Extra household waste collections – Private home waste collection

Do you have an overflowing household waste bin? If you have reached the stage where you’ve had enough of mounting, uncollected household waste or other waste including commercial business waste, you should consider our one-off, Adhoc, private waste collection service. For a fixed fee, we can make your waste disposal headache disappear.

More working and schooling from home = more waste

One off bin collection

With the current increase in working at home, lots of households will be generating more waste. Not only that but with many non-essential businesses and services suspending their activities it means there will be more people spending more time at home. This is bound to create more waste than usual and will stretch a household’s hygienic waste storage capability.

Prevent further harm to your local environment

Any surplus of uncollected waste will cause damage to the environment from a hygiene point of view. Excess, uncollected waste brings with it an increased risk of pests and creates the perfect setting for the spread of infectious diseases. In addition, it also escalates the potential for fire hazards.

Arrange an extra home waste collection

Additional residential waste collections can make all of those dangers go away. Arranging extra waste pick-ups couldn’t be easier thanks to the new service we are now offering. Your local authority will still collect as before, but, by taking avoiding action, you can get around the problem of built-up excess waste with one phone-call.

One-off collection offered no contract necessary

As more and more people take up the option of working from home, creating extra waste is going to become the new norm. To help you to deal with this problem we can provide you with an extra bin if this required but only as part of a longer-term commitment.

However, if you only have a temporary surplus, we are provide a hassle free one-off ad hoc collection without the need for a contract.

What our residential waste collection service includes

Here’s what you get when you choose our residential waste collection service

• A one-off, ad hoc, private service without any contract
• User-friendly book by phone or email option
• Empty bin put back tidily after emptying
• Collection of waste in an existing bin
• Any waste collected from anywhere in the UK

As you can see, our waste collection service covers all residential requirements.

Waste to energy

Your waste won’t go to waste. Virtually everything we collect from your bin will be recycled or if that is not viable, it will be used to be converted into energy. Just one tonne of waste can make as much as 598 kWh of electricity. One-years’ worth of waste from an area the size of any UK city can power: all the following

• 1 million fridges
• 108,000 average size homes
• 2.8 million office computers or laptops
• 12 million low energy light bulbs
• 2.1 million television sets

How awe-inspiring is that?

We understand that additional residential waste collections are required for many reasons. Whatever the reason, and whatever the waste we can help you to easily get rid of it for you.

Catering for a rapidly increasing demand for extra bin collections

The demand for additional residential waste collections is on the rise, be assured that we can book and collect your waste quickly in some areas offering we can offer a same day collection, please speak to a member of the sales team to confirm for your area.

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