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Traditionally, sending to landfill was the only option for businesses to get rid of their waste. Today, however, this is the very last resort, due to government regulations, environmental concerns and thanks to huge progressions in recycling technology.

We promote a zero waste to landfill policy, which not only aids the environment but also benefits businesses, by turning what was once waste, into a valuable resource for the business.

In a recent survey, one in three businesses said that since they started to recycle, they had seen a significant increase in their reputation in the local community, which had also led to a boost in sales and profit. Recycling doesn’t just help the environment, it helps businesses save money.

Recycling facts: Why recycle?

Landfill facilities are becomingly increasingly scarce and the focus is now more than ever on recycling. In fact, a landfill is seen as a last resort when it comes to waste management. The United Kingdom produces around a staggering 200 million metric tonnes of waste in a year. Around 44% of this total amount is recoverable and 23% of this went to landfill. There is a European Union target for the UK to recycle 50% of all waste produced by 2020. Currently, the average household recycles only around 44% of all waste a year, so the UK still has a long way to go towards meeting its target.

While not all forms of waste can be recycled, the technology available is advanced enough to deal with most waste produced in the UK. The methods of managing waste efficiently just need to be exercised to move the UK towards a greener future. At Business Waste Ltd, we use advanced waste management technology to help our clients deal with all forms of waste produced.

Waste Recycling Companies

So how can waste recycling companies like Business Waste Ltd help you and your business?

With so many different forms of waste being created by your business it can be a headache to sort through it all. At Business Waste Ltd we use cutting-edge waste management technology to offer our clients a high level of service across the UK. We collect nearly all forms of waste using a variety of methods to suit our clients waste management and recycling requirements. We will sort through your waste and separate the recyclables, saving you and your business time and money.

Businesses who exercise a zero waste to landfill policy and recycle have reported a significant increase in their reputation.

Recycling not only supports the environment but the growth of businesses through increased reputation and saving money. Commercial organisations who are seen to actively take part in developing a greener future for the UK by also offering their employees and clients the chance to recycle are likely to be more successful.

Let Business Waste Ltd help your business continue to thrive by dealing with your waste solutions for you. We offer a wide range of waste and recycling services all across the UK and will be able to accommodate your business and all of its waste needs.

What waste types can you recycle?

Not all forms of waste can be recycled. The materials that can be used can be turned into myriad products depending on the current market requirements. While most recyclables are turned into the same product, many are given a new lease of life. There are different types of waste suitable for recycling materials, these include:

Bricks, wood and other building materials.

Various building and construction waste can be sorted and simply reused by salvage yards.

Mixed Recycling

Paper and cardboard

Different types of paper and cardboard can be separated and reprocessed at a specialist recycling plant. These plants use the recyclable materials to produce recycled paper and cardboard, as well as other products such as loft insulation, animal bedding, and road surfaces.

Green waste and soil

All forms of green waste and soil are biodegradable and can, therefore, be recycled into compost and used for other garden products such as…


Ferrous metals (such as iron, brass, copper, aluminium) are separated from non-ferrous metals including steel. These can be recycled at a specialist metal reprocessing centre which uses the recyclable material to create a variety of everyday objects including recycled cans, bicycle frames, and even train tracks.

Various forms of plastic

Over 50 different types of plastic products can be recycled. Plastic can be melted down into pellets and reused to create new plastic objects such as garden furniture, car parts or new bottles and packaging. These various forms of plastic can be further separated into 7 categories, for example:

1. HDPE – milk bottles
2. LDPE – supermarket shopping bags
3. PET – drinks bottles
4. PP – butter containers
5. PS – takeaway packaging
6. PVC – clingfilm
7. Other

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Waste collection and Recycling Services

How do you manage your recycling?

At Business Waste Ltd, we understand that you don’t have the time to waste on separating your recyclables and offer an efficient and knowledgeable service to help solve your recycling issues. From simple wheelie bins and specialist skips to large mixed loads of waste collections, Business Waste Ltd offers a variety of waste management solutions to meet your business and commercial waste requirements.

Call us now for a free no-obligation consultation to find out how Business Waste Ltd can help your business. Alternatively, we can arrange for one of our experts to visit you to discuss your recycling and waste management options.

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Recycling Collections

How can you provide recycling services for staff and customers?

Business Waste Ltd can provide solutions for your business so you can offer recycling to your customers and employees. We can supply bins that will allow for recyclables to be separated from other forms of waste and allow your staff and customers to play an active role in reducing their carbon footprint, which is fantastic. For customers, knowing that a business or commercial organisation actively manages their waste provides peace of mind that they are supporting the local area and environment. In turn, this is proven to help increase sales and boosts the reputation of your business.

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