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Facts about industrial waste

Industrial Waste Facts

Every year 9.2 billion tonnes of industrial waste are generated worldwide. This is waste from industrial manufacturing processes that’s often a by-product with no further use. It encompasses everything from solid waste to chemical and liquid waste generated by factories, laboratories, construction and engineering sites, mills, and plants.

The impact of industrial waste upon the planet is huge, whether it’s hazardous or non-hazardous waste. It causes damage to ecosystems and marine life, pollutes water sources, and adds to air pollution by contributing to greenhouse gases. Responsible industrial waste management is vital to reduce such risks.

Discover how serious an issue the production, management, and disposal of industrial waste creates with these industrial waste facts.

Industrial waste examples

A wide range of manufacturing processes to create all sorts of products produce many different types and examples of industrial waste. The waste generated by a car factory will differ from a steel mill, for example. Industrial waste is a far-reaching term that covers many kinds of waste.

Examples of industrial waste include:

What causes industrial waste?

The main cause of industrial waste is by-products from a wide range of different processes. These are often waste materials produced when manufacturing all sorts of products – from new cars in a factory to chemicals in a laboratory. In most cases, these by-products are unavoidable but can’t be reused elsewhere.

Industrial waste causes range from food processing industries to chemical manufacturing, metal working, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and oil and gas extraction. Improper waste management practices can also create excess industrial waste that negatively impacts the environment. It’s important that all industries take steps to reduce waste and dispose of it responsibly.

Industrial waste statistics

Drilling down into industrial waste statistics and facts is difficult as industrial waste is a wide-reaching term that covers many areas. There’s lots of research and information about individual industries and waste types but less about top-level industrial waste as a whole. However, we’ve still pulled together some important industrial waste facts and stats.

Discover how large the issues of waste from industry are with these industrial waste statistics:

  • Globally around 2 billion tonnes of industrial waste are generated annually
  • Industrial waste is responsible for almost half of all worldwide waste
  • Just over 2 billion tonnes of industrial waste classes as municipal solid waste, according to the World Bank
  • Sadly, around a third of this municipal solid waste is not properly disposed of or managed
  • Just 2% can be recycled of the total industrial waste produced globally
  • The UK produces 41.1 million tonnes of industrial waste each year
  • American industries create much more – around 6 billion tonnes of industrial solid waste every year
  • And in the country, 50% of US lakes are affected by industrial pollution
  • In developing countries, 70% of industrial waste is discharged without treatment
  • Around 40% of all industrial waste ends up in landfill sites
  • By-products of industrial activity account for half of all industrial waste produced globally
  • Paper is one of the main materials that makes up industrial waste
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How should I get rid 
of industrial waste?

There are many types of industrial waste, so the proper disposal method depends on the material. Solid, liquid, chemical, and hazardous industrial waste must all be stored and disposed of in different ways. At Business Waste our waste consultants can advise you on the appropriate storage and disposal methods.

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