Drug crazy setting fire to wheelie bins

What a rubbish drug.

Utter uneducated idiot chavs are setting wheelie bins on fire and inhaling fumes to get high.  This is possibly the most stupid thing we have ever heard of and only a total pratt would do this.

According to Barnsley council this new drug craze has now seen idiots set fire to over 50 bins.

There is of course the health dangers to think about, which should be obvious but the people doing this are just too thick to work it out, and any anti-solvent abuse charity will warn you that by inhaling bin fumes – bins by the way are made from high density polyethylene – composed of double-bonded carbon and hydrogen molecules – Is a Very very bad idea.

When you burn a wheelie bin it will release carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and it is these deadly gases that starve the brain of oxygen, giving a headacheheavy short high the chavs are after. Basically your high IDIOTS WE ARE TALKING TO YOU is a dangerous headache that is caused by you killing your own brain.

wheelie bin drug fire


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