Britain’s Hospitality Sector Generates 920K Tonnes of Food Waste Annually

Food waste generated by Britain’s hospitality sector each year amounts to a staggering 920,000 tonnes of food waste, of which 75% is avoidable if we look to recycle food waste properly.

As a result, is calling for the hospitality industry to be compelled by law to make arrangements to recycle food waste, as Britain’s increasingly full landfill sites reach crisis point. This change is crucial as food waste left to rot in landfill emits harmful greenhouse gases.

The environmentally-friendly waste management company says that the UK is in the midst of a food waste crisis. The amount of food wasted in the hospitality sector equates to 1.3 billion meals with the hospitality sector making up 12% of the UK’s total food waste.

Mark Tissington, Warehouse Manager at Hancocks and customer of says: “The importance of having food bins on site is beneficial to keep the waste streams separate and reduce the risk of wasps and flies in the summer months and reduce the vermin all year round in your general waste bins.

We also have lighter general waste bins which reduces costs and food bins are cheaper to have emptied so we benefit from further cost reductions, all resulting in less food waste going to landfill sites.”

Anaerobic digestion and composting are preferable outcomes for food waste, as rotting food left in landfill releases methane, one of the most damaging greenhouse gasses. It is estimated that the total food waste produced by the hospitality industry accounts for a shocking 1,785,754 tonnes of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere

Mark Hall, waste management specialist at comments: “While there are long-running campaigns to encourage households to reduce their waste footprint through buying more sensibly and composting their food waste at home, it seems that many businesses in the hospitality sector are still lagging behind and relying on landfill to dispose of unwanted food, with little regard to the environmental impact.

“While it’s certainly possible for organisations to recycle food waste, far too many just don’t bother. Although this may initially seem like a big ask, all businesses in the hospitality industry have to do is make an arrangement with their current waste management company to collect organic waste separately.

“We all play a moving part in fighting the food waste crisis, it starts with waste companies adapting their practices to enable greener collections and onward recycling, but it will only work if businesses also stand up and adapt their current practices. The government also plays a huge part and needs to incentivise and support businesses in becoming more environmentally conscious.

“All companies and organisations have a social responsibility to act now and make a change before it’s too late.”

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