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Business Waste understands just how important and sensitive funeral home waste management can be, and the importance of protecting your entire team of staff throughout all preparations for the funeral service. Your trained staff need to follow a variety of legal regulations, and partnering with Business Waste can help ensure your waste management service is not only compliant but also provides the highest level of employee protection.

We appreciate the discretion and sensitivity you need to demonstrate to all your customers, and our national team of waste management professionals can help ensure your employees can access the essential waste disposal resources you need, at all appropriate times.

Discover more about the effective clinical and medical waste management services offered by Business Waste below:

Funeral home waste disposal

Professionals working within the funeral home sector already know that disposing of biohazardous waste is a critical area of the business and subject to a variety of legal regulations. You should also appreciate that safeguarding all team members by the correct management and disposal of medical and clinical waste is a vital protection.

This means it’s important to identify all the different types of waste generated within your funeral home and ensure it’s disposed of correctly. Just some of the most important waste items funeral homes deal with on a daily basis are discussed below.

Funeral home waste management

As noted above, the identification of all the waste generated in your funeral home is the most important factor in successful waste management. You can’t afford to throw things like sharps, medications, or hospital gowns into your normal business waste bins, so all employees need to learn exactly what materials are considered biohazardous and all the different ways of disposal. Most of these are listed below:

What types of waste do funeral homes produce?

Gauze and gowns will often accompany any bodies transported from hospitals or care facilities, and these should always be disposed of with diligence as they could carry tissue, blood, germs, or bodily fluids. This waste will either be classed as chemical waste or offensive waste and should be disposed of according to legislative requirements.

The same can be said for the gowns, plastic aprons and arm covers, swabs, masks, disposable gloves, gauze and tubing used within your preparation rooms. All of these are classed as clinical waste products and should be disposed of accordingly.

Examples of the offensive waste you handle in the course of your work include blood, faecal matter, and chemicals.

Sharps, such as needles, and the scalpels or scissors used for preparing the deceased for viewing and burial.

Funeral directors waste disposal

What are the waste legislation laws for a funeral home?

As an owner or manager of a UK funeral home, the waste legislation impacting on your business includes:

    – The Environment Protection Act 1990 (including Duty of Care regulations)
    – The Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012
    – The Hazardous Waste Directive
    – The Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations

When you team up with us, you can rely on the experts at Business Waste to provide all essential duty of care certificates at zero cost as part of our standard funeral home waste management package. We also offer your staff team all the support needed to identify different types of waste and dispose of it in the correct containers. Your waste management compliance and overall staff safety are enhanced when you partner with Business Waste for all your funeral home waste disposal needs.

Funeral waste bins

Our funeral waste plans are completely tailored to your needs, as we appreciate that all businesses are different. All of our waste bins, waste bags, and sharps bins are provided free of charge and we ensure that incineration of biohazardous waste is carried out in the required manner.

You can rely on us to dispose of all chemical, biohazardous, and clinical waste and needles, blades or sharps in line with current legislation. Use the relevant bins or bags provided, and we’ll handle the rest. Our competent workers handle all disposal, including incineration, and your certificates are proof positive of our compliant funeral home waste management services.

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