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While many of us do recycle, we could still do a lot more when it comes to disposing of waste in our day to day lives, especially within businesses.

Recycling aids the environment and is also a fantastic and cost-effective way to get rid of waste. No wonder so many of us feel great after recycling! With an EU target for the UK to recycle 50% of all waste produced by the year 2020, in this day and age, there’s really no excuse not to meet this.

What is dry mixed recycling?

DMR stands for dry mixed recycling and is most often used by businesses that produce a lot of waste, such as shops and restaurants, but can also be used within the home. DMR is a perfect and necessary alternative to general waste disposal, as it is much better for the environment. It goes without saying that now, more than ever, we should each be playing our part to better protect the planet – regular recycling is one way in which this shared goal can be achieved.

Furthermore, introducing DMR waste disposal to the workplace proves to be time efficient, as you no longer have to spend time sorting through waste and deciding which product can go where. Therefore, the advantages of using DMR far outweigh any negatives that might arise.

Although it sounds a bit more confusing than just recycling, dry mixed recycling or DMR is simply just waste which is free from contaminants, such as food or garden waste.

This particular type can include glass, plastic, paper, cardboard etc., and is one of the most common forms of recycling.

Dry mixed recycling bins

Collections are available in a variety of container sizes to suit your business, from small to large!

Business Waste will arrange collections to suit your needs, whether that’s a one-off large haul, or regular, smaller collections on a weekly basis, if you have enough volumes of a single stream of waste then you can have a single stream recycling bin for each waste type rather than a mixed recycling bin.

Our help also means your business can stay compliant with laws and legislation set out by the government, meaning one less thing to worry about. We’re also available to collect from your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to suit your operating hours.

Dry mixed recycling collections

Once collected, all products from your dry mixed recycling are taken to one of our special facilities where it’s all separated using advanced waste management technology.

From there, your old products are either turned into what they were before, or repurposed into something completely different!

Dry mixed recycling bins

What waste can go into dry mixed recycling?

Dry mixed recycling, as mentioned previously, is a quick and efficient form of recycling that allows you to dispose of large amounts of waste in one container/bin. In fact, you can now dispose of pretty much any recyclable materials in your dry mixed recycling bin!

Below is a brief list of all the materials you can dispose of in this manner.

    Metal (Cans, food trays etc)
    Paper (Magazines, Newspapers, Documents, receipts etc)
    Cardboard (Boxes, cereal boxes, food packaging etc)
    Plastic (Bottles, containers, yoghurt pots)

We can provide DMR bins to your business for free. Click to see all our commercial waste bins.

What products can’t I recycle via a dry mixed recycling bin?

Do recyclables need to be dry before placing them into a bin?

As the name suggests, in order for dry mixed recycling to work effectively, any products that are inside the bin must be clean and dry, as this minimizes the chances of cross-contamination. Although you do not have to clean each of the products vigorously, try to ensure that they are free from any food/liquid waste and have been thoroughly dried before you begin the recycling process.

Can you put bubble wrap in recycling?

Bubble wrap is often made out of a type of polythene (plastic), and though plastic is widely recyclable, bubble wrap proves itself to be much more difficult to dispose of. Although bubble wrap cannot currently be included in DMR waste, you can take bubble wrap to specific collection points in order for it to be properly disposed of/recycled.

Why you should recycle your dry mixed waste

There are endless benefits to recycling. First off, it’s what we all need to be doing to help the future of the planet, and although plenty of us do regularly recycle, there’s still work to be done.

Recycling has an extremely positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions, limiting the need for raw materials, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With landfill facilities becoming increasingly few and far between, recycling is becoming more of a necessity than it was in the past.

In addition to all the environmental benefits, it’s also extremely cost-effective for businesses to regularly recycle, and helps you stay compliant.

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