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Entertainment and Sports Venue Waste Management

The entertainment and sports industries are huge in the UK. It’s estimated that the sports events market is worth more than £2 billion a year to the UK economy and the live music industry more than £1 billion. At the heart of these are thousands of entertainment and sports venues across the country.

There are more than 950 grassroots music venues and over 25 huge indoor arenas that can seat more than 5,000 people used for all sorts of events. Plus there are around 5,000 sports facilities venues including more than 2,000 football stadiums. Then there are hundreds of midsized venues, theatres, concert halls, cinemas, and more.

From a small independent theatre to an 80,000-seater outdoor stadium, every venue in the UK produces a wide range of waste that must be managed responsibly. At Business Waste we can help whatever the type, size, and location of your venue. Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online for a free quote for waste collection from your venue.

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Waste removal from venues

Every venue used to host any kind of event produces waste before, during, and after the occasion. It could be food waste from kitchen prep, drinks cups thrown away by attendees, and general waste from the clean-up afterwards. Participants, spectators, guests, staff, and other venue users can all contribute to waste.

This all classes as commercial waste so must be stored, removed, and disposed of safely and legally – whatever kind and size of venue you run. We can collect waste from any venue anywhere in the UK. Some of the common types and examples of entertainment, sports, business, and other venues that require waste removal include:

  • Cinemas – small independent cinemas, outdoor cinemas, and movie theatre chains
  • Comedy clubs – local and national comedy clubs
  • Conference centres – convention centres, conference rooms in buildings, and business venues
  • Music venues – grassroots, independent, and DIY venues, gig venues, concert halls, indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Sports facilities – amateur and professional football stadiums, rugby grounds, tennis courts, golf courses, snooker halls, and any other sports venue
  • Theatres – independent and chain theatres that host plays, ballet, musicals, opera, and other acts
  • Wedding venues – indoor and outdoor wedding venues

What waste types 
do venues create?

Entertainment, sports, and other venues produce a wide range of waste materials when preparing for, hosting, and clearing up after events. Types and volumes of waste generated vary depending on the kind of venue, event, and size. There are some common waste types that almost every venue in the UK creates:

  • Food waste – leftover food items from attendees, expired ingredients in the kitchen, and even just snacks and food scraps can add up at venues hosting thousands of people.
  • Liquid waste – drinks waste from attendees (such as beer, coffee, and leftover soft drinks), wastewater from cleaning, and unused liquids from any kitchen create liquid waste.
  • Sanitary waste – the toilets and any changing rooms, bathrooms, and washroom facilities must legally have adequate sanitary waste bins in place to store everything from nappy waste to feminine hygiene waste.
  • General waste – recycling is vital, but every venue will have general waste to deal with such as food scraps, non-recyclable packaging, and more.
  • Glass recycling – wine, beer, and other drinks bottles make up most glass waste from venues, as well as condiment and ingredient jars from areas serving food and any commercial kitchens.
  • Hazardous waste – cleaning products used across the venue should be disposed of with hazardous waste.
  • Packaging waste – a wide range of packaging waste will likely be produced by the venue and attendees, such as food packaging in the kitchens and bars and boxes and pallets from deliveries.
  • Dry mixed recycling – DMR bins are convenient for many venues to save space and collect a combination of cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal thrown away by people, such as drinks cans, cups, food cartons, trays, and packaging.
  • Cardboard recycling – packaging, boxes, signs, and many other items made of cardboard should be recycled within venues.

Bins for entertainment and sports venues

At Business Waste we provide free bins for your waste. There are no rental fees or delivery charges – you only pay for collection. Choose from a wide range of commercial waste bags and bins in various sizes to suit the waste management needs of your venue with no need to hire bins.

Explore bins and bags for commercial waste to separate and store all rubbish your venue creates securely:

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  • 240 litre wheelie bins

    The biggest bins available to store just glass recycling or food waste, as well as smaller volumes of other recyclable rubbish.

