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Are you thinking of hiring a skip bag, HIPPOBAG, or simply want an alternative to using a skip? Find out everything you need to know about skip bags in this guide – including what you can put in them and how much they cost to hire. Arrange skip bag hire and find a HIPPOBAG alternative with Business Waste.

If you’re looking for information about hiring a skip, visit our skip hire page. For more information about the amount of waste skips can hold to help work out whether a skip or HIPPOBAG is best for your needs, check out the different skip sizes available.

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Skip bag hire

Skip and HIPPOBAG hire provides a cheaper and smaller alternative to using a regular skip for your business waste needs. Simply select the size and number of skip bags that suit the type and amount of rubbish you produce. Then we’ll deliver the skip bag to your premises for free – just pay for collection.

Skip bag hire is just as easy as hiring a regular skip. In many ways it’s simpler, as HIPPOBAGs are lighter and easier to move around your premises before filling with any waste. There are various skip bags for hire with no rental fees however long you need to use it.

Wherever your business is based in the country it’s possible to arrange HIPPOBAG hire. Contact us online or call 0800 211 8390 to book skip bag hire near you today.

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HIPPOBAG vs skip

It’s difficult to compare a skip bag with a skip as they both do a similar job. You can use either to store a range of the same waste types – such as rubble, bricks, bulky items, and more. However, there are a few key differences to consider when deciding between a HIPPOBAG or skip:

  • A skip bag or HIPPOBAG is cheaper than a similar-sized skip, so it’s a good alternative if you’re on a budget.
  • Even though skip bags come in various sizes, most skip bags are smaller than skips available for hire, and you won’t find one as big as a roll-on roll-off skip.
  • HIPPOBAGs are more flexible as they’re easier to move around before filling with waste and even when partly full. A skip is hard to move due to its weight.
  • As skip bags are lighter and smaller, they suit small projects, garden clearances, or DIY jobs at home better than a metal skip.
  • A skip is more durable when left outside for long periods of time, more weather-resistant, and less likely to sustain damage.
  • If you have limited outdoor space, then skip bags provide a great solution as they can fit into smaller spaces.


Skip bags or HIPPOBAGs are available in three sizes. The best HIPPOBAG size depends on what type and amount of waste you produce. To work out which one is right for your needs, these are all the key details about the three types and sizes of HIPPOBAGs:

  • MIDIBAG – This is the smallest skip bag size and measures 90cm x 90cm x 90cm. It holds up to 1 tonne (1,000kg) of waste. This makes it suitable for storing soil, rubble, and other types of heavy waste, perfect for small DIY projects, house clearances, garden developments, and some construction waste.
  • MEGABAG – A midsize skip bag size that measures 180cm x 90cm x 70cm and can hold up to 1.5 tonnes (1,500kg) of waste. This is the most popular HIPPOBAG size that you can fill to the top with all sorts of heavy waste. They’re great for holding construction waste including bricks and tiles, as well as gardening waste and other rubble.
  • HIPPOSKIP – The largest skip bag that measures 210cm x 165cm x 100cm. It can hold up to 1.5 tonnes (1,500kg) of waste. Its larger size means this skip bag is best for big and bulky items, such as a kitchen sink, bathtub, and some items of furniture. Bigger dimensions provide extra space for larger amounts of rubble, bricks, and tiles too.

HIPPOBAG alternatives

HIPPOBAG is the branded name for the original skip bags developed by the company HIPPO. The company was founded to introduce a flexible alternative to metal skips with its innovative bags in 2002. These bags have since been copied and other skip bags are available as an alternative to an official HIPPOBAG.

In some cases, you’ll find using other skip bags such as bulk builders bags cheaper, but it depends on your location, waste type, and amount. If you already own a HIPPOBAG then an affordable alterative is to fill it with your waste and arrange collection by a waste management company other than HIPPO – such as with Business Waste.

Other alternatives to a HIPPOBAG include regular skip hire – ideal if you need a much larger container for your waste. There are also many more bins and waste containers available, such as wheelie bins, compactors, and front-end loaders. These come in various sizes and hold different waste types.

We can offer a HIPPOBAG alternative whether you want different skip bags, bins, or containers. Speak to our team and they can advise on the best option for your commercial waste needs.

