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Arrange rubbish removal in Leeds for your home or business in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. Rubbish clearance covers the loading and removal of bulky waste by a professional team with a van or other means to take your unwanted items away and dispose of them safely and legally.

Unfortunately, many services operate without consideration for the environment. As a result, waste that could be repurposed or recycled may end up in landfill unnecessarily. This has a negative impact on our environment and can cost your business or household more in landfill tax.

Business Waste is proud to be the most environmentally friendly rubbish removal company in Leeds. We help remove your old furniture, electronics, mattresses, junk, and all other waste, recycling as much as possible to divert it away from landfill. Explore our services for business and household waste removal in Leeds.

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Sofa removal 
in Leeds

It’s estimated that there are between 350,000 and 500,000 sofas in Leeds alone! The average sofa has a lifespan of between seven to 15 years, but many sofas are replaced before the end of their life cycle (for example, during a change of decor). This means many perfectly good sofas end up in landfill when they could have been repurposed.

Arrange sofa removal in Leeds from your home or business with Business Waste and we’ll work to recycle as much of it as possible. Local Leeds recycling centres can separate old sofas into different materials and send for recycling based on their individual waste streams – such as textile and wood waste recycling.

Find out more about furniture recycling

There are lots of ways your old sofa could have a new lease of life when you don’t need it anymore. Aside from sending it for recycling, you could:

  • Sell your old sofa – want to make a little pocket money? Why not sell your old sofa and offset your earnings against the cost of a new one? This way, your sofa will go to a new home instead of ending up in landfill.
  • Donate your old sofa – why not do your bit for charity by donating an old or unwanted sofa? There are hundreds of charity shops in Leeds that could raise funds by selling your donated old furniture. Alternatively, you could donate your sofa to friends or family, or ask if anybody on social media could use it.
  • Upcycle – upcycling is currently one of the most lucrative interior design trends. If your old sofa looks worn and tattered, you might enjoy taking on the creative pursuit of recovering it, repairing it, and upcycling it! Alternatively, arrange Leeds sofa removal with Business Waste and we can donate it for upcycling via our network of furniture recycling projects.

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Leeds bulky 
waste disposal

Bulky waste is the term given to rubbish too large for a standard bin collection. This can include tables, white goods, bathroom fixtures, sofas, and consumer electronics. At Business Waste we offer bulky waste collection in Leeds for both homes and businesses. We can collect all forms of bulky waste and are committed to ensuring it’s responsibly handled and recycled.

Our Leeds bulky waste collection services suit those moving home and disposing of worn-out mattresses or companies saying goodbye to your old desks and chairs as part of an office clear-out. Whatever the size, shape, and type of large items you need to get rid of, we’ll provide a fast and efficient solution for bulky waste removal in Leeds.

We’re your one-stop-shop for eco-friendly bulky waste collection in Leeds. Contact us online today for a free no-obligation quote or call 0800 211 8390.

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Is your Leeds office clear-out 
WEEE compliant?

The WEEE Directive states that businesses are responsible for reducing the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment sent to landfill sites. This means waste products like printers and computers – as well as bulky waste such as fridges, dishwashers, and other white goods – should be recovered, reused, and recycled.

When undertaking an office clearance, you should ensure your rubbish collection solution is WEEE compliant. Business Waste adheres to all government directives to ensure all WEEE waste items are repurposed and recycled where possible.

Learn about WEEE waste disposal

Leeds white 
goods disposal

Appliances such as fridges, freezers, and washing machines can contain heavy metals and gases that may be harmful to the environment. It’s therefore essential these appliances are reused or recycled rather than being sent to landfill. If your old white goods are still functional or repairable, the most environmentally friendly option is to donate them for use elsewhere.

When white goods reach the end of their life though and are beyond repairable, they need recycling rather than being sent to landfill. Arrange removal and recycling of white goods in Leeds with Business Waste, whether from a domestic or commercial property.

Construction waste 
disposal in Leeds

Whether you’re a homeowner undertaking some structural improvements or a project manager on a new building site, Business Waste can remove your construction waste in Leeds for recycling. We’re also able to ensure sites are kept tidy during construction with regular waste collections of any type of building waste you produce.

Learn about construction waste management

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