Waste management for pubs, bars and clubs

Business Waste understands the unique waste and recycling requirements of the public house, bar and club industry, and is able to offer substantial savings on disposal services for your business.
Waste Collections

Whatever the size of your establishment, we can offer a comprehensive service to fit your needs, from straight-forward wheeled bin collections to multiple containers at a number of sites.

Our knowledge of waste management and its myriad regulations means that we are able to offer you advice on effective recycling regimes that can save your business substantial headaches.

We are fully licensed and have a full duty of care that ensures your waste is removed and processed responsibly. We are also able to help you with specialist waste such as broken or crushed glass, cleaning chemicals, and other hazardous wastes.

What are types of waste disposal requirements do pubs, bars, and clubs require?

Below are the most common type of waste that a pub, bar or club produces on a daily basis, we can tailor-make a solution and provide all the necessary bins and collection schedules for you

What options are available for waste collections for pubs, bars, and clubs?

– Food waste bins

We provide waste bins specially made to collect food waste. These bins are long-lasting, easy to clean, colour coded and are sealable. They help prevent cross-contamination and also keep pests away. Wheelie bins ranging from 120-660 litres constructed from thick and sturdy plastics are also available. The law requires that bins meant for food waste be sealable and colour coded to distinguish them from the other bins clearly.

– Glass bins

Glass waste requires toughened glass bins with a unique sealing. The size of the bin solely depends on your needs and output. Wheelie bins suitable for glass waste are also available. We provide the standard 120 litres bin or bigger if need be.

– Plastic recycle bins

For all your plastic waste, we will provide you with a wheelie bin that has a lid to prevent any tampering.

– Sanitary waste bins

Sanitary waste is classified as controlled waste under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Any company that collects sanitary waste should be registered as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency.

– Cardboard recycle bins

Since cardboard takes up a lot of space, we provide daily, weekly and monthly pickups. We use affordable, cardboard recycling bins to collect cardboard waste.

You can view our full range of bins and containers here

What recycling methods are available for each type of waste from a pub when it is collected?

– Glass recycling collections

Not all glass waste is recyclable in a regular recycle bin, however, items such as windows, glass jars, light bulbs, glass ovenware, glass fibre and borosilicate glass can. Recycling glass is great for the environment, and it also helps save energy.

– Plastic recycling collections

The collected waste is sorted and organised depending on the type of plastic it is. The plastic is shredded, cleaned to remove all impurities and then melted down to form pellets which are used to make new plastic.

– Cardboard recycling collections

Recycling cardboard is an easy and quick process. This is because cardboard is made from fibres that were once processed from trees. Once the cardboard is sorted out, it is shredded into small pieces, mixed with water and chemicals that turn it into a slurry. This pulp is combined with a small amount of wood pulp from wood chips. The mixture is filtered, dried and pressed into long sheets which are glued together to form new cardboard.

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