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Retail waste management

Here at Business Waste UK, we understand the difficulties that the retail sector has in managing their day to day retail waste. Whether you’re a small convenience store in a rural village or a larger outfit in a shopping centre, you will still need to effectively and economically manage your retail waste.

We work with all retail companies, no matter how big or small, to help them better manage their retail waste with the use of our specialist retail waste collection services.

Retailers end up with various kinds of recyclable waste that could be harmful to their immediate surroundings as well as the environment at large. As a responsible retailer, you should know the sources of the waste coming from your retail stores and warehouses, as well as the final place it ends up.

Waste management

What types of waste require disposal for retailers?

Retailers handle various products, most of which include packaging. Retail stores tend to specialise in particular products; for instance, some will deal with clothing, others may focus on foodstuff, and others may do both, depending on the size of the business. Some of the waste retailers produce include but are not limited to:

What options are available for retail waste disposal?

Most of the retail waste can be disposed of without much hassle, while others need careful disposal for environmental reasons. Your duty as a retail owner is to identify the types of waste that originate from your stores and warehouses and take the necessary measures to ensure it is disposed of responsibly. Depending on where you live, various options may be available for dealing with each type of waste from your retail store. A little research will inform you about the best options without affecting the environment or breaking any laws.

You could bale cardboard and other recyclables for easier storage until they are collected for disposal. You could have various bins for specific recyclable materials; for instance, a bin for soda cans, another for glass waste, and another for e-waste. Other viable options are to encourage both your staff and customers to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The best approach is to provide these options for them actively instead of just passing the message. For instance, providing bins for different recyclable products will make it easier for your staff to dispose of waste accordingly. Letting your customers know that they can dispose of their e-waste at a designated point in your store will make it easier for them to get rid of that waste responsibly.

Retail and shop waste collections

Nearly any waste from retail is recyclable. Recyclable waste like glass, e-waste, or plastic will be taken to relevant processing plants where it can be processed into something useful. Food waste may be taken to farms and used as manure.

Retail stores produce various forms of environmentally unsafe waste. Every retail owner has to ensure that this waste is disposed of carefully and responsibly.

Business Waste UK covers the whole of the UK. We offer the lowest retail waste collection prices, together with friendly and efficient service. To learn more about our range of retail waste management services for your business, then please do give us a call today.