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Ultimately, clinical waste is defined as waste which arises from healthcare activities or within a laboratory and can pose a threat to human health or the environment if left. As such, there is a lot of legislation regarding storage, removal and disposal of clinical waste products. It must be correctly packaged, handled and collected separately to other waste. As leading specialists in clinical waste disposal, we have created a guide to clinical waste, answering some questions about the subject.

What is clinical waste?

The CWR Controlled Waste Regulations 2012, defines clinical waste as that which occurs from any healthcare activity, including dentistry and veterinary healthcare. Some of these wastes can be a danger to those who come into contact with them, which is why there are legislation and control over such wastes.

Clinical waste is waste which:

a) Contains either micro-organisms or their toxins which can cause diseases.

b) Has been contaminated with any type of medicine containing a biologically active pharmaceutical agent.

c) Is sharp, such as needles or contains body fluids

Clinical waste also extends to similar waste that is from a non-healthcare industry. Examples of this are bins containing ladies’ sanitary products in public houses, restrooms, restaurants, hotels and so forth.

For compliance with legal requirements, all clinical waste needs to be ‘rendered safe’ to ensure any risk or threat has been removed. Our clinical waste disposal process adheres to legislation, meaning your waste will be ‘rendered safe’, offering peace of mind.

With a fleet of specialist vehicles sent nationwide to collect, store and dispose of clinical waste effectively and efficiently, we lead the way in waste disposal of all types – from food to hygiene products.

Clinical Waste Disposal

How we can help you.

We have extensive knowledge in compliance issues and have a specially trained team who will visit your site, compile a dossier listing your chemicals, and create a waste disposal solution based on what you have and what needs to be disposed of. Dedicated and efficient, our team of professionals can cover everything from identification and collection, to disposal and even offer advice on recycling. We ensure your hazardous waste is taken care of in a safe way.

We specialise in:

• Hazardous food removal
• Laboratory waste collection
• Paints, ink and solvent disposal
• Removal of waste oils and rags, including chip oil and food oils
• Removal of products from the motor trade e.g. oils and antifreeze
• Battery recycling
• Toxic waste disposal
• Dioxin disposal
• Removal of Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides etc.
• Flammable waste
• X Rays and other medical materials
• University dissection materials
• Swabs used to detect medical issues
• Waste produced in sexual health clinics

We work with farmers, artists, car parts specialists, catering industry professionals, food scheme professionals and volunteers, hygienists, dentists, veterinarians, private healthcare clinic professionals, medical professionals, university lecturers and site managers, publicans and people from all walks of like to foster peace of mind regarding waste disposal.

Clinical Waste Collection

With a range of solutions, we will create an appropriate plan for your waste removal needs, offering a combination of:

• Discretion where necessary and a highly professional service
• Personalised plan, tailored to your business needs and requirements
• Integrated identification on-site, collection and disposal of toxic and hazardous waste
• Unrivaled technical expertise
• Current legislation adhered to
• Advice and expertise in compliance
• Dedicated team, available for advice and disposal 24/7
• Nationwide coverage to ensure continuity across multiple sites

What types of industries produce clinical waste?

Almost any business produces some manner of waste and with the necessity of having hygiene disposal units for the removal of ladies’ hygiene products, as well as tissues used for nose-blowing noses. As such, our services are suited to many different sectors. For a no-obligation chat about your requirements so call us today to see what we can do for you. As well as healthcare, there are a number of other industries producing clinical waste, and we can create a tailored plan for most businesses.

What are the different types of clinical waste?

Clinical waste can be categorised into several classifications, including the predominant waste left following medical procedures of any description. Technically, even a tissue used to blow one’s nose is clinical waste, and in some places, such as hospitals and private healthcare clinics, this is an important consideration.

With the current trend for food recycling and other social initiatives, there can be an excess of food. We specialise in the collection of food waste, which has been deemed hazardous, such as meat with certain diseases and food which has started to decay. Whilst this is classified as less dangerous than clinical waste originating from the healthcare sector, it is still potentially hazardous to humans, hence we can offer a removal service.

Clinical Waste Bins

What bin do you need for clinical waste disposal?

Since the bins will contain hazardous substances, you will need to ensure that they have non-manual opening mechanisms and are auto-sealed once contaminated waste has been inserted. We can provide everything you need, including specialised bin bags, to make sure that your waste stays away from causing danger and then offer a safe and efficient removal system so you can have peace of mind regarding clinical waste disposal.

What happens to Clinical waste once it is collected?

We have high-temperature incinerators which are used to dispose of the waste accordingly. These operate at a minimum temperature of 1,100 degrees centigrade. We also use autoclave and microwave facilities, where appropriate and we have several alternative technology facilities for lower grade wastes, such as food waste.

What are the different categories or grades of clinical waste?

Something containing body parts, blood or body fluids, derived from humans and with the possibility of infection is going to be much more hazardous than some out of date cooked rice, and as such, it can be graded differently. There are many different types of hazardous waste, and we understand the differences and how each can be disposed of safely and efficiently.

When our team come and assess your site, they will be drawing on expertise and training to create an individualised plan to dispose of your waste in the safest and most effective way.

There are strict guidelines for dealing with medical waste due to the fact it has the potential to be extremely dangerous to humans, animals, and the environment.

Any producer or holder of potentially dangerous waste has a legal ‘duty of care’ to manage the storage and disposal of hazardous waste safely and appropriately. Failing to manage medical waste in the appropriate manner can result in heavy fines, disreputability and potentially an immediate closure of your business.

We can provide your organisation with secure medical waste bins and frequent safe collections to disposal of your medical waste.

Types of Medical Waste

Medical waste covers all waste materials that are generated by health care facilities, such as hospitals, dentists and veterinary practices.

We provide bins, collection, and disposal for the following types of medical waste:

Pathological and Anatomical Waste
Human Blood, Blood Products, Body Fluids or Other Potentially Infectious Material (OPIM)
Microbiological Waste
Isolation Wastes
Animal Waste
General Waste

Due to the hazardous nature of medical waste, immense care and precaution must be taken when collecting and disposing of medical waste materials. It is essential that qualified and accredited personnel handles your medical waste to ensure that you are not putting human health, animals and the environment at risk from poor and inadequate disposal of medical waste.

Our professional waste management providers are fully accredited to collect, handle and dispose of your medical waste. By outsourcing your medical waste disposal and collection to a competent and approved provider, you are ensuring that your business is fully compliant with the relevant medical waste disposal regulations.

Medical Waste Bins and Collection

With nationwide coverage, our expert teams can provide you with a variety of bins and containers to securely store your medical waste. We have professionals based throughout the country, to ensure that every business has a medical waste collection service on their doorstep.

We offer our clients a uniquely tailored service so that your needs are comprehensively met. Whether you require secure large bins for storage, more frequent collections of your waste or simply a medical waste management system putting in place, we are here to help.

To discuss the different options available, or to find out more information on medical waste disposal, contact our expert advisors today. We will aim to answer any queries that you have, and ensure you are up-to-date with the relevant regulations. So call us today for a free quote on 0800 211 83 90.