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Running a business means looking after everything from the marketing and budgeting, to the commitment to keeping a clean and clear premises. The Environmental Protection Act of 1990 encourages a Duty of Care on all businesses to remove business waste with as little impact on the environment as possible. This is not a service that comes free for businesses, and with landfill tax rising, many are seeking a solution to managing their commercial waste.

What is waste disposal?

There is a lot of legislation in place surrounding the storage and collection of commercial waste. This is something that changes from time to time and it is the responsibility of the business owner to stick to guidelines, for the good of the business, its clients and staff alike.

Waste collection and disposal services ensure that you comply with legislation and all of your waste is sorted into recyclables and general waste. Commercial waste collection offers you peace of mind and time to go about the elements of your business you excel in, without compromising on a legal obligation or your time. Refuse collection for businesses offers a cost-effective route to managing waste on your premises, whilst adhering to compliance.

How we can help you?

With the increasing pressures of running a business, more and more people are opting for specialist services to collect commercial refuse. We offer a dedicated professional team to come out and survey your premises in-person to build a refuse collection strategy to suit your business needs. We can take care of your regular refuse collection, scheduled to suit your specifications, ensuring that your property stays waste-free.

Our services include everything from completing the in-house assessment to providing the bin for your refuse and collecting and disposing of it in a timely fashion. We cover the whole of the UK, with trained experts who specialise in waste management, freeing you and your staff up to deal with the day to day running of the business. We ensure that your actual waste output is reduced to a minimum and that as much as possible can be recycled, adhering to environmental legislation, whilst lowering your business’s carbon footprint.

You will need to complete a WTN (Waste Transfer Note) which is part of the legal requirements for taking care of your waste and we can supply this for you. As part of your commitment to environmental health, you will need to hold a record of these for two years, demonstrating to the EHO (Environmental Health Officer) that your business is adhering to its legal requirements.

Our online tracking system also allows you to keep a record of your waste usage and print off reports from there. This covers everything from frequency of collection to its composition and what has been recycled. This saves you and your health and safety officials time and energy, whilst delivering sophisticated results.

Our staff are trained in every aspect of commercial waste collection and can ensure that your business premises stay clean and clear of waste, as specified by governmental legislation. Because every business is different and because we pride ourselves on creating solutions, your commercial waste collection plan is tailored to suit your business needs. Whether you need clinical waste removal, glass, aluminium or cardboard recycling, or a combination of all of our services, we will take care of all elements and advise you of where to store your rubbish, adhering to legal requirements.

What types of industries produce waste?

Waste is produced by almost any industry, from food charities to offices and everything in between. We can tailor a waste management plan to suit whichever needs you have, including clinical waste from healthcare services, including veterinarian. We work with clients from all sorts of sectors including:

… and many others, in fact, every business has some waste disposal requirements if you want cheaper waste collections for your company. Contact us today

What are the different types of waste?

The type of waste generated by commercial properties is varied and depends on what sector the company is in. Each company is an individual, which means the waste produced is specific to your business. Everything from the packaging to apple cores is thrown into the general refuse.

    Dry mixed recycling

We specialise in reducing waste as much as possible, to steer your company toward zero landfill. We collect all types of waste, from food waste to recyclables such as glass. We offer clinical waste management, as well as ‘regular’ commercial waste collection and disposal.

What type of bins do you need for waste disposal?

There are several different sizes of bins, which can store various amounts of refuse. Dependent on how much rubbish is generated by your business, you will need a covered bin to store your waste. This is a requirement by the Environment Protection Act. You may store it for up to three days without collection, as long as it is covered. You must then ensure it is collected and disposed of.

From the smallest 120 L green, sturdy wheelie bin to a six-yard roll-top or bigger, we provide you with the bin that is best suited to your business’ waste output. This is completely free and all part of the service we offer here at Business Waste.

View our business wheelie bins and commercial waste containers

How do you dispose of our waste once it is collected?

Waste is sorted into recyclables and non-recyclables. Many elements, such as plastic, paper and glass can be recycled, and should you use our services, we can sort this for you. Always working toward zero landfill, we sort and dispose of your rubbish in the most appropriate manner and in a timely fashion.

Friendly, reliable and professional, we specialise in commercial waste removal.

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