Thanks to all the UK for being kind to refuse collectors during lockdown.

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Heart-warming messages for kerbside keyworkers

As the UK remains in isolation due to the spread of Covid-19, many have praised the ‘key-workers’ in their local communities for continuing their important roles.

But while the country claps for the NHS and health workers, many are also recognising the hard work of their local refuse collectors by leaving notes of appreciation on their bins.

This has not gone unnoticed by, who send their sincere thanks and gratitude to these well-wishers during such an uncertain time for many.

“With many services reduced and recycling centres closed, people are more grateful than ever for the hard work bin men and women do,” says spokesperson Mark Hall, “in these tough times it’s brilliant to see a usually unrecognised sector being praised for their continued efforts.”

“It’s wonderful to see communities coming together in difficult times and supporting each other.”

Thank you for the ‘thank yous!’

People across the UK have been decorating their bins with thank you notes and brightly coloured pictures from children and adults alike, putting smiles on the faces of many refuse collectors.

“It’s humbling to see when I’m out doing the rounds, makes me remember how important my job really is,” Joe, a refuse collector in Hertfordshire, told us: “I’ve taken lots of pictures to show everyone at the depot.”

It’s not just pictures and kind words being left for these hard workers as some are even expressing their gratitude by leaving gifts, such as one local councillor in Devon who left a six pack of beers out as a gesture of thanks for his refuse collectors in Teignmouth. *

But you don’t need to go over the top with appreciation, as Business Waste says that the best way to thank you bin men and other keyworkers is to keep following government advice and stay safe.

“We’ve had a lot of excited children running into their front gardens wanting to show off their drawings to us, and as grateful as we are, we would rather they stayed safe inside” says one refuse collector in Hull.

“We will still wave to you through your windows!”

You can do plenty of things to help protect your bin men while they work says Mark Hall, a simple one is to make sure you bag up any potentially contaminated rubbish safely into sealed bags. recommends that Public Health England guidelines should be followed, this includes sealing personal waste such as tissues and disposable cleaning cloths in smaller plastic bags and storing them for 72 hours before putting them in a black bag which then goes in the general waste bin.

“As well as drawings and thank you notes, we’ve also heard of people writing messages saying they’ve sanitised the handles of their bin, which is very thoughtful considering there have been PPE and sanitiser shortages” says spokesman Mark Hall.

“All of these small gestures add up, and we thank you for looking after the people who are working hard to look after you.”

Turning the chores into a catwalk

With cabin-fever setting in across the UK, many people are taking the opportunity of putting the bins out to show off their best clobber.

The viral trend of wearing fancy dress to take the bins out for some much-needed silliness in Australia is finding its way onto the streets of the UK, with people using a typically mundane chore as a chance to get all dressed up.

One woman in Cornwall turned a cancelled black-tie event into a humorous opportunity by creating a Facebook group called Put Your Bins Out In Your Ball Gown, urging members wear their best clothes to enjoy every day dull duties.

Celebrities Amanda Holden and Alan Carr have also been getting in on the act, by dressing up in red carpet attire to take their bins to the kerbside for collection.

Spokesperson Mark Hall says, “We see you, and we are absolutely loving it. Our refuse collectors would love to join in if it wasn’t a matter of health and safety. Maybe you could even dress up your bin for us by painting on a silly outfit!”

Whichever way you choose to show your appreciation for your hardworking bin men and other keyworkers, Hall says that the overwhelming response our refuse collectors have received of kindness in communities makes working in these uncertain times easier.

“Your thanks isn’t wasted on us.”

More advice on how to safely use your refuse services during the COVID 19 pandemic can be found here.

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