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Event Waste Management

Planning a summer fair, food festival, Christmas market, music concert, charity fun run, or any other type or size of event? You’ll need to factor in what happens to all waste produced. This includes having a clear idea of how it’s stored, removed, and disposed of wherever your event is in the UK.

At Business Waste we provide event waste management services tailored to your needs, no matter its size and location. These range from conducting a site audit to helping you put together a festival waste management plan for an efficient and cost-effective strategy and delivering and collecting bins from your site.

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Event waste management services

Our event waste management services cover the key aspects to get rid of rubbish effectively from your festival, fair, conference, or any other event. You can speak to one of our experts for bespoke advice about managing the waste your event creates. If you know what you need, simply book delivery and collection of the required bins.

The event waste management waste services we offer apply to events of any size, type, and location in the UK and include:

  • Free bin deliveries – we can deliver a wide range of bins for safe and effective storage of all rubbish produced at your event. Select the number, sizes, and types of bins, bags, and waste containers to support your needs, from two and four-wheel bins to skips, balers, and more. There are no hire, delivery, or hidden charges, you only pay for collection.
  • Flexible waste collections – arrange waste removal at a time that suits you, whether you need multiple bin collections throughout your event or just one collection after it finishes. We offer flexible waste collections so you can get rid of rubbish types on different schedules (such as arranging removal of food waste daily, while glass waste may only need taking away at the end of your event).
  • Recycling services – as much waste as possible is diverted away from landfill when it leaves your event site. We provide a wide range of bins to encourage separating and recycling waste across your event, such as individual bins for plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, metals, and dry mixed recycling. These waste types are all transported to recycling facilities for reuse.
  • Waste management plan – our experts can work with you to devise an efficient and cost-effective waste management plan for your event. They’ll assess your event and consider factors such as its size, location, facilities, and more to advise on the best bins and collection schedules. This provides peace of mind that all waste produced will be managed safely with no overflowing bins or hygiene issues developing.
  • Site audit – if you’re running an event for the first time, have moved to a new location, or simply want some expert advice, we can provide a site audit. Our experts will assess the site, facilities, activities, expected number of attendees, and other factors to advise on the best number and types of bins and collections.
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Event bin hire

Arrange event rubbish bin hire with no rental or delivery costs – you only pay for collection. We can provide a wide range of festival waste bins to suit indoor and outdoor events of all sizes. Consider the ground, location, and accessibility where your event will be held to determine the best bins for your event.

The main types of bins we provide for many events include:

  • Wheelie bins – available in sizes from 240 litres to large four-wheel 1100 litre wheelie bins. Wheelie bins can store general waste and food waste, as well as individual recycling streams such as glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard.
  • Commercial waste bags – if space or access is an issue then waste bags may be a better option. We can provide 40 to 80 litre waste bags, as well as specialised bags for hazardous and clinical waste types.
  • Front and rear end loaders – these large static containers can store between 60 and 160 bags of waste (but no glass, liquids, or hazardous waste). Delivery and removal require heavy lifting machinery so your event must have appropriate space and access.
  • Sanitary waste bins – essential for all toilets and bathroom facilities across the site. Depending on where your event is held these may already be in place but if not we can provide sanitary waste bins in various sizes.
  • Skips – any event that produces bulky waste and heavy rubbish might consider a skip for storage and removal. Skips are more likely to be used behind the scenes of an event and you need enough space and accessibility.
  • Roll on roll offs – these are some of the largest waste containers that can store up to 440 bags of waste. This reduces the number of collections and can be cost-effective for large events. However, you need accessibility for a flatbed lorry, plenty of space on-site, and extra time for delivery and removal compared to wheelie bins.
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Types of event waste

Attendees, stall holders, performers, activities, caterers, and more can all create a variety of different waste types at events. The kind of event affects the waste produced and the bins/containers required for effective management. Some of the main types of waste most events generate are:

