How to dispose of a computer monitor

What are computer monitors made of?

The display device in the majority of modern monitors is typically made of TFT-LCD – a thin film liquid crystal display. They tend to also have LED backlighting. This replaced the fluorescent lamp backlighting that used to be used in previous computer monitors.

What type of waste are computer monitors?

Computer monitors are hazardous waste and WEEE waste, so they should be recycled properly.

Fun facts about computer monitors waste disposal

• In 2019, the world produced 53.6 million tonnes of E-waste.

• Most of the e-waste comes from items we use every day. This includes computers, computer monitors, hoovers, cameras.

• Valuable raw materials like copper, iron and gold remain in our devices, which could have been recoverable through the correct recycling methods. The total value of the raw materials amounts to £44.8 million.

• It’s estimated that by 2030, the amount of e-waste will increase and exceed amounts of 74 million tonnes. This will surpass the total weight of two hundred and three Empire State buildings.

Where can you dispose of computer monitor waste?

If your computer monitor is only suited for scrap, your best option is to get in touch with your local council. The better councils will collect your computer monitors for a small fee (which is usually no more than £10) or will let you take the computer monitors to a dumping site that recycles properly or use a WEEE waste disposal company.

Dell is one of the few computer suppliers that has had a serious viewpoint about recycling for over a decade. You’ll be pleased to know that if you buy computers from Dell, they’ll take your old computer monitors away from any brand and will recycle them. However, ever since the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive came into force, companies who produce IT equipment like computer monitors also must dispose of it.

Problems with computer monitor waste

Problems with landfills

Both children and adults can be significantly harmed by landfills. Computer monitors that are thrown in landfills can cause harm to residents who live nearby. This is through skin exposure, inhalation and ingestion. The toxins can cause illnesses that result in brain damage and death to those who are exposed to it.

Seep into the groundwater

If you throw your computer monitors away in landfills, their toxic materials like barium and lead will seep into the groundwater. As a result, this will impact both sea animals and the land itself. It will also harm the health of the people in developing countries where a lot of electronic waste is taken.

Toxic materials

Computer monitors and other electronics tend to contain toxic materials like nickel, lead, zinc and chromium. When it comes specifically to lead, it can cause harm to human blood, the nervous systems, and kidneys if it’s released into the environment.

What are some eco-friendly alternatives to dispose of computer monitors?

Option 1: The first question you should ask yourself is do you need to dispose of the computer monitor? If you don’t actually need a new computer monitor and your current one is working just fine, you should keep it to protect the environment. On the other hand, if your computer monitor could be repaired or upgraded, it’s well worth doing that instead of disposing of it.

Option 2: Find a way that your computer monitor could be reused. If you yourself don’t have any use for your computer monitor anymore, chances are that someone else could benefit from it. So, you could either donate your unwanted computer monitor to charity or you could sell it or give it away online via eBay or Facebook.

Option 3: Recycle your computer monitor. Your final option is to recycle your computer monitor. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t through it in the general waste or regular bin as toxic materials can seep into the groundwater or contribute to air pollution once they’re burnt.

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