Liquid Waste Disposal

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Disposing of liquid waste can be difficult if your organisation does not have the appropriate equipment and personnel.

Delaying or failing to dispose of your liquid waste could cost your organisation more than you think. Not only can seeking professional help to remove your liquid waste to ensure that you are compliant with the relevant waste regulations, but it will also help to protect the environment and could save your business money.

Liquid Waste Management

We can provide your organisation with expert liquid waste removal, to remove large and small quantities of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste.

Liquid waste presents its own challenges to the commercial waste management sector and needs to be dealt with carefully.

Businesses that produce liquid waste – either in food or drink production or through manufacturing, for example – have a duty of care to ensure that it is dealt with in a compliant manner. Waste management companies share this duty of care when they are contracted as agents to dispose of with such waste, and should be aware of the handling regulations for the type of waste they are carrying.

Badly handled liquid waste is especially dangerous, as a spill could make its way into water tables, ponds, and rivers, with devastating effects on wildlife. To this end, the Environment Agency has sweeping powers over such spills, and courts can impose unlimited fines and prison sentences to negligent companies and individuals.

Liquids need not necessarily mean huge tankers full of sewage effluent or waste from industrial processes. The definition also takes in oils – both edible and the motor variety – paint, containers of chemicals or solvents and battery acid. It’s likely that a commercial waste company dealing with everyday businesses could be carrying tons of liquids at any one time, and it’s necessary that they are handled and disposed of properly.

What are a companies duties when handling liquid waste?

While most liquid waste has a safe route to disposal or recycling, hazardous liquid waste has to be handled carefully. The Environment Agency says that businesses which produce liquids that fall under the hazardous waste regulations must:

    – Ensure waste is stored safely
    – Use the appropriate danger symbols on the waste container as appropriate
    – Register each site that hazardous waste is produced
    – Only move or transport hazardous waste with the correct identifying paperwork
    – Keep full auditable records of all waste transfers
    – Ensure waste is managed safely and correctly by competent people

The same duty of care is passed to waste management companies when the waste is transferred to them. While some hazardous liquid waste may be sent to landfill, it’s recommended that it is passed on to a third party that can treat or reduce the waste until it is either recyclable or rendered harmless.

Each substance has different guidelines, but it is always preferable to err on the side of safety to avoid contamination.

Liquid waste handling is a specialism in its own right. However, companies need to be aware of the procedures to ensure that no harm is done.

Our professional waste management providers can offer your organisation low-cost and efficient liquid waste removal. We can remove both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste, whilst ensuring that your business is fully compliant with the laws on hazardous waste removal.

Liquid Waste Disposal

We offer a range of liquid waste removal services, across the country. Some of the most popular services that we carry out are as follows:

    Flood Water
    Food Waste Interceptors
    Cesspits and Effluent Tanks
    Drain Clearance
    Sludge Removal
    Hazardous Liquid Waste
    Sewage Removal
    Waste oil

Liquid Waste Collection

If you are unsure about whether we can dispose of your liquid waste, call our helpful customer care team for more information and advice. We have a range of waste management services and we aim to provide customer satisfaction every time.

Due to certain hazardous liquid waste, specific actions must be taken when handling and disposing of potentially dangerous liquid waste. Therefore, it is essential that you outsource your liquid waste disposal to an approved provider.

Liquid Waste Removal

We can provide organisations across the country with our expert liquid waste collection and removal services. We have professional teams strategically placed around the UK, ensuring that every business has an accredited liquid waste removal service on their doorstep.

We understand that every business has different waste management needs; that’s why we provide our clients with a personally tailored waste management system, to ensure that their businesses requirements are comprehensively met.

It is a criminal offence to dump hazardous liquid waste. To avoid heavy fines, disreputability and potentially polluting the environment, contact our expert waste providers now for liquid waste removal.

Liquid Waste

If you require further assistance and advice on liquid waste removal in your area, contact us today to speak to one of our approved advisors. We are happy to answer any queries that you may have about liquid waste removal, and we can also offer you a free quote on our services. So call us today on 0800 211 83 90.

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