  • General waste – non-recyclable rubbish such as food scraps, some packaging, and plastics. The most common bins to have at any event.
  • Dry mixed recycling – recyclable paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals. Examples include drinks bottles and cans, paper plates, and cardboard boxes.
  • Glass recycling – plenty of festivals ban glass bottles but they’re present at other events. Plus, caterers may get rid of glass bottles and jars that held ingredients.
  • Food waste – large volumes of food waste should be placed in separate bins, so they can be sent for anaerobic digestion.
  • Packaging waste – recyclable food wrappers, drinks bottles, and other packaging. Essential for events with stalls for merchandise, food, and other products.
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How our event waste 
management services work

Start by contacting us online or calling 0800 211 8390 for a free quote for our event waste management services. Let us know if you just want bin delivery and collection or additional services such as a site audit and/or event waste management planning. We’ll ask for a few details about the size, location, type, and date of your event.

When we’ve determined the types, sizes, and number of bins you need, when you want them delivered and collected, how often, and where from, we’ll provide a free no obligation quote. If you’re happy with the price then we’ll book your bin deliveries and collections and keep you informed along the way.

Your bins will be delivered to the event site on time. Any static containers will be placed in an agreed space, while wheelie bins and waste bags can be moved around your site as desired. When it comes to collection, our licensed waste carriers will visit your site at the agreed time.

Place any wheelie bins or waste bags at the agreed pickup point, or ensure access is available. They’ll provide any new bins if required and transport your event waste to a nearby waste transfer station. The rubbish will be checked, sorted, and sent for recycling or responsible disposal based on its type.

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What events do our 
waste management services cover?

Our waste management services can help any type and size of event anywhere in the UK. Whether you’re organising a one-off Easter market or a three-day food festival, licensed waste carriers must remove all waste produced. Consider our event waste management services if you’re planning any:

  • Festivals – music, comedy, arts, beer, food, and all types of festivals
  • Community events – local fairs and fetes, community lunches, winter and summer markets
  • Sports – marathons, horse races, swimming galas, and other sporting events
  • Shows – one-off concerts, comedy nights, theatre, and opera nights
  • Charity events – galas, bake sales, auctions, fun runs, and any other charity event
  • Conferences – industry conferences, awards nights, and academic events
  • Weddings – large and outdoor weddings (where waste management isn’t included)
How to reduce event waste

Festival waste management

Festival waste is a big issue and every year there are reports about the amount of rubbish left behind by revellers. UK music festivals create 25,800 tonnes of waste annually. Small, independent, and community festivals also produce significant volumes of waste over a short period. Effective festival waste management is vital to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Organising any type and size of festival requires a clear plan for managing waste. Having a range of bins located in high-traffic places helps reduce the amount of rubbish thrown on the ground. It can also encourage recycling by making it easier for attendees to separate waste when disposing of it.

Recycling as much waste as possible is vital for festivals. It helps protect the environment and create a green image for your event, while it’s also cheaper as it reduces the amount of landfill tax you pay for waste disposal. Separate bins for plastic, paper, and metal waste help separate drinks cups, bottles, and cans easily.

Read our top festival waste management tips

Festival waste management also needs to consider the rubbish created by vendors, stall holders, performers, and other non-attendees. This ranges from requiring food waste bins for caterers to even hazardous waste disposal for cleaning products, medical tents, and any other potentially contaminated waste.

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How to create an 
event waste management plan

You should draw up an event waste management plan before holding any festival, fair, or other celebration. This provides a good idea of what you need to have in place and when to ensure all rubbish is removed safely and avoid any overflowing bins and hygiene issues occurring. The main things to factor into an event waste management plan are:

