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How does a recycling baler work?

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Recycling balers are getting brilliant responses thanks to the way in which they can help companies compact various types of recyclables including plastic, paper, cardboard and aluminium. When these are compacted, the recyclables become extremely easy to transport. This not only reduces the cost of handling considerably, but it reduces the stress of getting rid of materials. Thanks to the moral pressure to “go green” and demands from the government to reduce waste, these balers are becoming a great choice. Below we discuss how a recycling baler works and why it’s beneficial to your business.

How does a recycling baler work

Recycling balers allow the separation of various waste streams and the ability to then compact them. The operation of a baler is simple as you simply need to lift the metal cage door and dispose of your desired waste and then press a button to begin the compacting. Once that is complete, a platen will push down the waste to compact sizes. You will find metal hooks at the bottom door of the baler, which are welded in to ensure the bales are in compressed sizes, which will make sure they don’t spring back up. It’s important to note that depending on the type of waste your business produces, there are a number of different models of balers that can tackle different types of waste, from plastic to cardboard and so on.

Not only do they compact waste robustly into tidy and small bundles that are tied together for easy disposal and handling, but recycling balers also bring a host of other advantages. They are designed to allow your businesses to conveniently sort through your waste at source to ensure that no cross-contamination will occur. What this means, is that each bale that is produced by a baler has ‘Green value’ when we consider recycling.

The great thing about a recycling baler is that it can fit into your business with ease. You can rent or buy a standalone machine anywhere on site that you find convenient, or an alternative option is to buy a baler model that slots in as part of a larger handling process for materials with conveyor shredders and systems.

Where can you use balers?

Balers are useful in the stockrooms and backrooms of a business or organisation where there are space constraints and quick and efficient use is required. Safety is also a top priority of this product, considering the closed space they are most likely kept in.

You typically find balers in:

• Drugstores
• Warehouses
• Manufacturing Plants
• Supermarkets
• Shopping Centers
• Recycling Operations
• Distribution Centers

The benefits of balers to businesses

Apart from the obvious environmental benefits of recycling waste and reducing your carbon footprint, balers can also be profitable to you for a variety of reasons:

• Increasing storage space
• Reducing waste collection costs
• Increasing efficiency
• Saving time
• Improving working conditions

Recycling balers are designed to provide a solution to waste management requirements for businesses both small and large. If you’re interested in the use of a recycling baler to help with your businesses waste management, then get in touch with Business Waste today for further information or to discuss your business waste management needs.

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