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Plastic Recycling Rebates

Sell plastic scrap and make money for your business while responsibly recycling your rubbish. Plastic recycling rebates are available for various types and volumes of waste plastic. We can help you sell plastic waste anywhere in the UK thanks to our nationwide network. This includes post-consumer and industrial plastic waste.

Recycling rebate schemes accept both loose and baled plastic with minimum weight requirements. It’s a great way to dispose of commercial plastic responsibly with a financial incentive. Our expert and friendly team can advise on if you’re eligible to sell scrap plastic, what steps you need to take, and how much you could expect to receive.

Get in touch today for a free quote for a plastic recycling rebate anywhere in the UK. Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online to see how much your scrap plastic would be worth. Find out more about how plastic recycling rebates work below.

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How to sell plastic scrap

To sell scrap plastic you must store it separately from any other commercial waste your business produces. We can provide a range of free plastic bins, so you only cover the collection costs. This includes wheelie bins with two and four wheels as well as front end loaders, compactors, and balers.

Estimate how much waste plastic you produce to determine the best storage option. Some recycling rebate schemes only accept baled plastic, but others will pay for smaller volumes. Speak to one of our expert team and they can advise on whether you’re eligible and will find a solution to sell your plastic scrap.

Store your waste plastic separately from other rubbish types and keep it clean and dry. Normally you can combine different types of plastic in one bin, as it’s sorted at the recycling facility later. To make things easier and for an accurate quote, you can separate plastic waste by polymers with bins for the likes of polypropylene, PVC, and other plastic types.

Arrange collection of your waste plastic by licensed waste carriers at a suitable time and date. They’ll transport it to a relevant recycling facility where the plastic is checked, weighed, and recycled into new plastic items. You’ll receive payment with appropriate documents explaining the costs, disposal method, and other important information.

What types of plastic 
can you sell?

You can sell waste plastic of all types. This includes post-consumer plastic waste such as packaging and products, as well as industrial and manufacturing plastic waste like broken pipes, pallets, and builder’s sacks. Some of the most common kinds of waste plastic to sell include:

  • Plastic pallets
  • Laminated films and reels
  • Plastic packaging materials
  • Trays
  • Plastic bottles
  • Pipes and guttering
  • Plastic bags and sacks
  • Manufacturing offcuts of plastic
  • Car bumpers and plastic parts

Scrap plastic buyers can purchase a wide variety of waste plastic types that include most materials. These will be recycled and reused to ensure responsible disposal. Whatever kind of plastic you want to sell we can advise on the best solution. This includes selling and recycling waste made from any of the following plastic materials:

Scrap plastic prices

The price of scrap plastic varies depending on certain factors. These include the type of plastic, grade, colour, weight, market conditions (supply and demand), and the plastic scrap buyers you use. Scrap plastic prices fluctuate regularly so it’s best to get a quote close to the time you want to sell for an accurate estimate.

The grade, condition, and colour significantly affect scrap plastic prices. For example, clear PET plastic is currently valued much higher than coloured PET. High-grade HDPE and LDPE plastic waste also fetches a much higher price than PET items and low-grade HDPE and LDPE waste. Prices can change with the market.

Most recycled plastic buyers quote on a plastic per-tonne basis and have a minimum weight. Check any other requirements, as some plastic scrap buyers only pay for waste plastic that’s baled as well as having a set minimum weight. They may also update their prices for plastic scrap regularly.

Get a free quote to see how much you could receive from recycled plastic buyers in your area. It’s the easiest way to get an accurate price for plastic waste. One of our experts can assess your waste and work with our nationwide network to find the best price for plastic recycling rebates near you anywhere in the UK.

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Benefits of selling scrap plastic

Selling scrap plastic is beneficial for any business, as you get paid for some of the rubbish your organisation produces. It also ensures all the plastic waste is recycled and disposed of responsibly. Many companies can’t help creating some level of waste plastic, so you might as well earn a little money doing so. With plastic recycling rebates you can:

  • Earn money from waste plastic – sell waste plastic to raise funds that you can put to good use helping grow your business.
  • Cut waste management costs – plastic recycling rebates provide a cash incentive but also reduce your waste disposal costs.
  • Protect the environment – all plastic waste collected is recycled and reused, which lowers your carbon footprint and avoids adding to landfill.
  • Enjoy efficient waste management – using a baler to compact your plastic waste before it’s recycled saves space on your premises to store your waste before it’s collected.
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What happens to plastic waste 
after selling it?

Once you’ve found a plastic scrap buyer your waste will be collected by licensed waste carriers at an agreed time and date. They’ll transport your waste plastic to the relevant recycling facility. Here the plastic is checked, graded, weighed, and separated by type before being recycled. The recycling process varies but generally:

  • Waste plastic is sorted and separated by polymer type and recycled in its own stream.
  • The plastic is cleaned of contaminants and then shredded into tiny pieces.
  • It’s heated at high temperatures and melted down before being moulded into pellets.
  • These pellets are sent to manufacturers to use and create new products from recycled plastic.
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Get a free quote 
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See how much your waste plastic might be worth with a free no obligation quote for recycling rebates. Tell us the types and amount of waste plastic you produce and where your business is based, and we’ll provide a tailored quote. Our nationwide network helps us offer the best scrap plastic prices anywhere in the UK.

Speak to one of our friendly experts and they can answer any questions you have about plastic recycling rebates. They can talk you through the process, let you know if you’re eligible, and find a solution to recycle your plastic waste. Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online for your free quote today.

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Get a fast and free quote for plastic rebates

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Selling plastic waste FAQs

  • plastic How much is scrap plastic worth?

    The price of scrap plastic depends on its grade, weight, and the current market prices. Supply and demand greatly affect the value of waste plastic so its worth can fluctuate. Check the current prices for plastic scrap and then get a tailored quote based on what you produce for an accurate estimation.

  • plastic Where can I sell scrap plastic?

    You can sell scrap plastic anywhere in the UK with Business Waste. We work with a national network of plastic scrap buyers across the country to offer the best prices and ensure your waste plastic is recycled and reused. Find a solution to sell plastic whether you’re based on the south coast or in the Scottish Highlands.

  • plastic Do I need to bale my plastic waste for a rebate?

    Some recycled plastic buyers require the waste plastic to be baled, as it saves them time, effort, and costs. However, other plastic scrap buyers accept loose plastic. We can help find a solution that suits your organisation – whether you want a baler for your plastic waste or to store it loose.

    Not all businesses have room for a baler or compactor on site. We can work with you to arrange offsite plastic baling or find another waste plastic buyer who accepts loose materials. Plastic recycling rebates can vary in price depending on whether the waste is loose or baled. Contact our team to discuss your situation.

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