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Battery recycling

Can you recycle old batteries?

When it comes to business waste, some items are more important than others. Of course, it’s extremely important to recycle as much paper, cardboard and plastic as possible, but there is one area of commercial waste that can cause extreme damage to the environment, and even pose a danger to both wildlife and people. Batteries are a common form of business waste, from dry cell batteries that power torches, radios and TV controllers, to powerful lithium-ion cells used in laptops, mobile phones, and even cars. With close to 150,000 tonnes of batteries entering the market in the UK each year, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of batteries that end up either in the bin, or infinitely better, in a battery recycling box.

Electronic devices are more important and more prevalent than ever in the workplace, but of course, reliance on these devices means a steady flow of used batteries or batteries that need replacing more often thanks to high usage. Although it can be tempting to just dispose of batteries in general waste, the components found inside most types of batteries are actually major pollutants, with elements like Mercury and Cadmium likely to cause damage if leaked into the food chain. Luckily, there is a simple and cost-effective solution for businesses that want to quickly and easily dispose of their waste batteries.

Battery collection

How to dispose of old batteries?

Business Waste provides an exceptional battery collection and recycling service for businesses of all sizes, taking away all types of old batteries and recycling them or disposing of them in the correct way. To make things easy, Business Waste will provide your business with a battery collection box free of charge, which can be used to store used batteries safely out of the way until collection day. We’ll even give you a few boxes if you’re a particularly heavy user!

Battery disposal

How are batteries disposed of?

As well as taking your used batteries away, Business Waste comply fully with government legislation that governs the correct disposal and handling of the dangerous elements commonly found within batteries. This means you’ll be getting rid of old and dangerous batteries properly, safe in the knowledge that they are going to be recycled at our facilities and stored safely, within the strict parameters that prevent them from damaging the environment.

Battery recycle bin

How to get battery recycling bin

Receiving your free storage box is quick and simple, and one of our team members will arrange for used battery collections that both suit your requirements and ensure that a minimum number of used batteries are stored at your premises at any one time. We’re also on hand to help with any questions, queries or suggestions when it comes to your battery disposal service, or if you’d like to learn more about how we deal with used batteries.

Battery recycling doesn’t need to be difficult, and a free box can be offered alongside our other waste management services, including general waste management, excess cardboard removal, office clearances, and sensitive document recycling. With coverage of the entire UK and a free quote for our services within an hour, you can enjoy a service that takes away the hassle of waste management and ensures that your battery waste doesn’t end up as just another pollutant lying in a landfill site.