Stock waste destruction

Damaged and old stock waste disposal

Most types of businesses deal with a lot of waste regularly, and some of this waste requires special considerations and specialist waste disposal methods.

Which Waste Requires Destruction with Proof?

Many types of waste stock require businesses to keep a legal record of when and how it has been disposed of, to ensure that potentially harmful or sensitive material is fully removed from circulation.

Products that may require legal documentation of disposal include recalled or mislabelled products, out-of-date or redundant stock, sensitive documents, and clinical or hazardous waste. When disposing of these items through trusted stock disposal services you will be given a Certificate of Destruction and a Waste Transfer Note, which are legal proof that you have securely disposed of your stock waste, and give you peace of mind that your waste is being dealt with responsibly.

If you are a business that regularly produces or works with materials that need to be destroyed with proof of destruction, Business Waste can help. We are stock waste destruction experts and can help your business quickly destroy any harmful or sensitive materials, while also providing you with the proof of destruction that you need to comply with the necessary business regulations.

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How is Stock Waste Safely Destroyed?

Stock waste is destroyed in a variety of different ways depending on the material. Documents may be shredded, some items may be incinerated, and some items may be physically broken and destroyed. But if you are worried about the environmental concerns of damaged stock disposal, you can be assured that just because an item of stock needs to be destroyed, that does not mean that it can not be recycled, either in part or whole.

If you choose to work with Business Waste, we will work to ensure that your waste is destroyed in the most appropriate and environmentally-friendly manner.

The Certificate of Destruction you will receive from Business Waste is a guarantee that your waste is being dealt with responsibly and legally, and the Waste Transfer Note is a legal requirement for businesses with any duty of care over disposing of their waste.

Why Choose Business Waste?

Business Waste is an experienced and trustworthy organisation that offers a wide range of services to fit any of your stock waste needs. We offer completely free quotes for any waste disposal services and cover the whole of the UK. We offer friendly, free advice, and are committed to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices to give our customers the satisfaction of knowing they are choosing the best option when it comes to their commercial waste needs.

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