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Biffa wheelie bins have become a common sight across the UK over the past 10 years, so much so that many people now refer to general-purpose wheelie bins as Biffa bins. But the common wheelie bin is not the sole domain of Biffa. At Business Waste we can provide a range of wheelie bin services to businesses large and small across the UK.

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Business Waste wheelie bins are available to the exact same specification as Biffa and Veolia wheelie bins and we also provide a range of specialist waste disposal and recycling services all at competitive prices.

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Business Waste provides a range of waste disposal services including the removal and disposal of general waste using our wheelie (Biffa) bin collection service. We offer a range of wheelie bin sizes to suit all types of applications including general, food, recycling and glass disposal.

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For more information about Business Waste’s range of services contact our waste disposal experts and we’ll evaluate your business waste requirements to provide you with an accurate quote. As one of the UK’s leading waste management and disposal companies, we can provide competitive wheelie bin prices for all types of business waste. See below for our range of wheelie ‘Biffa bin’ sizes.

Biffa bin sizes

Standard wheelie bins – The standard wheelie can be used for a number of general and specialist waste disposal requirements including recycling, wet waste, glass and food waste. Standard rear loading wheelie bins are available in two standard bin sizes, 120-litre and 240-litre. The compact size of wheelie bins makes them ideal for separating waste for recycling. The smaller 120-litre bin can be used for general and food waste along with glass collection and paper. The larger 240-litre bin is suitable for general waste, cardboard, food waste and dry mixed recycling.

Large wheelie bins – Large wheelie bins or Biffa bins are the most common type of commercial waste bin. With easy access lockable lids, four-wheel castors and brake control they are suitable for most business waste disposal needs. Large wheelie bins are available in two sizes 660 litres and 1100 litres with collection arranged on a weekly or biweekly contract.

Note: Large wheelie bins are not suitable for wet, glass or hazardous waste.

Front end loader – Front-end loaders are stationary lockable steel bins with easy access lids which are ideal for businesses that produce large volumes of general and commercial waste. Due to their size, they cannot be moved without the use of specialist lifting equipment which reduces the risk of your waste being stolen or removed by unlicensed contractors. The front end loading system also allows for larger bin sizes than standard rear end loaders. Front-end loaders are available with volumes from 4.0m^3 to 8.0m^3.

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Note: Front-end loaders are not suitable for wet, glass or hazardous waste.

To view our full range of bins please visit our business waste bins page

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For a competitive quote on all your business waste requirements, including wheelie bin collection, please contact us using the form provided or give our waste management team a call on 0800 211 83 90. Our specialist advisors will evaluate your business waste requirements and recommend ways you can reduce the amount of material you send to landfill, helping to reduce your environmental impact and waste management costs.

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