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Catering waste is any waste produced in kitchens, canteens, and restaurants. Examples include processed or cooked meat and fish as well as baked goods containing dairy, fish or meat. There is growing concern about the huge amount of waste that the food and hospitality sector is producing, and if you are a business owner in the UK, you are required by law to manage your waste. We offer a catering waste management service that suits your business regardless of its size and budget. Waste management is necessary to protect the environment for a greener planet.

Catering Waste Disposal

There are many regulations surrounding food waste, due to the fact that raw meats, fish and eggs can not be landfilled. Therefore, it is important that your catering business understands the legislation on disposing of waste and gets in touch with one of our qualified advisers if you have any questions.

Our catering waste services can collect every single type of waste that a catering business may produce. Including:

Catering Waste Management

We provide you with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor containers and bins to separate and collect your waste. If you have huge amounts of waste than normal, we have bespoke options available. There is legislation in place that is enforced that prevents waste from being deposited in lateral drains or any sewers. Our team of experts are conversant with waste legislation and will ensure your business complies with the law.

Catering Waste Bins

Cooking oil is stored in drums and used to manufacture biodiesel or burnt to produce electricity.

Food waste is transported to any reputable biogas plant where it is disintegrated by micro-organisms to produce methane gas. This gas can produce electricity which can be used to power industries and homes as an alternative source of energy.

Biodegradable waste is also be used to make organic fertiliser for farming purposes.

Plastic bottles, cutlery, and dairy tubs are taken to a recycling plant to be used to help reduce pollution. Glass bottles are taken to a treatment plant where they are washed and melted to make new jars, cutlery or to manufacture bricks for construction purposes.

Contact us today and our customer care team will answer any questions or queries you have. We can also provide you with a quote at no extra fee for our services and advise you on the best waste solution for your business.

Catering industries produce tonnes of waste. Not only is food waste a huge burden on catering industries but other wastes such as plastic, glass, and cardboard are also very common in catering businesses.

We have a whole range of bins and containers which can be used to store all the different types of waste that catering businesses produce. We are fully committed to reducing the impact that excessive waste has on the environment; that’s why we will always recycle your waste if it is possible.

We provide bespoke waste management services that can provide free bin and regular collection, and disposal services for all types of catering waste.

Catering waste management

Every employer has a duty of care under UK law to manage the waste their business produces. Often catering waste ends up in the same bin due to the large quantities of waste they produce and the lack of facilities each catering business has.

Our professional waste management services can provide your food business with extra bins, more frequent collections, and an all-round more efficient waste management system.

Catering waste collections

We offer catering waste collection to all businesses, no matter the size. Our team of qualified providers are based throughout the UK, so we can provide you with waste and recycling management services no matter where you are located.

Not only can disposing and recycling your waste correctly help the environment, but it can also save your business time, money and resources. Having an adequate catering waste management system in place can help save your business thousands.

For more information and advice on catering waste, contact our helpful customer care team today. We can provide you with further assistance and also offer you a free quote on our services. So call our professionals today on 0800 211 83 90.

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