Restaurant Waste

Waste management

Around 600,000 tonnes of food waste comes from restaurants. By implementing an efficient waste management system, you can control your restaurant food waste.

Every employer has a duty of care under UK law to manage the waste their business produces. Restaurant owners must take responsibility for the amount of food waste that they are producing and find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle where appropriate.

Restaurant Waste Management

We can provide your business with the latest technology in waste management. Our professionals can help to control your restaurant food waste and provide bins, collection and recycling services to businesses nationwide.

Restaurant Food Waste Collections

Every year, restaurant food waste costs the restaurant sector £682 million. Managing your restaurant food waste can not only save your business time, resources and the environment, but it can also help save you money.

The most common restaurant food waste is as follows:

Prep Waste, eg. peelings and off cuts
Spoilage, eg. out-of-date items or ruined items
Plate Waste, eg. food waste which comes back from customers’ plates
Avoidable waste, eg. food waste left from too large portions

Creating the image of a green restaurant will benefit your organisation greatly. Not only will it increase your brand image, but it will assure consumers and investors that your business is doing something to prevent food waste and benefit the environment.

We can provide you with efficient ways to manage restaurant food waste, ensuring that your business is fully compliant with the laws on waste management.

Restaurant Food Waste Collection & Recycling Services

We are fully committed to reducing the impact that excessive waste has on the environment. It costs organisations unnecessary money to send their food waste to landfill; food waste is organic and can be completely recycled.

We provide the latest technology in food waste recycling to businesses across the country. Whether you are large or small, and wherever you are based, we have professional waste management services local to you.

Not only can we provide your organisation with a comprehensive restaurant food waste management system, but we can also offer you a choice of bins and provide daily, weekly or monthly collection and recycling services to meet the requirements of your catering business.

For further assistance and advice on managing your restaurant food waste, contact our experienced providers today. We can answer any queries that you may have, and we can also offer you a free quote on our services. So call us today on 0800 211 83 90.