Single stream recycling

What is single stream recycling?

With the increasing scarcity of landfill sites and an ever-increasing focus on recycling, instead of disposing of waste, it is now more important than ever to take a good look at how we dispose of our waste – and this applies both to domestic households and to businesses. One kind of recycling that is becoming increasingly popular is ‘single-stream recycling’ (also sometimes referred to as ‘single-sort’ or ‘fully commingled’ recycling).

Single-stream recycling is where anything that can be recycled – so this can include papers, cardboard, metals, plastics – is placed into one container by the people disposing of it, rather than into several containers separated according to material type (glass, tin cans etc). This has the advantage of added convenience and simplicity for the end-user of recycling disposable products and services.

Those behind the concept of single-stream recycling recognise that, due to the fast pace of modern living, it is often simply not convenient for those wanting to have their waste recycled to take time to separate it into different categories, for the ease of the collector. Rather, the collector should take this burden away from the end-consumer so they don’t have to waste time thinking about it.

This has the effect of making recycling easier for the public and reduces the number of people who would like to use recycling services but simply don’t have the time – and who end up simply throwing away their waste for disposal in landfills.

Single stream recycling

Single-stream recycling collections are designed for maximum convenience, so you are supplied with a single, all-encompassing collection point (a wheelie bin or specialist skip) in which you can dispose of your recyclable waste with a minimal amount of fuss.

This facility is then collected on a regular basis by our specialised staff of refuse collectors. You need waste no time worrying about how to separate your recyclable waste into separate categories for the convenience of those collecting it, and simply focus instead on your business interests – safe in the knowledge that you are helping the environment by disposing of your waste ethically.

What is single stream recycling waste management?

Once collected by our team of highly-trained staff, your recyclable waste is then taken to a specialist facility where it is sorted and separated into the various different categories for recycling (paper, plastics, glass etc.)

Once recycled, these products are put into use again – generally seeing a new lease of life as another form of what they were previously (so a bottle will become another bottle, paper will become more paper etc).

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