Recycling for Kids: Can We Make It Fun?

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Recycling isn’t exactly the most entertaining or fascinating topic for kids to learn more about or is it? To capture their attention on any topic, you need to make it fun, engaging, and interesting.

That same rule applies if you want kids to become more focused on recycling. They likely won’t be too entertained if you reveal how many tonnes of waste can be recycled each year. Tell them what that discarded milk carton could be recycled into, however, and you might stand a chance of getting them interested!

There are lots of ways you can engage them. Here are some suggestions.

Get them to decorate their home recycling bins

Kids will enjoy recycling a lot more if they feel like they’re involved. The best way to do this is to get them to play an active role. Find some lidded bins you can use for recycling and get the kids to decorate them. Let them work out which items can be recycled in which bin, so they can decorate them accordingly.

The Reuse or Recycle Challenge

Set a time limit and get the kids to find three things they can reuse instead of getting rid of them. Then challenge them to find another three things they can recycle.

Set a creative challenge

Get your kids to make something from old junk lying around in your home. Could they make a car from a cardboard box, for example? Either that or present each one with a box and see what they can create from it, rather than just throwing it away.

Challenge the kids to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill

If your rubbish is collected each week, look at how many black sacks are put out for the collection. See if you can involve the kids to help reduce the amount – it can be quite a challenge to see just how low you can go. It also means the kids learn how things can be mended, reused for other purposes, or recycled.

These are just a few examples – there are many others you can look at too. Inspiring kids to get involved and take an active part in recycling is far easier if you can make it entertaining and challenging. Some elements might work better than others. Find out what inspires your kids to get involved and go from there. You might be surprised how engaged they become.

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