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Waste Management Service

It might not seem like the most obvious requirement for your business at first, but over time you will inevitably produce waste that needs disposing of. That is where we come in with our local recycling, waste disposal teams and waste management service, available throughout the UK.

Waste management is an increasing headache for many companies. With the need to reduce their environmental impact, but faced with increasing and ever-changing legislation, costs and stress can spiral rapidly. More and more companies are placing their waste management solutions into the hands of specialists, such as ourselves at Business Waste LTD a leading UK waste management company.

Waste management

Outsourcing your waste management and recycling has numerous benefits including:

    • Specialist industry experts focussing solely on your waste management
    • Free your own staff to concentrate on your core business and increasing productivity
    • Significant financial savings
    • Significant environmental benefits
    • Reduce costs
    • Exceptional customer care

    What is waste management?

    In essence, it is the collection, transportation, monitoring and either disposal or recycling of waste. This applies to all materials that are surplus to need or requirement and that are produced by humans through activity. Waste management is crucial in protecting the health of humans, the environment and keeping areas safe.

    There are lots of ways in which waste can be managed. When it comes to items such as paper or glass, it is possible for these to be recycled. It is particularly important nowadays for companies to be environmentally responsible and recycling is one way of doing this.

    When it comes to food, along with recycling scraps there are also a number of food banks and charities now available across the UK that rely on donations of unwanted and surplus food for re-distributing it. It is thought that each year, around 18 million tonnes of food finds itself in a landfill. Many countries are now pledging to introduce measures to tackle food waste as it was found in 2015 that collectively, the EU disposes of 89 million tonnes of food each year (with the UK coming up as one of the worst). There are also many ways in which individuals can manage their food waste by following food scrap recipes (bubble & squeak anyone?) and batch freezing food to avoid it going out of date and becoming wasted.

    Why is waste management important?

    A number of reasons why waste management is important are outlined above. With businesses producing high volumes of waste that fall into multiple categories, all of which with their own specific regulations, dealing with the waste their business or commercial organisation produces can become a real headache for business owners. Spending large amounts of time analysing waste legislation until they have the requisite expertise to ensure that all of their waste is dealt with efficiently and legitimately is simply not a realistic proposition. With any number of concerns to deal with in their day, we business owners simply do not have the time to make waste disposal their unflinching priority. It is in this climate that waste management companies become extremely important for businesses of all sizes.

    As the generation of commercial waste is an inevitability, it is crucial for businesses to be able to ensure that they can manage it appropriately. Without adequate waste management, businesses can become overrun with the waste that they produce, risk breaking a number of regulations. and find themselves struggling to cope rather than growing their business. For these reasons, waste management is essential.

    How can you improve your waste management?

    There are a few things that can be done to help limit the amount of waste produced. This includes buying goods that are recyclable and/or that have packaging that can be recycled. This is particularly important in helping the environment and means that even when they do need disposing of, they remain eco-friendly. If you know that you may not necessarily need something, don’t buy it unless it is absolutely necessary.

    Where items do come in plastic or non-recyclable packaging, try to limit the amount that you use or buy. If you can make an easy swap to an eco-friendly version, this is ideal and will help to improve your impact on the planet.

    Reuse as much as you can and where this isn’t possible, look at how other people can benefit from it. Can you offer anything a second life, either through Freecycle, Gumtree or via charity shops?

    Make sure you dispose of everything correctly. If you need advice on how you can be more efficient and effective with your disposals, get in touch. It may be that there are things you can recycle that you’re not currently aware of. Make sure you have an organised sorting system for your rubbish as this will help to make it much easier to segregate and sort your waste.

    Recycling and waste management

    Business Waste specialises in sustainable waste management, collection, and disposal of your business waste.

    Managing your business waste properly is a key requirement in a business’s ability to maintaining ISO14001 accreditation. We encourage businesses to improve their environmental efficiencies by offering recycling waste management plans with the environment in mind by eliminating waste through resource recovery practices such as recycling, composting or energy generation.

