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CHIME of the times: New musical scheme tackles missed bin collections. Never again will you forget to take out your bin

Everyone knows that sinking feeling of waking up and realising you’ve forgotten to take out the bins – but imagine if there was a way you could be effortlessly reminded.

A national commercial waste disposal company has thought out of the box and come up with the brilliant solution of adding ice cream van chimes to their bin lorries so people know that the collection is on its way.

UK based waste management company is adding speakers to all waste collection trucks to play ice cream van style music, so that hard-pressed business owners and householders need never miss a bin collection again.

“It’s a problem for all of us – we get so caught up in the day-to-day madness of life that we forget to put the bins out,” says company spokesperson Sid Phillips, “That’s why we are adding jingles to our bin lorries, so the bin lorry itself can remind you to take your rubbish out.”

The inside ‘scoop’ discovered that on any local bin day, only 52% of houses were remembering to put their rubbish out for collection.

With only around half of people remembering bin day, they had to come up with an idea to give people a little nudge. Luckily, inspiration struck from the most unlikely of places.

“The idea came when the ice cream van in my local area did the rounds one afternoon, and I realised that everyone was emerging from their houses in the pursuit of ice cream,” recounts Sid Phillips.

“That’s when I realised, if we played a jingle, the people would come.”

And come they did.

A pilot run of the scheme found that most of houses in one Coventry cul-de-sac remembered to put their bins out after hearing the lilting chimes of “My Old Man’s A Dustman” coming down their street.

“Who doesn’t want to be woken up to the sound of an ice cream truck at 7am?” resident Lisa, a mother of three, told us “I was particularly impressed that the bin men were handing out free flakes along the way. It was nice touch and softened the blow of the kids expecting a whippy first thing in the morning.”

After the success of the trial run, Phillips says that they’re looking to expand the idea so that different bin collections have different songs.

“Imagine having Greensleeves to remind you of your normal rubbish one week, and a bit of Nessun Dorma the next week for your recycling. Picture how much space you’ll have on your calendar when you won’t have to write down which bin it is each week, what a gamechanger that would be.”

“We could even go the whole hog and have Christmas music in December. Nothing says happy holidays more than Jingle bells ringing out of the bin lorry.”

Music to wake up to

One of the biggest dilemmas for was choosing what tunes to play through the speakers on the waste collection trucks. They decided to ask their customers for suggestions and got a mixed *ahem* bin-bag of results.

Clive, Margate: “In the song Parklife by Blur, Phil Daniels complains that he is rudely awakened on Wednesdays by the sound of the dustmen. Why not, then, politely and gently rouse him from his slumber with the Overture from The Marriage of Figaro?”

Samantha, Hull: “I’ve suggested that they play bin-appropriate music, such as My Old Man’s A Dustman. It’s an upbeat classic, and what a fantastic way to pay our respects to the hardworking men and women in the waste trade.”

Thomas, St Albans: “You know how in the USA they make all the school kids stand up and pledge allegiance to the flag? Why don’t we do something like that, make the bin men play God Save The Queen and get everyone to stand kerbside and join in. I, for one, would find it very patriotic.”

Josie, Wrexham: “I’ll be honest with you, I’m partially deaf so I don’t really enjoy music. However, my grandchildren tell me that Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley is a beloved national song and would delight my neighbours every week.”

“We have taken on board all of the suggestions, but at the end of the day it comes down to how much money we can afford to pay in royalties for the music,” says spokesperson Sid Phillips, “Maybe we’ll just stick with the ‘just one cornetto’ song.”

“It works for the ice cream man after all.”

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