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Waste Management in Tewkesbury

Enjoy regular, reliable, and responsible waste management in Tewkesbury for your business. At Business Waste we can collect and dispose of rubbish from companies of any size and industry across the medieval market town in the Cotswolds. Save money with free bins to store your waste with no rental or delivery fees.

All businesses in Tewkesbury and the surrounding region must arrange commercial waste collection of their rubbish by licensed waste carriers. Tewkesbury Borough Council announced the closure of their commercial waste service at the end of 2023. This means businesses must use professional commercial waste collection companies to get rid of rubbish safely and legally.

Our waste management services in Tewkesbury provide reliable removal of everything from daily general waste and glass recycling to hazardous and clinical waste. As much waste as possible is kept away from landfill and recycled or recovered. Start with a free no-obligation quote for waste collection in Tewkesbury – call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online.

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Commercal waste removal in Tewkesbury

Commercial waste collection 
in Tewkesbury

Book business waste collection in Tewkesbury from anywhere in the riverside town. We can organise commercial waste collection for any kind and size of business. This includes rubbish removals from pubs, restaurants, and hotels in the town centre to shops in Northway and garages around the Priors Park area.

We provide free bins to store your commercial waste in Tewkesbury safely and securely before it’s collected and disposed of responsibly. There are no rental, delivery, or hidden fees – you just pay for collection. Available bins include everything from wheelie bins for the likes of general waste and waste food to balers and compactors for high volumes of cardboard and paper recycling.

Licensed waste carriers will remove your rubbish at a convenient time with a choice of daily, weekly, or fortnightly commercial waste collection in Tewkesbury. Combine the best types and sizes of bins with a collection schedule that’s cost-effective and efficient for your business waste. One-off removals are also possible in some cases.

Businesses in Tewkesbury cannot dispose of commercial waste at Wingmoor Farm Household Recycling Centre. As Tewkesbury Borough Council closed their commercial waste service at the end of 2023, businesses in the town and Gloucester and Cheltenham are now unable to dispose of commercial waste through the council. Instead, arrange commercial waste collection by licensed professionals with Business Waste.

Waste disposal in Tewkesbury

We aim to send as little rubbish to landfill as possible when it comes to waste disposal in Tewkesbury. Commercial waste is recycled, recovered, and responsibly disposed of to protect the local environment and keep the town as green as the surrounding Cotswolds. Exact disposal methods depend on the waste types collected.

Cardboard, paper, and glass collected from Tewkesbury businesses will be recycled to create new products. Food and garden waste in Tewkesbury may be composted or sent for anaerobic digestion to create energy from waste while general waste might be incinerated to create refuse-derived fuel (RDF). Avoiding landfill reduce how much landfill tax you pay too.

All rubbish removed from companies anywhere in Tewkesbury is handled by licensed waste carriers. They ensure it’s transported to a professional waste management facility and disposed of legally, safely, and responsibly. You receive a free duty of care certificate confirming the proper disposal of any commercial waste collected from your Tewkesbury business.

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Recycling in Tewkesbury

According to the latest figures, Tewkesbury Borough Council recorded a household waste recycling rate of 51.5% in 2021-22. A total of 34,862 tons of household waste were collected in the year with 17,950 tons of household waste recycled in Tewkesbury. Homes and businesses can do their bit to improve recycling in Tewkesbury.

Tewkesbury Borough Council provides households in the medieval town with a blue recycling bin. Use this to recycle domestic rubbish including cardboard, mixed paper, glass bottles and jars, and some kinds of metal and plastic packaging and containers. However, Tewkesbury Borough Council cannot collect and recycle any commercial waste.

Instead, we can provide a wide range of free bins to businesses across the riverside town to separate recyclable commercial waste. This includes bins of various sizes to store glass, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, and dry mixed recycling. Licensed waste carriers will remove these bins and take them to a nearby waste recycling facility where these materials are recycled.

Tewkesbury business waste collection 
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Get rid of any type and amount of commercial waste your business produces in Tewkesbury. Find out more about some of the common commercial waste types we can remove regularly from your organisation and book business waste collection in Tewkesbury today.

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Why use Business Waste for 
rubbish collection in Tewkesbury?

Responsible, regular, and reliable rubbish collection is vital for every business in Tewkesbury. We can improve your waste management whether you run a café overlooking the River Avon, a hotel on the High Street, a takeaway in Newtown, or any other business anywhere in Tewkesbury and the surrounding borough.

Save money on your commercial waste collection costs with free bins delivered to your site. There are no rental charges or delivery fees as you only cover the collection costs. Schedule removals on a basis that suits your organisation with a choice of wheelie bins, front and rear end loaders, balers, compactors, and other bags and containers.

Combine a collection frequency with the best size, type, and number of bins for cost-effective waste management in Tewkesbury. All waste is kept out of landfill where possible to help protect the environment and improve recycling in the area. Get a free quote tailored to your needs today – contact us online or call 0800 211 8390.

A few reasons to use Business Waste for waste collection in Tewkesbury:

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Tewkesbury bin collection 
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Bin collection is available in Tewkesbury and the surrounding region regularly. Free bins are delivered to your site and removed at an agreed time. Fill each bin with the relevant waste type and within any max fill lines or weight limits. Discover some common bins used by businesses for waste disposal in Tewkesbury.

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  • 240 litre wheelie bins

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  • 660 litre wheelie bins

    A big four-wheel bin suitable for storing more waste

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  • 1100 litre wheelie bins

    The biggest wheelie bin to store many waste types

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How does refuse collection in Tewkesbury work for businesses?

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