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Commercial Waste Collections

Making sure your waste is collected regularly and safely, and disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner possible, is a vital concern for all businesses and the environment. Waste collection is one of the fundamentals when it comes to ensuring your business is running smoothly, but it can be a little difficult to know what kind of waste collection you need, what services are available, what types of waste can be collected, and how you should store your waste while you are waiting for it to be picked up. Here’s our quick and easy guide to waste collection for businesses.

Waste management

What is commercial waste collection?

Waste collection is an essential element of waste management. It involves the safe transfer of any solid waste, away from its point of use, to a location where it can be sorted and disposed of in the best method possible. The waste collection includes the collection of recyclable materials, which are not technically waste. The disposal can include treatment and recycling your waste, as well as the safe disposal of waste in landfills when no other option is available.

What should you consider when organising your commercial waste?

Considerations for commercial waste collection include the size and types of bins provided, where they are positioned, and how frequently they are emptied. Overflowing bins can result in rubbish falling out as the bin is being tipped. Hazardous rubbish such as empty petrol containers can ignite other forms of waste as the compactor is in operation if they fall out. Bins must be serviced frequently enough to avoid over-filling. It is often prudent to store or lock bins in a secure area in order to avoid members of the public and other parties putting rubbish in them and filling them prematurely.

How we can help you

Commercial waste collection is a frequently neglected area of business management. As a waste producer, it is the duty of all companies to ensure their waste is legally, appropriately, and effectively collected and disposed of in the best manner possible. Businesses also have an added obligation to their stakeholders, to ensure waste is collected in a cost-effective way.

At Business Waste we can fulfil all your business’ requirements and obligations through a variety of competitive and highly professional waste collection services.

As a leading waste management company in the UK, Business Waste has an extensive network of contacts comprising the best of the best in local waste management, and waste collection and transportation teams. We have local transport operators to provide you with a more flexible service, from a base located in close proximity to your own business. This means that any additional emergency collections can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. In addition, their proximity ensures the carbon footprint and petrol costs of collection are low. This network of extremely high-quality and professional waste disposal providers ensures our services can be delivered on-demand and to a schedule convenient to you. It also allows us to deal with a wide range of waste, and safely collect and dispose of numerous different types of refuse.

Waste Collection Services

What different types of commercial waste can be collected?

There are a wide variety of different types of waste that are produced by businesses on a regular basis. At Business Waste we are fully equipped to safely and efficiently collect, treat, recycle, and dispose of numerous types of waste, including:

Commercial Bin Collection

What types of bin do you need for waste collections?

Business Waste supplies all their clients with a completely comprehensive range of bins and other waste collection containers, such as compactors and balers and ensures the correct suitable bin is provided for all different types of commercial waste collection. All our waste containers ensure the service we provide causes minimum effort for your business operations. They are hygienic and as convenient as possible for your locations.

Wheelie bins

Our wheelie bins are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, including:

    120 litre
    240 litre
    360 litre
    660 litre
    1100 litre

In addition to wheelie bins, we also have roll on and roll off otherwise known as “Ro-Ro’s” and skips, including:

Can you use waste collection bags?

It is possible to use appropriate waste bags in certain areas in the event that local by-laws prevent the collection of bins, or space is at a premium and you are unable to keep bins on your property.

What is a general waste collection?

A general waste collection involves taking care of all waste that can’t go into your recycling, organic or glass bins; this includes material such as polystyrene and other low-grade plastics. Here at Business Waste, we’re aware that, when running a business, general waste is inevitable. We are passionate about providing effective general waste management solutions for all businesses.

Waste management

General waste bins

It is important for any business to appear competent and professional. A massive part of building this reputation comes from keeping the premises clean and waste-free. When it comes to general waste, we can provide the perfect general waste bins for any business; from restaurants to farms, we provide solutions for anyone.

We stock general waste wheelie bins in a range of sizes, meaning that our waste disposal solutions are perfect for the smallest business to the very largest. Not only can we provide your business with general waste wheelie bins for free, but we also provide waste bags for you to use.

What is waste a collection system?

A waste collection system refers to the ‘journey’ waste goes on. To put it simply, it refers to waste from the point of use and disposal through to landfill or recycling.

What are the 5 Rs of waste management?


REFUSE is the first R of waste management and is rather straightforward. This involves a business or company deciding to no longer purchase products that can damage the environment. For example, if you work in the foodservice industry, you may decide to refuse single-use plastics and opt for a more environmentally-friendly product instead. This will decrease the demand for this kind of product, allowing for a better alternative to take its place.


REDUCE is again fairly straightforward. As a company, it is your responsibility to seek environmentally friendly alternatives to products that may be damaging to the environment. However, when the purchase of such a product may be unavoidable, you can try to reduce the amount that you purchase and use. Only buy what you need, when you need it.


REUSE encourages you to reuse a product as opposed to throwing it away after a single use. It also encourages you to purchase products that can be used numerous times. For example, switch any single-used plastic cups in your office to reusable glasses.


REPURPOSE is similar to reuse, however, it encourages you to find alternative uses for a product you otherwise would have thrown away. Too often, landfill sites are full of single-use products that, realistically, could have been used several times over before disposal. For example, an old food container can be cleaned and used for storage.


After you have run through the other steps, it is time for you to suitably RECYCLE the product! Above all, always ensure that you properly and responsibly dispose of all waste. Don’t allow an item that could have been recycled to enter landfill!

What do we offer?

We offer extremely cost-effective general waste collection services. General waste can often make up the most of what any business throws away, meaning that those bins can get full quite quickly and even overflow. We can provide regular general waste collections to suit the specifications of your business; not only this, we are an incredibly flexible business and you can alter your disposal plan as your business evolves.

Why use us?

There are so many general waste collection services on the market, but we stand out for one important reason; we genuinely care about your business waste disposal solutions. Our professional and diligent team can survey your property at a time that suits you. We also offer a free audit to ensure that you have the most efficient waste disposal solutions in place, both for the growth of your business and for the environment.

General waste disposal

We are a company that is constantly striving to achieve a zero-landfill goal. Once your general waste is collected, there is potential for us to sort your recyclables and non-recyclables for you. If you feel that you are producing too much general waste that goes to landfill, we can offer solutions to make your waste more eco-friendly.

You won’t find a better solution for your business waste anywhere else. Contact us today to receive a free quote for all of your general waste disposal needs.

What happens to waste that can be recycled once it’s collected?

The possibilities are endless, here some examples of what happens next. You may be interested in closed-loop recycling.

Cardboard – Corrugated and flat cardboard separated and reprocessed at a specialist recycling plant.

Bricks, rubble, wood and building materials – Can simply be sorted to reuse, by salvage yards for example

Metal – Ferrous metals (such as iron, brass, copper, aluminium) are separated from non-ferrous metals (such as steel) and are recycled at specialist metal reprocessing plants. Fizzy drinks cans, for example, are made back into fizzy drink cans!

Green waste and soil – This is biodegradable, and can easily be recycled into compost or other garden products.

Plastic – There are over 50 types of plastics that can be recycled, and these fall into seven different categories.

Paper – Collected and reprocessed at specialist paper reprocessing plants.

What are the costs for commercial waste disposal and collections

The exact price of your commercial waste collection will vary greatly depending on the type and volume of waste you have. Get in touch today for a free quote for your Business Waste collection.