How Much is a Wheelie Bin?

Buying a wheelie bin may seem like a sensible solution to store waste safely at your business or home. Working out the best price for a wheelie bin can be tricky though. There’s no single wheelie bin price and they vary greatly in cost across different suppliers and manufacturers.

How much a wheelie bin is usually depends on its size and quality (the material it’s manufactured from and any standards it meets). The price of wheelie bins for sale currently ranges from £30 to more than £200 based on the size and the seller. Buying a wheelie bin isn’t always the most cost-effective option though.

Avoid the cost and hassle of buying a wheelie bin with Business Waste. Get free wheelie bins delivered to your organisation anywhere in the UK – you only pay for collection. Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online for a free no obligation quote tailored to the specific type, size, and number of wheelie bins you need.

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How much does a 
wheelie bin cost?

The cost of wheelie bins varies greatly. How much a wheelie bin costs mainly depends on the size, quality, seller, and number of bins you buy (as some places offer discounts for bulk buying). Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from as little as £30 if you buy a few of the smallest bins together to upwards of £250 for a standalone four-wheel bin.

One of the main things that impact the price of wheelie bins is their size. The manufacturer, supplier, and seller may adapt the price, but the general costs of wheelie bins based on their size are:

This is just a rough pricing guide as the cost of wheelie bins can vary greatly across suppliers and depending on whether you buy in bulk or just purchase a single wheelie bin.

How much are 
wheelie bins to rent?

Some waste management companies may charge rental or hire fees to use their wheelie bins to store your commercial waste. Renting should be cheaper than buying a wheelie bin. Hire costs for wheelie bins often depend on their size, waste type, collection frequency, how long you need to use them, and where your business is based.

Rental prices for wheelie bins vary greatly from as little as £1 or £2 a day to £60 a week. The supplier and number of wheelie bins you rent at a time can all impact the price. It should still work out cheaper than renting a skip for your commercial waste.

At Business Waste we provide free wheelie bins for your company to use – you only pay for collection. There are no rental charges or costs to hire or purchase any wheelie bin, whatever the size, type, and number of wheelie bins you need and wherever your business is based in the UK.

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Things to consider when 
buying a wheelie bin

Buying a wheelie bin is unlikely to be the biggest purchase your business makes, but you still want to ensure every penny you spend returns some kind of value. It’s important to consider whether buying one or more wheelie bins is the most cost-effective way for your organisation to manage its commercial waste.

Before you start looking at buying a wheelie bin online and comparing prices from suppliers, ask yourself a few important questions:

  • Do you need to buy a wheelie bin? Many waste management companies rent out wheelie bins, which can work out more cost-effective. Others such as Business Waste provide free wheelie bins with no hire charges for even more affordable use of wheelie bins.
  • What waste types do you produce? General waste, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and dry mixed recycling, as well as waste food, can all be stored in separate wheelie bins. However, they’re not suitable for storing other types of rubbish such as hazardous waste, liquid waste, and clinical waste.
  • Have you got storage space? If you own any wheelie bins you’ll need a permanent place for them. This needs to be in a secure location to reduce the chance of theft and damage, and ideally under a roof to prevent rainwater from leaking in and contaminating your waste.
  • What size wheelie bins do you need? The size affects the price of wheelie bins to buy. If you need a few 1100 litre wheelie bins then it might be more cost-effective to rent or use a service that provides free bins. You’ll also need to consider storage space.
  • Can you afford to buy wheelie bins? Every business should have a waste management plan that includes budgeting to get rid of all rubbish responsibly from your premises. The cost of wheelie bins must be factored into this whether you’re buying, renting, or using a service that provides them for free. Check your budget and if buying wheelie bins stretches it consider a company like Business Waste to save money on your bin deliveries and collections.

How much are wheelie bins 
from the council?

Councils have a legal obligation to collect household waste but will only do so if it’s in an appropriate bin that they provide. This is because the bin must fit the mechanical lifting equipment of their waste trucks. If you buy your own domestic bin and it’s the wrong size or type they may not collect your waste.

In many cases, you can buy a wheelie bin from the council in your area. Often you’ll need to do this if your old bin was stolen or damaged, you move into a new home without a bin, or you want an extra bin for your home. Not all councils allow additional household bins though, so check with your local authority first.

The cost of a replacement wheelie bin from the council is normally free, but there’s often an admin and delivery fee. A wheelie bin replacement cost can vary depending on the size and type of bin and your specific local council and their fees. Generally, the cost of a replacement wheelie bin is anywhere from £40 to £50.

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A wide range of wheelie bins are available in various sizes to help you separate your waste types easily and increase the amount of waste you recycle. To get started we can offer a free no obligation quote tailored to your exact needs. This considers the number, sizes, and types of wheelie bins you need, how often you want them collected, and where from.

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