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Are you thinking of hiring a HIPPOBAG, Skip bag or Skip hire alternative? Here’s what you need to know.

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What sizes of Skip Bags or HIPPOBAG are available?

Skip bags or HIPPOBAGs are available in three sizes. The MIDIBAG is the smallest option and measures 90cm by 90cm by 90cm. It holds up to 1 tonne of waste.

The MEGABAG measures 180cm by 90cm by 70cm and can hold up to 1.5 tonnes of waste.

The HIPPOSKIP is the largest bag and measures 210cm by 165cm by 100cm. It can hold up to 1.5 tonnes of waste.

How much does a Skip bag or HIPPOBAG cost?

This depends on whether you choose to purchase the HIPPOBAG on its own or pay for both the bag and your collection fees. The MIDIBAG costs £134.99 for bag and collection and £12.49 for the bag only. The MEGABAG costs £164.99 for bag and collection and £14.99 for the bag only. The HIPPOSKIP costs £249.99 for bag and collection and £32.99 for the bag only.

What can you put in a HIPPOBAG or Skip Bag?

You can use a Skip Bag or HIPPOBAG for general household waste, builders’ or DIY waste and any garden waste. Under no circumstances should you place hazardous or contaminated waste such as plasterboard into your Skip Bag.

How much does it cost to pick up a Skip Bag or HIPPOBAG?

The price will range from £100-200 dependant on size and location. Please contact the sales team to confirm your costs

Is there anything you can’t put in a Skip Bag / HIPPOBAG?

You can’t put hazardous or contaminated waste into a Skip Bag / HIPPOBAG, as well as food waste, chemicals, liquids, electrical goods, asbestos or batteries.

Are Skip Bags or HIPPOBAGs waterproof?

Yes, just like a skip, a Skip Bag / HIPPOBAG is waterproof. Just be sure to cover it when placing soil or rubble inside to prevent any additional weight being added.

Are HIPPOBAGs or Skip Bags reusable?

Once a Skip Bag or HIPPOBAG is collected it will not be returned to you. All bags are single-use only.

Where should I put my Skip Bag / HIPPOBAG?

You will need to carefully consider where you’re going to place the bag from the offset, as moving a heavy HIPPOBAG can not only harm you but it can damage the bag too, making it unsafe to lift. It also needs to be placed within 4m of the road, in an area with no obstacles, so that the lorry can safely lift and remove the load.

Do I need a skip permit for a Skip Bag / HIPPOBAG?

This very much depends on your local council and where you place the Skip Bag / HIPPOBAG – you may need to obtain a skip permit even if you want to place your Skip Bag / HIPPOBAG on the pavement. For correct guidance, contact your local council.

Do I get the skip bag back?

Sadly, no you don’t. Each Skip Bag is designed for single-use only. This is because the company can’t guarantee the bag will be safe to use again. However, the bags are recycled together with recyclable waste.

How does a Skip Bag / HIPPOBAG compare to skips?

It’s difficult to compare the two, but there are obvious differences. A Skip Bag / HIPPOBAG is a lot cheaper than a similar-sized skip, so it is a good alternative if you’re on a budget. Even though Skip Bag /HIPPOBAGs are available in various sizes, you won’t find one as big as a roll-on roll-off skip. If you are doing a small DIY job at home and need a small skip, a HIPPOBAG is a great choice. They are also the preferred choice when you have limited outdoor space.

How long have I got to use my Skip Bag /HIPPOBAG before collection?

There is no time limit. When the bag is full, simply call or email Business Waste a call to arrange a time slot. The collection is usually carried out within 3 days.

Can I put soil or rubble in a Skip Bag / HIPPOBAG?

Yes, you are allowed to put rubble and soil in a Skip Bag. However, you will need to carefully consider its weight, as each bag has a maximum weight limit. Don’t overfill the bag above the fill line and make sure you cover the bag up in wet conditions because rainwater can add to the weight of the bag if it’s filled with soil.

When will I receive my Skip Bag?

Skip bags can be ordered directly from Business Waste, fill out a web form or call us directly. In most cases, if you order before midday on a weekday, you should receive your bag the next working day.

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