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How much do 

HIPPOBAG costs depend on whether you choose to purchase the HIPPOBAG on its own or pay for both the bag and your HIPPOBAG collection cost. It also varies between official HIPPOBAGs or using alternative skip bag options. The bigger the skip bag, the more expensive the costs for both the bag and collection.

General HIPPOBAG prices can change but they’re currently around:

  • The MIDIBAG costs from £134.99 for the bag and collection – from £12.49 for the bag only.
  • The MEGABAG costs from £164.99 for the bag and collection – from £14.99 for the bag only.
  • The HIPPOSKIP costs from £249.99 for the bag and collection – from £32.99 for the bag only.

Using other skip bags offers a cheaper alternative and prices vary between providers. At Business Waste we provide free bins and bags – with no rental or purchase charges, you only pay for their collection. To see how much you could save contact us online or call 0800 211 8390 for a free no obligation quote for HIPPOBAGs or skip bags.

Skip bag hire FAQs

  • What can you put in a skip bag?

    You can use skip bags for general waste, builders’ or DIY waste, and any garden waste from your household or business. Essentially, anything you can put in a normal skip you can place in a skip bag, such as old furniture, carpets, and other types of bulky waste.

    This also means items you can’t put in a skip cannot be thrown in a skip bag. Under no circumstances should you place hazardous waste or contaminated waste such as plasterboard into your skip bag.

  • How much does it cost to pick up a skip bag or HIPPOBAG?

    Skip bag or HIPPOBAG collection costs will range from £100 to 200 depending on the size of the bag and your location. At Business Waste, we can provide you with a free quote for skip bags collection, whether you use a regular skip bag or a HIPPOBAG. Call 0800 211 8390 or email [email protected] for an accurate estimate today.

  • Is there anything you can’t put in a skip bag?

    Yes – you can’t put hazardous or contaminated waste into a skip bag. You also can’t use them to store any food waste, chemicals, liquids, electrical goodsasbestos, or batteries. Find out more about these types of waste to learn the appropriate bins, bags, or containers you can use to store such rubbish.

  • Are skip bags waterproof?

    Yes, skip bags are waterproof. Just be sure to cover it when placing soil or rubble inside to prevent adding any additional weight – as like most skips, there’s no lid or roof over the skip bag.

  • Are skip bags or HIPPOBAGs reusable?

    No, skip bags and HIPPOBAGs aren’t reusable. Once a skip bag or HIPPOBAG is collected, it won’t be returned to you. All skip bags are single use.

  • Where should I place the skip bag for collection?

    You should carefully consider where you’re going to place the skip bag before you start to fill it with waste. Moving a heavy skip bag can cause harm and damage the bag too, making it unsafe to lift. You need to place any skip or HIPPOBAG within 4m of the road, in an area with no obstacles, so the lorry can safely lift and remove the load.

  • Do I need a skip permit for a skip bag?

    Whether you need a permit depends on your local council and where you place the skip bag or HIPPOBAG. You may need to obtain a skip permit if you want to place your bag on the pavement or road. If it’ left on private land, then you’re unlikely to need a skip permit. For correct guidance, contact your local council.

  • Do I get the skip bag back?

    Sadly, no you don’t – even if you buy rather than hire a skip bag. Each skip bag is designed for single use only. This is because the company can’t guarantee the skip bag or HIPPOBAG will be safe to use again. However, the bags are recycled together with recyclable waste.

  • How long have I got to use my skip bag before collection?

    There’s no time limit for using a skip bag. When the bag is full you simply need to book a collection. To do so simply call or contact our friendly team at Business Waste online to arrange a time slot for skip bag collection. The waste collection is usually carried out within three days.

  • Can I put soil or rubble in a skip bag?

    Yes, you’re allowed to put rubble and soil in a skip bag. However, you’ll need to carefully consider its weight, as each skip bag has a maximum weight limit. Don’t overfill the bag above the fill line and make sure you cover the bag up in wet conditions, as rainwater adds to the bag’s weight when filled with soil.

  • When will I receive my skip bag?

    Skip bags can be ordered directly from Business Waste. Fill out a form online or call us directly. In most cases, if you order before midday on a weekday, you should receive your skip bag or HIPPOBAG the next working day.

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