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Paper Recycling Rebates

Selling paper for a recycling rebate is a green way for your business to make a bit of money and dispose of your waste paper responsibly. Recycling rebates are available when you sell paper waste of various types and amounts. At Business Waste we can help you recycle paper for money anywhere in the UK.

Minimum weights often apply to any paper recycling rebate schemes, so they’re most suitable for organisations that produce bulk paper waste. You can get money for recycling paper products including old newspapers, packaging, envelopes, magazines, and more. Our expert team can advise and help you start selling scrap paper for recycling.

Get a free quote for selling paper and arrange collection of your waste anywhere in the UK. Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online to find out how much your waste paper could be worth – or learn more about how paper recycling rebates work in this guide.

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How to sell waste paper

To recycle paper for money you must store it separately from all other types of waste your business creates. Use paper waste bins to store it securely and safely before arranging collection and recycling. At Business Waste we can provide free bins including wheelie bins in many sizes, front and rear end loaders, and balers.

Work out how much paper waste you’ve got for the best storage solution and then contact our expert team for a free quote. Some paper recycling rebates have minimum weight limits or require your waste paper to be baled. One of our team can advise on whether you’re eligible for a rebate and explain any requirements.

You can store all sorts of waste paper products together before it’s recycled, including old newspapers, magazines, leaflets, packaging, and white and coloured paper. They must be kept clean, dry, and free from any other contaminants to ensure as much as possible can be recycled.

Book collection of your paper bins by licensed waste carriers for a time and date that suits your schedule. Your waste paper will then be taken to the relevant recycling facility where it’s all checked and weighed to determine the exact value of your rebate. The paper products are recycled, and you receive all relevant documents.

What types of scrap paper 
can you sell?

You can sell scrap paper of many types as most paper is recyclable. Store all sorts of waste paper your business produces together in one paper bin, as it will be sorted and graded at the recycling facility. Selling old newspapers, paper packaging materials, and leftover leaflets is all possible. Types of scrap paper you can sell include:

However, you cannot sell some types of paper as they’re not recyclable due to contamination with other materials or their incredibly thin fibres. These should be disposed of with your general waste and include paper towels and napkins, laminated and plastic-coated paper, wax paper, and toilet paper.

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Recycled paper prices

Waste paper prices depend on the type and amount of scrap paper you’re selling, as well as current market conditions. Generally, the likes of white letter paper attract a higher price than mixed paper waste, for example. Prices for old newspapers, magazines, and leaflets are often higher than mixed paper but lower than white paper waste.

Market demand also affects recycled paper prices, which can fluctuate throughout the year. When there’s a greater demand from waste paper buyers you could get more money for recycled paper. It’s therefore best to get a quote as close as possible to the time you want to sell for an accurate estimate.

Most paper recycling prices are per ton in the UK and some rebates have minimum weight requirements. The price you’re quoted could change if these aren’t met. For example, if some paper is contaminated and must be removed then the weight will fall, which affects how much you’re paid.

The easiest way to see how much money you could get to sell paper waste is to get a free quote. Simply speak to one of our experts and let us know the amount and types of paper waste you’ve got and where you are in the UK. They’ll provide a no obligation quote based on the best available recycled paper prices.

Benefits of selling scrap paper

Selling scrap paper is a sustainable and profitable way to get rid of any paper waste your organisation produces. It benefits the environment by ensuring your paper waste is recycled, which uses 70% less water and energy compared to creating new paper products from scratch. The main benefits of selling scrap paper include to:

  • Get money for recycling paper – sell waste paper and invest the money you get back into your business.
  • Reduce waste management costs – you only have to cover the collection costs and get money for paper recycling, lowering your overall waste management costs.
  • Save energy and resources – recycling your waste paper avoids it going to landfill and adding to pollution levels while saving energy and resources compared to producing new paper.
  • Improve waste management efficiencies – businesses that produce bulk paper waste can use balers and compactors to save space and reduce collection frequencies while earning money per tonne of waste paper for recycling.
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What happens to paper waste 
after selling it?

After agreeing on a price to sell your paper waste it will be collected by licensed waste carriers at your chosen time and date. The scrap paper is transported to a recycling facility where it’s checked, weighed, and sorted by type and grade. The paper is then recycled following a process similar to these steps:

  • The paper waste is separated by grade and type.
  • It’s washed to remove any contaminants, such as glue and ink.
  • Next, it goes into a large container and is mixed with water to create slurry.
  • Various materials are added to the slurry depending on the desired end product.
  • The slurry is spread out, dried, and cut into sheets.
  • These sheets of recycled paper are sent to manufacturers to create new products.
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Get a free quote 
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Recycle paper for money with Business Waste. Get a free no obligation quote and find out how much your waste paper could be worth. Our nationwide network means we work with scrap paper buyers across the UK to help provide the best prices. Just tell us the types and amount of paper waste and your location for a tailored quote.

Speak to one of our friendly experts and they can advise on whether you’re eligible for a paper recycling rebate scheme. They can answer any of your questions, advise on how it works, and provide a free bespoke quote. Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online to start selling scrap paper today.

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Selling waste paper FAQs

  • paper How much money do you get for recycling paper?

    How much money you get for recycling paper depends on the weight and type of waste paper you produce. Most recycling rebates require a minimum weight and offer prices per tonne. The likes of white paper are also more valuable than mixed paper waste. Apply for a free quote for an accurate estimate of how much money you could get for recycling paper.

  • paper Where can I sell waste paper?

    You can sell waste paper anywhere in the UK with Business Waste. We work with waste paper buyers across the country so can arrange collection and paper recycling rebates wherever your business is based. Recycle paper for money in cities, towns, and villages anywhere in the country through our national network.

  • paper Do I need to bale my paper waste for a rebate?

    Some waste paper buyers only accept baled paper while others will take loose paper waste in bins. If you produce a high volume of paper waste then using a baler or compactor can save space. Speak to one of our team and we can advise on whether you need to bale your waste paper or not.

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