Waste firm bosses fined more than £100,000 for fly-tipping offences

London waste firm and its directors handed huge fines in court for fly-tipping and permit breaches

The directors of a waste management company based in Dagenham have been fined over £100,000 in court after the Environment Agency found them to have fly-tipped 6,000 tonnes of waste on land surrounding one of their homes.

In 2014, the bosses of Manns Waste Management, Ricky Mann and Glenn Tamplin, dumped thousands of tonnes of commercial and household waste on land owned by Mr Tamplin in Abridge.

Waste directors fined £100,000 for waste offences and permit breaches

The trial took place at Snaresbrook Crown Court

The land is located on the banks of the River Roding and is an important safety measure used by council officers to prevent water spread in the event of the river flooding. The large stretch of land is designed to collect water and to direct it in a particular direction.

However, the pair or waste directors had fly-tipped so much waste on the site that the ground level had risen by two metres, which would have significantly reduced the impact of the land if a flood had occurred.

The Environment Agency (EA) carried out an investigation at the site and found that some waste had been buried under surface level and had begun to degrade, creating an odour and causing discolouration to the surrounding soil and thus posing a very serious pollution risk to the ground and nearby river.

In Snaresbrook Crown Court, the prosecution team for the EA said it had also found permit breaches at the Manns Waste Management site, situated in Chequers Lane, Dagenham.

Mr Tamplin was handed a personal fine of £45,000 and must also pay £30,789 in prosecution costs. He will be jailed for 9 months if he fails to pay the fine within 3 months.

Manns Waste Management was fined £50,000 for its involvement in the fly-tipping and its permit breaches. The firm was also ordered to pay £18,648 in costs.

Emma Viner, from EA’s enforcement team, commented: “The operation of illegal waste sites pose significant risk to our environment, local communities and undermines legitimate business. The Environment Agency will not hesitate to take tough enforcement action where serious breaches of environmental legislation are identified.”

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