  • Number and size of bins – work out the types and amount of waste your event will create. It’s good to be cautious and overestimate to avoid rubbish piling up. Then determine the best sizes, types, and number of bins you’ll need across your site.
  • Bin locations – determine the best places for each bin. It’s advisable to place general waste and recycling bins next to each other close to vendors, so attendees can easily separate their rubbish. They also need to be accessible or somewhere they can be removed easily for collection.
  • Recycling – look for as many recycling opportunities as possible. This could be through ensuring all food and drinks are served in recyclable containers to using more dry mixed recycling bins in place of general waste bins.
  • Collection days and times – depending on the size and length of your event you might need bins collecting throughout the festivities or just at the end. The likes of food waste often need removing daily, while dry recycling can usually be stored safely for a few days.
  • Collection routes – plan collection routes to ensure trucks and heavy lifting machinery can easily reach any skips, front and rear end loaders, and other static containers. Also, ensure there’s a clear path to move any wheelie bins to the agreed pickup point.
Build a waste plan
  • Information and signs – place clear signs directing people towards recycling and general waste bins to ensure they’re used. Make sure all staff are aware of the waste policy and management plan to help increase reuse and recycling, so everything runs smoothly.
  • Suppliers – choose an event waste management company that meets your needs but also ensures rubbish is recycled or used to create energy and diverted away from landfill, such as Business Waste.
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Why use Business Waste 
for your event waste management?

We provide free bins for any type and size of event anywhere in the UK – you simply cover the collection costs. Choose from a wide range of bins, bags, and containers to store waste securely on-site. This includes wheelie bins of various sizes that make separating recycling easy, to large static containers.

Combine the best number, sizes, and types of bins and a collection schedule that suits your event. It could be just one collection at the end of your event or ad hoc waste removals throughout. We can help work out an efficient and cost-effective waste management plan for your event.

All waste collected is diverted away from landfill, helping you run as green an event as possible. Licensed waste carriers remove your waste, and you’ll receive a free duty of care certificate for added peace of mind. Use Business Waste for affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly event waste management.

Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online for a free quote to use our event waste management services – from bin delivery and collection to a site audit and planning advice.

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Excellent service by Business Waste

“Business Waste provided 25 1100 litre bins for our Festival. They were delivered as arranged on time. They were collected as arranged on time. The bins were presentable and good quality. The price was the best of 8 quotes I received. The few issues were resolved quickly and without fuss. Looking forward to using them next year when we will probably have a bigger festival.”

Event waste FAQs

  • What happens to my event waste?

    All event waste is collected by licensed waste carriers. It’s normally taken to a nearby waste transfer station, depending on where your event is held. The waste will be checked and sorted with as much as possible diverted away from landfill and sent for recycling and reuse. Processes depend on the exact waste type.

  • How much does festival waste removal cost?

    Costs of festival waste removal depend on factors specific to your event. This includes the type, size, and number of bins you need, how often you need them collected, and where from in the UK. The easiest way to see how much festival waste removal costs is to apply for a free no obligation quote tailored to your needs – call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online.

  • How can I reduce my event waste management costs?

    There are a few things you can try to reduce your event waste management costs:

    • Encourage recycling to reduce how much landfill tax you pay for event waste disposal.
    • Use bigger bins with fewer collections for cost-effective event waste removal.
    • Reduce waste by providing reusable drinking cups and bottles across the site.
  • Where can you collect event waste from?

    We can collect waste from events anywhere across the UK thanks to our nationwide network. This includes everything from countryside festivals to seaside fairs, city shows, and village fetes. All industries are covered, from academic conferences to sporting events and rallies that last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks.

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  • What size events can you help with waste management?

    We can provide waste management services to events of all sizes thanks to the wide range of bins and collections we offer. Find a solution whether you’re running a local food festival in the village hall or putting on a three-day music festival. We can deliver and collect bins of various types, sizes, and numbers to support your needs.

  • When should I start my event waste management plan?

    Start your event waste management plan as soon as possible. Once you know the event will go ahead it should be high on your to-do list. This ensures you can book bin deliveries and collections in advance, and possibly save money compared to doing it last minute. The earlier you plan the sooner any potential problems can be detected and resolved too.

  • Can you help remove waste from multi-day events?

    We can remove waste from multi-day events as well as one-day events. This includes providing waste removal services throughout your event, whether you need one or more bin collections each day or just after the event finishes.

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