Which Team Tops the Premier League Recycling Rates Table?

Could chants of “we recycle more than you!”, “you’re unsustainable, and you know you are!”, and “who’s the ****** not recycling!” be bellowed from the terraces this season? If so, don’t expect to hear many in a Scouse or Brummie accent. That’s according to a revised Premier League table based on recycling rates in the areas of each stadium.

At Business Waste we used the latest data for household waste recycling rates across England to predict how this season’s Premier League could pan out. Rather than focusing on wins, draws, and losses, the rankings use the recycling rates of the local authority that covers every stadium’s location.

Data covering recycling rates for individual constituencies isn’t available, which means Everton and Liverpool are tied, as are Chelsea and Fulham. These teams are placed in alphabetical order (and given their positions, there aren’t any worries about bragging rights). To make things fair all data is from 2021/22, as government data for 2022/23 is yet to be released.

Old Trafford football stadium.

Highlighting recycling differences across England

“Awarding points for the teams that win the most is all well and good, but it gets a bit boring when Man City lift the Premier League trophy at the end of the season again,” says Business Waste representative Mark Hall.

“To make things interesting this year and to highlight the differences between recycling in places across England and the work to be done, we thought it a good time to bring recycling rates into the equation.”

The Premier League recycling rate table

Premiership recycling table

Premier League recycling winners and losers

“Erik ten Hag will be hoping Trafford Council’s great work boosting recycling rates across the borough is replicated on the pitch if Manchester United are to topple their title-winning rivals across the city. And new Bournemouth manager Andoni Iraola would be working miracles should their position here comes to fruition in the proper Premier League table,” adds Hall.

“At the other end it might be another season of struggle for Everton and Forest, which won’t surprise many of their fans. Liverpool and Villa supporters are more likely to be up in arms if their local authority’s poor recycling rates are reflected in their results this season.”

  • The recycling rate for waste from households in England was 44.1% for the 2021/22 season Only Manchester United and Bournemouth’s stadiums are in areas with above-average recycling rates.
  • Birmingham has the fourth-worst recycling rate in England5, which resulted in Aston Villa being rock bottom. If there were a few more teams from England’s second city in the top tier, then Liverpool and Everton could have survived (before any Birmingham City or West Brom fans start gloating).
  • London teams experienced mixed fortunes. Crystal Palace proudly edge into fourth and secure that valuable Champions League place, while Brentford also sit comfortably in the top ten. It’s another story for West Ham though, who only just survive.

Sustainability improvements 
for the Premier League

The table shows there’s still plenty of work for most areas in England to reach the government’s target of recycling 50% of all household waste. While Premier League clubs can’t have a direct impact, they can all play their part to encourage increased recycling and sustainability for their clubs and fans.

Many teams are working towards a greener future. The Premier League Sustainability Rankings considers what clubs themselves are doing to improve their climate credentials. Last season Spurs and Liverpool came out on top, showing that while their local authorities may be falling behind they take sustainability more seriously. And unlike the recycling rate table, Bournemouth find themselves down at the bottom of the sustainability rankings.

Hall adds: “Given the huge amount of money floating around in football it’s about time more teams invested in sustainable waste solutions inside and outside their stadiums. Running a football club that’s as green as its pristine pitch should be the goal for every top-tier team in England.”

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