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  • 1100 litre wheelie bins

    The largest wheelie bins with four wheels, suitable for general waste and types of dry mixed recycling or in separate streams.

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  • Front end loaders

    Venues with lots of space can use FELs to store high volumes of waste and recycling for cost-effective waste management.


Ways to manage waste 
effectively in your venue

All waste generated in a venue is commercial waste. Therefore it must be removed by licensed waste carriers and disposed of in line with the relevant regulations. If you run a venue you’ll need to arrange waste collection regularly to keep your premises clean and safe.

Start with a waste audit of your venue. Review your current waste management practices and identify any challenging areas (such as overflowing bins or half-full bins being removed). Consider all waste materials produced daily and on event days to spot opportunities to recycle as much rubbish as possible.

How to reduce waste at events

Create a waste management plan for your venue that covers all the waste you produce, how and where it’s stored, who is responsible for overseeing waste management for the venue, and who collects it and when. Strong waste management should help your venue operate efficiently and cost-effectively – speak to our team for any help.

Having the right number and type of bins across your venue is vital. Assess where waste is created and place bins as close as possible to the point of production to minimise littering and increase recycling. Clear signs will help staff and event attendees use them properly. Check access issues such as stairs and lifts for removing and emptying bins.

How does venue waste collection work?

Process Block

How to reduce waste 
in your venue

Reducing waste should be an aim for every type and size of venue in the UK. This helps cut costs to run the venue and improves your green credentials, which is important to attract everything from bands to play your concert hall to couples getting married at your site.

These are a few simple ways to reduce the waste your venue creates:

  • Use effective bins – having an effective number, sizes, and range of bins to separate recycling at the source should reduce how much rubbish gets put in your general waste containers and potentially sent for incineration or landfill.
  • Partner with sustainable suppliers – seek suppliers who use minimal or recycled and recyclable packaging for your food, equipment, and other goods needed to run your venue.
  • Train staff – educate staff about the importance of recycling for the environment and the financial side of your venue. Put a recycling policy in place and have clear signs around your venue.
  • Donate items – review what’s thrown out of your venue after an event or regularly and see if there are any items you could donate to a local charity or community cause.
  • Go digital – ditch paper receipts, menus, and leaflets that are mostly binned. Replace with email receipts, QR codes, or even tablets in places where required. Digital screens rather than physical posters also save paper and are easier to update.
Festival waste management tips
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Why use Business Waste?

At Business Waste we’re a national waste broker that can collect rubbish from venues anywhere in the UK. Our extensive network means we can find an affordable and efficient option to remove waste from any type and size of venue wherever you’re based – from a cinema in a coastal town to a city centre theatre.

All waste is kept away from landfill and recycled, recovered, and reused where possible. We realise that running a venue can be challenging with seasonal fluctuations and calendar changes that mean the waste you produce varies. That’s why we work to provide flexible solutions for your business.

Find a cost-effective and efficient way to dispose of waste from your venue whether you need regular removals or a one-off collection. Licensed waste carriers can pick up your waste at a suitable time that works with your schedule. Rest assured your waste is managed safely, legally, and responsibly as we offer:

  • Free bins
  • Free duty of care
  • Flexible collections
  • Cost-effective (UK broker)
  • Waste kept out of landfill

Arrange venue waste collection

Book waste collection from your venue anywhere in the UK with Business Waste. Get started with a free no-obligation quote tailored to your needs. Simply tell us where your venue is, what types and rough amounts of rubbish you want removing, and how often. We’ll provide you with a bespoke price.

Save money with free bins of various types and sizes – you only cover collection costs. Daily, weekly, and fortnightly waste removal is available, as well as some ad hoc services, to slot in with your schedule. You’ll receive a free duty of care certificate for added peace of mind.

Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online today for your free quote or to speak with one of our expert and friendly team about any questions. They’ll work to provide a fast solution and get you what you need for affordable, reliable, and effective waste management for your venue.

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