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Clinical Non-infectious Waste Disposal

Clinical waste must be divided into separate categories before disposal. While lots of clinical waste is infectious, some items class as non-infectious waste and require different storage and disposal methods. Understand what types of clinical waste are non-infectious, how to get rid of it, and arrange collection from any UK location with Business Waste.

Separating clinical waste helps healthcare facilities keep track of the waste you produce, while minimising the spread of infection or the chances of waste becoming cross-contaminated. We can provide you with free bins for clinical non-infectious waste, so you only pay for collection. Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online to get a quick quote.

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What is 
non-infectious waste?

Clinical non-infectious waste is any waste products produced at a clinical facility – such as a hospital or health centre – that didn’t come into contact with infectious materials, pharmaceutical or chemical substances. Sometimes referred to as offensive waste, it’s not inherently hazardous or harmful to humans, but is unpleasant to deal with.

Common examples of non-infections clinical waste can include:

  • Swabs
  • Dressings and bandages
  • Nappies and incontinence pads
  • Non-contaminated PPE and COVID testing equipment
  • Sterilised laboratory waste
  • Wipes
  • Empty colostomy bags
  • Gloves
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Who produces clinical
non-infectious waste?

Clinical non-infectious waste is produced in many types of healthcare or care facilities. It’s a common by-product of their daily operations, often generated through the regular kinds of care and treatment they provide. Any organisation that produces clinical waste of any sort could generate non-infectious waste as well. Generally, the following facilities produce clinical non-infectious waste:

  • Doctors surgeries and hospitals

    Clinical non-infectious waste is produced when patients receive any kind of treatment. For example, healthcare staff must wear PPE during consultations and change this between seeing patients.

  • Care homes

    Care homes produce large volumes of clinical non-infectious waste when looking after their residents. For example, this could include used incontinence pads.

  • Nurseries and childcare facilities

    Children and babies produce a large amount of waste that classify as offensive. As such, nurseries must put together a plan that enables them to dispose of clinical non-infectious waste like nappies and pads.


How does clinical non-infectious 
waste collection work?

  1. Select your free bins

    It’s quick and easy to organise commercial waste collection for your business.

    Simply start by telling us the:

    • Type of waste you need removing
    • Size of bins you require
    • Number of bins you want

    We’ll provide you with a free quote.

  2. Arrange delivery

    When you’re happy with the type, number, and size of free bins, tell us when you need your bins delivering.

    Let us know about any access issues where you want the bins delivering – such as locked gates, access codes and times. We’ll get you up and running in no time.

  3. Fill up your bin

    After the free bins arrive at your chosen location, fill them up with the agreed waste type.

    Make sure you remain within any weight limits for the specific waste type and bin size.

  4. Get your business waste collected

    We’ll arrange waste collection at a time and frequency to suit you and the amount of waste you have.

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How to store 
clinical non-infectious waste

Business owners must store clinical non-infectious waste safely and securely – separate from other types of clinical waste – before it’s collected, treated, and disposed. Even though it may not be harmful, you must still keep any kind of non-infectious waste in a secure area that unauthorised personnel can’t access.

You also need to store clinical non-infectious waste in appropriate bins, bags, and containers. Non-infectious waste is usually discarded in yellow-coloured bags, which are then placed in appropriate bins for safe and easy removal. These are available in different sizes and colours to help co-ordinate your storage. It’s best to keep these indoors to avoid risk of contamination from rainwater.

Employers must also ensure all members of staff know how to separate and dispose of the types of clinical waste they produce daily. This can be achieved through training, labelling all clinical non-infectious waste, and putting up signs where appropriate. Alongside a waste management plan, employers must also ensure that:

  • Non-infectious waste is collected by a licensed carrier, such as Business Waste.
  • All clinical non-infectious waste is rendered safe before disposal.
  • Your waste disposal plan aligns with all government guidelines and regulations for storage, collection, and disposal.
  • You keep a record of the non-infectious clinical waste you dispose of.

How is clinical non-infectious 
waste disposed of?

After we collect your clinical non-infectious waste, there are various ways it can be disposed. Unfortunately, lots of non-infectious waste ends up in landfill where it can take many years to decompose – if at all – depending on the materials. This is a possibility, but our commitment to the environment means we avoid this wherever possible.

Instead, we’ll dispose of your clinical non-infectious waste through recycling or incineration. We’ll collect and transport your non-infectious waste to an appropriate facility near you, where depending on their machinery, methods, and the exact type of clinical waste, it’s checked, sorted, treated, and disposed of by one of the following:

  • Recycling – your clinical non-infectious waste goes to a facility where it’s sterilised and placed in an autoclave. This gently heats and shreds the materials. They’re then separated into different subsections, such as plastics, ready to be repurposed.
  • Incineration – some facilities use high-temperature incinerators, which reach temperatures of 1,000°C. Here your clinical non-infectious waste is safely and securely incinerated to avoid possible contamination or it going to landfill, and it can be converted into energy.

Whichever method is used to get rid of your waste, rest assured that we follow all relevant clinical waste guidelines, so your rubbish is removed in a safe and legal manner.

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Clinical non-infectious 
waste facts

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 85% of waste generated in clinical or healthcare facilities is general or non-hazardous waste – such as clinical non-infectious waste. This means it shouldn’t pose any biological, chemical, radioactive, or physical hazard.

Disposal of clinical non-infectious waste is controlled by regulations such as the Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 07-01 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Clinical non-infectious waste can be disposed of through recycling, incineration or within deep landfills. Recycling is always the most environmentally friendly choice.

Clinical non-infectious 
waste collection

At Business Waste, we can guide your organisation through the safe storage, transportation, and disposal of clinical non-infectious waste your operations produce. To get started we’ll provide you with a free quote and consultation to curate a unique waste management plan that suits your company.

We’ll use the information you tell us about how much clinical non-infectious waste you produce to help arrange a collection schedule based on your needs. This could be a daily, weekly, or fortnightly collection, with the right sized bins to match.

Wherever your organisation is within the UK, we can collect your non-infectious waste from almost anywhere. We’ll deliver free bins to an accessible place on your premises, then you fill them up, store them safely, and pay for collection. No matter how complex your waste collection requirements are, we can help.

We can also help you work to reduce your waste and ensure as little as possible ends up in landfill. Get a free quote by calling us on 0800 211 8390 or contacting us online today. Our friendly team of experts can answer any questions you may have about clinical non-infectious waste and its collection.

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Clinical non-infectious 
waste bags and bins

Clinical non-infectious waste bags are normally yellow and black. This helps colour code them to make separating different types of clinical waste as easy as possible. While you can fill these bags with the non-infectious waste your business produces, you must then store the bags in an appropriate bin as well. They’re available in a wide range of sizes and can be colour-coded.

Explore the available clinical non-infectious waste bags and bins.

View all bins
  • Clinical non-infectious waste bags

    Sometimes referred to as ‘tiger bags’, clinical non-infectious waste bags are bright yellow with black stripes. They’re highly durable, which reduces the chances of them getting damaged during storage or transit.

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  • 240L offensive waste bin

    The standard two-wheel bin like the one you have at home. This is easy to move around to collect bags of clinical non-infectious waste in a hospital or other healthcare setting.

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  • 660L offensive waste bin

    A larger, four-wheel bin for storing bags of non-infectious clinical waste. It’s also simple to move around and is best for larger amounts of waste or less frequent collections.

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