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Washroom Services

Every business has at least one washroom on its premises – whether it’s just for your staff to use or several for employees, visitors, clients, and customers. All UK employers must follow specific guidance set out by the government for the regulation and disposal of waste produced from washrooms.

A clean, hygienic, and pleasant washroom presents a positive impression of your business, whatever industry you operate in. Due to the nature of washroom waste, special care and precaution must be taken for storage, collection, and disposal. Using licensed waste carriers and an approved provider familiar with the relevant hazardous waste disposal regulations is essential.

At Business Waste, we provide employers with an alternative to disposing of washroom waste in landfill. Learn how we aim to dispose of commercial washroom waste in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Or get a free quote for our washroom services today by calling 0800 211 8390 or contact us online. We offer washroom services for anywhere in the UK.

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Types of
washroom waste

There are several different types of waste that washrooms produce. We can provide bins for safe storage of these waste types, as well as collection, removal, disposal, and recycling services. Common types of washroom waste can include:

  • Nappies and child waste
  • Sanitary disposal
  • Paper towels
  • Roller towels
  • Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP)
  • Toilet paper and dispensers
  • Hand dryers
  • Bulk waste – such as toilets, sinks and cubicles

We’re fully committed to disposing of washroom services waste in an efficient and green way – whatever its type. It’s unnecessary for many products of washroom services to go to landfill. That’s why we aim to recycle and reuse as much waste as possible that we collect, saving your organisation money and resources.

A wide range of sectors produce all sorts of washroom waste and benefit from our washroom waste services. These especially include:

Washroom hygiene 

Alongside waste, we can help arrange various other washroom hygiene services for your business. These can be more specialist and sometimes involve specific waste types, as well as solutions to ensure your washrooms are as hygienic as possible. The kinds of washroom hygiene services we can assist with and what they may involve include:

  • Air care – air conditioning, air purifiers, and ventilation.
  • Baby changing – baby changing units, paper towel and nappy bag dispensers, nappy disposal services and bins.
  • Consumables – vending consumables such as nappies, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste, and condoms.
  • Hand dryers – low energy hand dryers, washroom roller towels, and hair dryers.
  • Soap dispensing – soap and hand sanitiser dispensers.
  • Medical – first aid kits, sharps waste bins, pharmaceutical bins, and infectious waste bags.
  • Urinal – urinal sanitisers, sleeves, and flush control systems.
  • Vending machine – specific vending machines and consumables.
  • Water control – flow saver taps and urinal sleeves to prevent blockages.
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Washroom waste 
bins and bags

There’s a wide range of washroom waste bins available for use both in any bathroom across your business and to safely store rubbish away from the point of production. These include small and discrete washroom hygiene bins for the likes of feminine hygiene products, alongside bags and containers for infectious waste.

We even offer solutions for general waste thrown away in washrooms, as well as more specialist bins, bags, and containers. Sizes vary to suit the amount of waste produced regularly and to easily slot into your washroom space.

Explore some common washroom waste bins and bags for your organisation.

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  • Sanitary waste bins

    Every workplace and commercial bathroom must legally have a sanitary waste bin for safe disposal of feminine hygiene products and other sanitary waste.

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  • Clinical infectious waste bags

    Orange waste bags are used to safely store infectious waste – that contaminated with heavily infected blood or bodily fluids.

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  • 120 litre wheelie bins

    Commercial washrooms should have small general waste bins, which can be emptied into a 120L wheelie bin before collection.

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How does washroom 
waste collection work?

  1. Select your free bins

    It’s quick and easy to organise commercial waste collection for your business.

    Simply start by telling us the:

    • Type of waste you need removing
    • Size of bins you require
    • Number of bins you want

    We’ll provide you with a free quote.

  2. Arrange delivery

    When you’re happy with the type, number, and size of free bins, tell us when you need your bins delivering.

    Let us know about any access issues where you want the bins delivering – such as locked gates, access codes and times. We’ll get you up and running in no time.