    The aim of our recycling waste management plans is to extract the maximum practical benefits of every kind of waste we collect, whilst generating the minimum amount of waste and at the same time maintaining a cost-effective service for your business that doesn’t dent your profits.

    Waste management bins

    What type of bins do you need for waste management?

    We can provide you with a number of types of bins, depending on your needs. For waste that you can compact, such as cardboard, depending on waste volumes you may find the most suitable bin for your needs is a Front End Loader (FEL), a compactor or a wheelie bin. An FEL is ideal for dry waste, and is hygienic due to the lid and can be locked to increase security. It also comes with forklift channels, which helps to aid maneuverability.

    If you need to dispose of clinical waste, you will need a ‘sharps’ bin, or little yellow bin as they are commonly known as. This will help your business meet with the CWR Controlled Waste Regulations of 2012, which requires clinical waste to be removed safely. Clinical waste is categorised as anything that has come about through healthcare activity – including dentistry and veterinary. It can include anything that has been contaminated with a medicine that contains a biologically active pharmaceutical agent. Additionally, it is any waste that contains micro-organisms or their toxins that can cause diseases. Finally, it is anything that is sharp, such as a needle, or that contains bodily fluids. It is possible for this type of waste to occur outside the healthcare industries, for example, with ladies’ sanitary bins. This type of waste management is particularly important in ensuring your hazardous waste does not pose a danger to anyone in your workplace and to ensure you are working within the legal requirements.

    Roll-on/roll-off containers are ideal if your waste is large and cannot be easily compacted. It offers a high-volume, low-density solution and enables you to benefit from the economy of scale. It also comes with low sides, which makes it easier to load your waste. You may find that you need a skip, and this is something we can also help you with. These large waste management solutions handle most types of waste and offer an economical, ideal choice if space is at a premium.

    What is a waste management plan?

    Essentially, it is a written strategy for how you plan on managing your waste and details who is responsible for the management of waste in your workplace, etc. It is a set of goals and objectives to ensure any commercial or trade waste is cleared away effectively, efficiently and regularly.

    It is helpful to have a waste management plan in place, especially if you produce a large volume of waste or lots of different types of waste. A tailored waste management plan will help you to save money in the long run through becoming more efficient and organised and will ensure you are utilising the services we offer in full.

    When writing your plan, it is important to think about a number of different elements including:

      • Prevention
      • Repurposing, reusing or recycling
      • Recovery and collection
      • Treatment and disposal

    How to choose a waste management company?

    When it comes to choosing who to work with, it is important to do your research. Get lots of quotes from various waste management services and put them together to compare which is cheapest and most reasonable.

    However, it isn’t just about price and you also need to see who is most reliable. There is nothing more inconvenient than finding your waste hasn’t been collected when needed or expected – especially given the health and safety risk this poses.

    Check out reviews and testimonials to see what other people are saying. We have many on our site that shows how many customers agree that our service has been fantastic and they have never had any issues with their weekly collections or customer service. These types of accolades stand a company in great stead – after all, the customer is always right.

    Additionally, it is important to find out about the environmental credentials of each company. Can they collect all types of waste and achieve 0% landfill? This hugely beneficial for the environment and for your company, making you a responsible, considerate business.

    Finally, you need to believe in the customer service you are getting. As well as receiving fast and efficient responses, you also need to know that should issues arise, they will be dealt with swiftly and professionally without impact to your company. When talking to various waste management services, you will get a sense of what type of relationship you believe you will be able to have with them through the customer service you receive.

    How can business waste help you?

    There are a number of ways in which Business Waste can help you. From offering collections of commercial waste to skip hire, supplying you with free wheelie bins to collecting your recycling. This can include cardboard and plastic, wood and biomass, paper and glass, scrap metal and WEEE, garden waste and soil.

