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Valentine’s Day waste

Valentine’s Day Waste

Every year without fail around a third of us celebrate Valentine’s Day with romantic interest, according to a YouGov poll. Often this involves buying gifts, enjoying a meal out, or some other loving gesture. As well as the warming feeling it forms, the holiday also creates lots of extra and avoidable rubbish.

It’s more than just Cupid’s arrows that sometimes go to waste on the 14th of February. Everything from chocolate box packaging to empty wine bottles and bunches of roses are eventually chucked out on the day and across the following weeks. Recycling, sustainable practices, and responsible disposal can help show some love to someone who really needs it – Mother Earth.

We’ve created a range of guides and resources that cover the kinds and amounts of waste generated across the loving holiday every year.

How does Valentine’s Day 
affect the environment?

Valentine’s Day creates excess waste and sadly much of it ends up in landfill sites. This increases the amount of carbon emissions released due to celebrating the holiday, which contributes to global warming. Millions of cards produced for February 14th mean millions of trees are chopped down to create them.

Then there’s the shipping and flights for roses and other flowers around the world that add more CO2 to the atmosphere. Once they arrive in one country they’re transported around in refrigerated lorries, which consume 25% more fuel than non-refrigerated trucks. Once the flowers die they need disposing of responsibly too.

There’s not a lot of love shown to the environment around Valentine’s Day. Buying locally reduces the impact of the holiday season, as much less transportation and associated fuel use and carbon emissions are involved. Taking steps to celebrate February 14th sustainably also helps minimise waste and the environmental impact of the love-filled day.

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Valentine’s Day waste guides

Discover more about the types and amount of waste generated by Valentine’s Day and how to have a sustainable and loving celebration with these expert guides and resources.

  • Learn to Love a Low-waste Valentine’s Day

    Flowers, chocolate boxes, and plastic gifts all make up Valentine’s Day waste. Learn how to have a low-waste Valentine’s Day with these lovely tips.

  • Valentine’s Day Waste Facts

    February 14th creates more than romance, it produces lots of extra waste. Learn how much rubbish the holiday makes with these Valentine’s Day waste facts.

  • Bin Off Your Ex

    Love gone to waste? Why not dump your ex once and for all this Valentine’s Day or make one of your best mates smile by adding their ex’s name on one of our bins!

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