General waste collection

What is a general waste collection?

A general waste collection involves taking care of all waste that can’t go into your recycling, organic or glass bins; this includes material such as polystyrene and other low-grade plastics. Here at Business Waste, we’re aware that, when running a business, general waste is inevitable. We are passionate about providing effective general waste management solutions for all businesses.

Waste management

General waste bins

It is important for any business to appear competent and professional. A massive part of building this reputation comes from keeping the premises clean and waste-free. When it comes to general waste, we can provide the perfect general waste bins for any business; from restaurants to farms, we provide solutions for anyone.

We stock general waste wheelie bins in a range of sizes, meaning that our waste disposal solutions are perfect for the smallest business to the very largest. Not only can we provide your business with general waste wheelie bins for free, but we also provide waste bags for you to use.

What do we offer?

We offer extremely cost-effective general waste collection services. General waste can often make up the most of what any business throws away, meaning that those bins can get full quite quickly and even overflow. We can provide regular general waste collections to suit the specifications of your business; not only this, we are an incredibly flexible business and you can alter your disposal plan as your business evolves.

Why use us?

There are so many general waste collection services on the market, but we stand out for one important reason; we genuinely care about your business waste disposal solutions. Our professional and diligent team can survey your property at a time that suits you. We also offer a free audit to ensure that you have the most efficient waste disposal solutions in place, both for the growth of your business and for the environment.

General waste disposal

We are a company that is constantly striving to achieve a zero landfill goal. Once your general waste is collected, there is potential for us to sort your recyclables and non-recyclables for you. If you feel that you are producing too much general waste that goes to landfill, we can offer solutions to make your waste more eco-friendly.

You won’t find a better solution for your business waste anywhere else. Contact us today to receive a free quote for all of your general waste disposal needs.