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Cardboard Recycling Rebates

Sell cardboard waste from your business for cash to make a bit of money and protect the environment at the same time. Cardboard recycling rebates offer a financial incentive for organisations across the UK. Separate, store, and start selling cardboard your company no longer needs and reinvest in your business.

Any organisation that produces decent volumes of waste cardboard such as old cardboard boxes, sheets, and packaging could sell it. It can be baled, shredded, or collected loose before being sold. All scrap cardboard is recycled and passed on to recyclers who make good use of it, keeping it away from landfill.

At Business Waste we can help sell your cardboard through our wide national network. Our expert team can advise you on how cardboard recycling rebates work and if you’re eligible. Get a free quote to sell your cardboard anywhere in the UK today – call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online.

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How to sell cardboard for cash

To sell cardboard for cash you must first separate and store all the waste cardboard your business produces away from other materials. Get free cardboard bins delivered anywhere in the UK with Business Waste. These range from 120 to 1100 litre wheelie bins, as well as rear and front end loaders.

Use the number and sizes of bins required to store your cardboard waste. If you produce a high volume of waste cardboard regularly then consider a baler to compact it. This saves space and ensures easier transportation. Some rebates only accept baled cardboard too, which our experts can advise on.

All cardboard must be clean and dry. Once it’s ready find cardboard buyers near you, get a free quote, and agree on a price. Then arrange collection of your cardboard waste. Some cardboard recycling rebate schemes accept loose cardboard while others require it to be baled.

We can arrange collection and transportation of your cardboard waste by licensed waste carriers to the relevant recycling facility. The cardboard will be checked, weighed, and recycled – turned into new cardboard products. You’ll receive payment and documentation confirming its weight, the disposal method, and other important information.

What types of cardboard 
can you sell?

Sell any type of scrap cardboard for cash as long as it’s clean and dry. Any cardboard that’s contaminated with food, liquid, and other elements may not be recyclable and could be rejected by a rebate scheme. Separate and store old cardboard in bins away from other rubbish to avoid contamination.

You can store different types of cardboard together before selling it, as the recycling facility will assess, grade, and separate it before processing. Waste cardboard prices vary depending on the grade of the cardboard, as well as the weight and other factors.

You can normally sell cardboard waste for a rebate including old:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Cardboard layer pads
  • Mixed card products
  • Packaging materials
  • Pallet boxes
  • Octabins

Waste cardboard prices

The price of cardboard constantly fluctuates based on factors such as demand, seasonality, processing costs, and more. The weight, quality, and grade of cardboard, as well as your location, impact the scrap cardboard price you could receive. Most cardboard buyers quote with a cardboard price per ton whether it’s loose or baled.

The largest markets of cardboard buyers for the UK are South East Asia, India, and Europe, which can influence the price. Most places only accept large amounts of cardboard waste for a rebate and may have a minimum weight or volume in place. Ensure your waste cardboard meets the requirements of the rebate service.

The easiest way to find out the price of your cardboard waste is to get a free quote. At Business Waste we can provide a tailored scrap cardboard price in the UK based on the type and amount of cardboard you have with no obligation to proceed. Contact us today to find out how much your cardboard recycling rebate might be worth.

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Benefits of selling cardboard waste

Selling cardboard waste from your business offers many benefits – mainly helping your organisation make money from its rubbish. Producing waste cardboard can be unavoidable so you might as well sell it where possible. The main reasons to sell cardboard for cash in the UK include to:

  • Make money from your waste – sell cardboard for cash and you can reinvest the money in your business.
  • Save money – as well as getting paid for your old cardboard, recycling rebates help lower the costs of cardboard waste disposal.
  • Protect the environment – selling cardboard as part of a rebate scheme ensures it’s all recycled and disposed of responsibly.
  • Improve your waste management – using a baler helps save space for your cardboard waste and create more efficient waste management processes.
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What happens after you 
sell cardboard waste?

After agreeing on a cardboard recycling price for your waste it’ll be collected at an agreed time and date. It’s transported to a relevant recycling facility where the cardboard waste is sorted and graded to ensure it’s treated and processed properly. The cardboard is then recycled following a process along these lines:

  • The cardboard is shredded into small bits and then mixed with water and chemicals to form a slurry.
  • A small amount of fresh pulp made from wood chips is added to the slurry and mixed in.
  • This is filtered and passed through chemical and centrifugal processes to remove any remaining contaminants.
  • It’s dried and pressed to create new long sheets of recycled cardboard, which can be cut to size.
  • The recycled cardboard sheets are sent to manufacturers to form new products such as cardboard boxes, packaging, and other items.
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Get a free quote to 
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Find out how much you could sell cardboard waste for with a free no obligation quote today. We work with a wide national network to provide the best scrap cardboard prices anywhere in the UK. Simply tell us the type and amount of waste cardboard and where you’re based for a tailored quote.

If you’ve got any questions then one of our friendly experts will happily answer them and advise on the cardboard recycling rebate process and prices. We can help businesses anywhere in the UK start selling cardboard for cash. Get your free quote by calling 0800 211 8390 or contact us online.

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Selling cardboard FAQs

  • cardboard waste Do I need to bale my cardboard waste to sell it?

    Some cardboard recycling rebate schemes require cardboard to be baled. Others accept loose cardboard in bins and containers, such as rear and front end loaders and skips. Check with the scheme if you need to bale your cardboard waste. One of our team can find out for you and help you use a baler if you desire.

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  • cardboard waste Where can I sell cardboard for cash?

    You can sell cardboard for cash anywhere in the UK with Business Waste. We operate across all locations and work with a wide national network to help get the best cardboard recycling price wherever you are. Local firms and national companies can all collect your waste cardboard and provide a rebate wherever your organisation is based.

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  • cardboard waste How much will I get for selling cardboard?

    How much you get for selling cardboard depends on the volume, grade, and service you use. Cardboard buyers base their prices on the current market and demand, which can change regularly. The amount of waste cardboard, its condition, and the scrap cardboard prices in the UK at the time you sell all impact how much you could receive.

    Request a free quote for an accurate estimate of how much you’ll get to sell cardboard – call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online.

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