    Commercial waste management

    Thanks to our established national and regional collection routes, we’re able to collect your commercial waste and recycling easily while also passing on huge financial savings to yourself compared to other waste management companies.

    Alongside the fact we collect all types of commercial and trade waste, you will also get a dedicated account manager who will help to offer expert advice and guidance when needed. All advice is friendly and free. You will also get to meet our happy and considerate bin collection engineers, who will make regular trips to your workplace and leave your space tidy, clean and free of any waste.

    Waste management near me

    We offer national coverage; this includes Sheffield to Edinburgh, Bristol to Leicester, Leeds to Nottingham, Kent to London, Liverpool to Manchester, Birmingham to Chelmsford, all of the UK is covered every nook and cranny.

    As we have many well-established routes across the length and breadth of the country, we are able to ensure you get the cheapest and most cost-effective price available to you for our waste management services. We pride ourselves on having some of the lowest prices in the UK and exceptional customer service.

    Get in touch

    We offer all kinds of waste management solutions including for food waste to airport waste, warehouse waste to hotel waste, industrial waste to pharmaceutical waste and can provide a number of different recycling solutions. Our prices are competitive, our services are nationwide and our customers are always happy. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help your business.

    How to choose our Waste Management Services?

    We are industry specialists who believe in creating long-lasting relationships built on trust, reliability, exceptional service and honesty. This open and honest approach means that we always act genuinely in your interest. Waste management may be just a costly necessity for your business, but it is our passion, and this passion will save your business money.

    We work in partnership with your business to find better waste management solutions and reduce costs. At the forefront of new waste management innovations, we focus on eliminating landfill at source, recycling and utilising the latest industry technology to move your business towards zero waste to landfill.

    Our partnership approach means you get a first-class personalised service, where one of our consultants will work alongside you, to analyse your business and its processes.  With a diverse range of solutions, along with complete flexibility with regards to services, contracting procedures and payment structures, our consultant will tailor a waste management package for your business, with a fair and transparent pricing structure based on contract performance, industry regulations and inflation.

    We will keep you fully updated on all changes to environmental laws and policies, within both the EU and UK legislative framework, and work alongside you to advise on any necessary changes. This is vital to avoid the ever-growing threat of substantial fines and charges if some of these laws and policies are not adhered to correctly.

    Our total waste management services include:

    • Full site audits by qualified consultants with substantial industry experience.
    • Regular collections of all types of waste, including hazardous and clinical.
    • Recycling of waste wherever possible.
    • Continuous partnership working to monitor and implement waste management policies to reduce waste at source.
    • Advice and updates on current legislation and regulations.
    • Sophisticated invoicing.
    • Dedicated and professional customer service team, not automated phone systems.
    • One point of call to ensure a seamless service and save time taken by dealing with multiple suppliers.
    • One invoice for simpler accounting.
    • Experienced, expert advice to ensure you comply with relevant legislation.
    • Professional, tailored service.
    • All types of waste collected from general to specialist waste. removes the need for multiple service providers by offering a comprehensive total waste management service for your business. Many companies are looking for a way to comply with legislation; reduce the financial burden of waste management; and improve their environmental impact. We work with you to help create a solution that does all of the above so that you are free to concentrate on what matters to you – your business.

    It’s a simple, efficient total waste solution for your business.

    You are assured of a first-class, fully optimised waste management service tailored to your business’ specific requirements that will both save your company money and reduce its environmental impact. Our systems and solutions may be state-of-the-art, but we believe in good old-fashioned customer service, and you will always be able to speak to a real person.

    We save you time, save you money, and help to save the environment.

    Call us on 0800 211 8390, or book a free assessment of your waste management policies.

    All customers are different therefore, all have different needs. We can work with you to develop a waste management program tailored to suit your particular requirements. If space is at a premium or you need specialist waste control we will have or will develop, a solution. Our staff has many years of experience working within the industry at all levels, so you can be assured of their skill, judgment, and commitment to getting it right.