  3. Fill up your bin

    After the free bins arrive at your chosen location, fill them up with the agreed waste type.

    Make sure you remain within any weight limits for the specific waste type and bin size.

  4. Get your business waste collected

    We’ll arrange waste collection at a time and frequency to suit you and the amount of waste you have.

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Washroom waste 

Ensure every commercial washroom across your business is in a clean and safe state with good washroom management. A big part of this involves providing hygienic and secure bins to store any waste at the point of production. Plus, arranging safe, legal, and environmentally friendly collection, removal, and disposal of any such waste.

Our washroom hygiene services include providing bins and bags for storage of nearly all forms of washroom services waste, arranging collection and disposal. We provide your organisation with an assessment of your washroom services and help develop an effective waste management system to ensure your waste needs are comprehensively met.

Our qualified waste management professionals can carry out collection, disposal, and recycling washroom services for your organisation. Each one of our specialists are fully accredited and ensure any waste your washroom services produce is disposed of in a safe and correct manner.

Whatever type and size of business you run, we’ll help implement an effective washroom waste management plan. Not only will it help ensure clean and pleasant bathrooms for your staff, customers, and clients, but you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that your waste storage, collection, and disposal is in line with all relevant UK regulations.

Washroom waste 

Arrange delivery and collection of washroom bins for your commercial bathrooms with Business Waste. Based throughout the UK, we have teams of specialist waste management providers across the country. Our professionals are strategically located, ensuring we have a washroom service waste provider local to you.

Whether you require daily, weekly, or fortnightly collection of your washroom waste, we have the services to provide you with the best-in-class service you require. We also appreciate the needs of your business may change, which is why we’re flexible with collections. Work out the right combination of bins, sizes, and collections to suit you.

Our commercial washroom hygiene services include delivery of free bins for your needs – you just pay for collection. Our licensed waste carriers will pick up your rubbish at an agreed time, date, and place, then transport to a nearby facility for safe and legal disposal. This depends on the type of waste, but we aim to recycle wherever possible.

Get in touch for a free quote or to learn more about the professional washroom hygiene solutions we can offer for your business. We can provide you with advice and assistance, making the process of gaining an efficient waste management system simple. Call 0800 211 8390 or contact us online today.

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Washroom waste

  • toilet roll icon human waste logo. What are washroom services?

    Washroom services cover a wide range of products and services designed to keep commercial bathrooms in a clean, safe, and hygienic state. These include everything from installation and refilling of soap dispensers, to ensuring hand dryers, air conditioning systems, and vending machines are stocked and working.

    Providing, emptying, and disposing of waste in sanitary bins and any other bathroom bins is also a big part of washroom services. Washroom hygiene services cover baby changing facilities, disabled toilets, and any other type of commercial bathroom – whether it’s used by customers or employees.

  • toilet roll icon human waste logo. Why is washroom hygiene important?

    Washroom hygiene in commercial bathrooms is incredibly important to stop harmful germs and bacteria spreading to other workplace areas. This helps protect the health of your employees, customers, and clients. Ensuring a hygienic business washroom also creates a pleasant environment that may boost staff morale and present a good impression for other users.

    Regular cleaning, maintenance, and general upholding of high washroom hygiene standards also helps reduce running costs. This reduces the chance of costly and damaging toilet and sink blockages.

  • toilet roll icon human waste logo. What UK regulations cover washroom waste?

    There’s no single UK regulation or legislation covering washroom waste. However, three of the main bits of legislation that regulate its storage and disposal, alongside other areas of washroom hygiene, are:

    • The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 – businesses must have appropriate measures in place for sanitary waste disposal in their bathrooms.
    • The Water Industries Act 1991 – this covers the disposal of waste down the toilet, highlighting how appropriate bins must be available to prevent this and blockages.
    • The Environmental Protection Act 1990 – key regulations that cover how any business has a responsibility for how they collect, store, and dispose of waste, including all washroom waste.
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