staff and visiting members of the public are equally to blame, with many staff thefts made […]

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Recycling league tables – who’s great and who’s …err… rubbish?

The latest league table of local authority recycling has been published, and highlights which councils are the heroes and which are the bad boys when it comes to handling waste. Once again, it’s Ashford in Kent that comes the very bottom of the pile, with DEFRA figures showing that they only recycle a paltry 12% […]

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Women ‘better at recycling then men’

Women ‘better at recycling then men’ …but men put the bin out more often Women are far better at domestic refuse recycling than their male partners according to a household survey carried out by a British waste management company. The figures also showed that while women in traditional relationships were more likely to make sure […]

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Smoking ban ‘has just moved problem elsewhere’

PRESS RELEASE Calls to ban smoking in cars in bid to stub out the scourge of cigarette butts The smoking ban in enclosed public places has simply moved the problem elsewhere, and has led to one company calling on tighter restrictions on smoking, including inside cars A leading waste management company now says that cigarette […]

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How to stop unwanted post mail and junk mail

Simple steps to reducing unwanted marketing mail … Register with the Mailing Preference Service to reduce unwanted addressed marketing mail. Your name and address will be removed from up to 95% of direct marketing lists. MPS Online registration Or call 0845 703 4599 to register over the phone If you wish to opt-out of receiving […]

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Dealing with offensive waste

What is offensive waste? Offensive waste. It’s not when you open a bin and you hear a voice shouting ″Knickers!″ back at you. That being our one and only attempt at end-of-the-pier humour on these pages, and we think it best to stop now. Offensive waste is refuse that falls generally into the same category […]

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Incineration – Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs)

It’s a valid question. With landfill getting more expensive, and available land to dispose of waste becoming more difficult to come by, is it still a viable alternative to burn waste in an incinerator? The Environment Agency says it regulates around 130 waste incineration sites in England and Wales. They say the sector includes the […]

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Banksy dubbed ″a graffiti menace that must be stopped″

PRESS RELEASE Calls to arrest internationally renowned ‘artist’ as cost of vandalism clean-up highlighted A national waste management company has called for steps to be taken to stop the scourge of world famous graffiti artist Banksy. Drawing attention to how he paints on walls and gets praised for his actions, the UK-based company points […]

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Why can’t books be recycled?

Recent news reports have highlighted the fact that charity shops are staggering under the weight of donated copies of the ‘mummy porn’ blockbuster series Fifty Shades Of Grey. Apparently, people are buying the books, finding out that they’re the most unbelievable piles of tosh, and giving them away. We don’t blame them, to be honest, […]

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How do you become carbon neutral?

We’ve written at length in the past about how wasteful we are as a nation. The Global Footprint Network pressure group reckons that the UK is one of the planet’s leading offenders in taking more resources than we can support, and while we’re striding confidently towards meeting UK and EU recycling and emissions targets, there’s […]

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Restaurants and bars slammed over lack of recycling

PRESS RELEASE Pubs and clubs outed as worst offenders for not separating their waste Restaurants, bars and night clubs are the worst in the industrial and service sectors for recycling their waste, it has emerged. According to one national waste management and recycling company, staff often fail to separate their rubbish at all, meaning that […]

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Drug crazy setting fire to wheelie bins

What a rubbish drug. Utter uneducated idiot chavs are setting wheelie bins on fire and inhaling fumes to get high.  This is possibly the most stupid thing we have ever heard of and only a total pratt would do this. According to Barnsley council this new drug craze has now seen idiots set fire to […]

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Death of plastic bags infographic

England may still be stalling when it comes to introducing the mandatory 5p levy on plastic bags in supermarkets but recent figures have shown that the usage of plastic bags IS falling across Great Britain. But we still have a long way to go, please share this info-graphic and spread the word, you can make a difference. […]

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Internet mail order companies guilty over over-packaging

PRESS RELEASE Big boxes of nothing ‘a gross waste of resources’ Major web mail order companies are still over-packaging items being delivered to customers, resulting in wasted materials and resources as they send out “big boxes of nothing”. According to a UK-based waste management company, retailers are still sending out products in boxes that […]

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95% of companies don’t recycle old computer equipment

Press Release 95% of companies don’t recycle old computer equipment  Up to 95% of business computer waste going to landfill Most British businesses dispose of their old computer equipment without recycling, according to a leading waste management company. According to recycling experts Business Waste, up to 95% of companies still send their electronic waste to […]

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The 10 worst smells

Business Waste are a leading waste collection company, specialising in waste management. Baby poo and wet dogs assault the nation’s nostrils More than 2,000 people responded to our poll , asking what smells offended their noses the most. Among the top ten were the smell of babies’ nappies, rotting food, and the pong from a […]

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Odd, strange and funny things we find in the bin

Whenever you think you’ve seen it all in the waste business, something new comes along and shocks you. Sometimes it raises a laugh, but there have been occasions when we’ve had to drop everything and call the police. We here at business waste like to encourage people to recycle as much of their waste as […]

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18 Recycling Ideas Recycling At Its Best

At Business Waste we take recycling very seriously, recycling shouldn’t be a chore however, it should be fun! Here are 18 of the best fun recycling ideas that anyone can make happen either in the office or at work, its also a great way to get children involved in protecting our planet, so roll up your sleeves and get creative. […]

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80% Of Businesses Don’t Recycle And Don’t Care

Firms filling landfill sites and resorting to illegal activity to get rid of their rubbish Many businesses have not got the message on recycling and send most, if not all, of their rubbish to landfill, a study by one of the UK’s leading waste and recycling experts has found. According to the Business Waste commercial […]